Boxing Training Equipment : Setting Up a Boxing Gym

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Hi, Bill again. Today we’re going to be talking
about setting up your own boxing gym. So, some of the things we’re going to be covering
is, the basic first thing, the ring. You should have your own boxing ring, whether it be a
raised one or a floor level ring. Next we, we’re going to be looking at the heavy bags.
You should have at least four assorted bags and then the speed bags along the wall, along
the outside walls. That way you get more room to do other things, if they’re up against
the wall. Some of the other things we’re going to be talking about is the iron man tower
which you can use for pull ups, sit ups, leg raises, etc. In the far end of the gym tucked
away in a corner we have a weight system with some barbells there. Keep everybody with their
weights. We have some youth equipment here for the younger boxers that they can use to
keep in shape and for their next match. The electronic gym timer in the very corner here
would be used to make sure that everybody keeps timed intervals. We have bikes, stationary
bikes. One here and one there. We also got treadmills. Another real important, yet cheap
piece of equipment, a set of stairs, four stairs up and down. And jump ropes, last but
not least, in fact that’s one of the best exercises there is. It gets you all loosened
up at the same time. And we’re going to be talking about each one of these individual
items as we go along. Thank you.

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  1. if you did not find one you can search on yellow pages i am 12 now and i do boxing check martial art places they might have boxing classes

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