Boxing Training Equipment : Equipment for a Youth Boxing Gym

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One of my favorite areas of the gym is the
youth equipment. If you don’t have young kids in the gym, please go out and get some young
kids. That’s where boxing is going to be ten years from now is the young kids you have
today. One of the staples we have in the gym here, we start all the young kids on, is this
little guy here. I bought it for one of my grandkids for Christmas, at one point, and
now we brought it into the gym. What happens is the kids are able to stand on here, and
then they punch as the lights go, and then the lights will change again. And it also
adds some audible things, so it gets them pretty excited. As we go further into the
area here, we’re going to be talking some more about this area, and we’ll have one of
the youngsters in, and he’ll actually be hitting this thing for you. The next area is just
your little bop bag, very inexpensive. Put this in the middle of the ring. Your three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine year olds will have a blast with that, chase it around.
The other thing to remember is get some good equipment for the youngsters. Don’t be making
them wear a big, full-size headgear when there’s some little, smaller ones available. Gloves
come in many different sizes; the smaller, the better for the hands. Make sure the hands
are wrapped well. The bag gloves should be small but yet durable and made for heavy bags
themselves. This is a good pair here just for that. And again, when they get ready to
start sparring, make sure they’re protected in every aspect. Thank you.

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