Boxing Training Equipment : Different Types of Heavy Bags for Boxing

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So this would be a good bag for using with
speed because if you hit it really hard, it’s going to go flying. But if you snap it with
just quick, quick strokes, working on speed it’s not going to bounce around as much. So
this would be a good one for speed. The next heavy bag we have over here is a little bit
heavier bag. It’s about an eighty pounder. And again using the half you weight, this
could be a good one for a hundred and sixty five pounder, middle weights, and above. It’s
hung a little bit higher than the others because it’s more used for the bigger persons, but
it’s also a good one to be used for when you do your three rounds of power. Okay, you’ve
done the average workout on the average bag, you’ve done the work with just the speed on
the smaller bag, and now you’re going to be working for power. So this one is not going
to move as much, as you can see but it’s going to be a good one to work with, just power
punches. The fourth bag that we have here at the gym, is certainly not a staple in most
gyms. I’m very, very proud and excited to have one. Everybody was excited as we got
it. This one is basically a hook and uppercut bag. It doesn’t have the bullet type shape
as most heavy bags do, and it’s more used for uppercuts and, also hooks. You know, hooks
to the body, you know, hooks to the head. But it’s also a heavier bag so it can be used
for your power three rounds as well. But it is a little bit tricky so we try to keep everybody
off of this until they’ve had a few lessons on it. It’s very easy to get hurt using the
uppercut features of that bag. Thank you.

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  1. thanks coach!! I want more skilling for punch and I need more explain a lot different bags light to heavy .. cant you?

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