3 thoughts on “BOXING TRAINING. 2019 December

  1. Otra vez amanecer contigo PRINCESITA DANATAR! Ya se está volviendo costumbre ! Aun así se siente una emoción muy especial! Nos vemos a las 4am PRINCESITA! Te amo!!!!

  2. Dear Dana,

    I think you’ll be proud of me. I live in a building. The building’s new owners call the building an “apartment” building, but it’s really just a converted hotel. Hence, my “apartment” consists of a single room.

    The laundry facilities, for the building, are in a single room. The room is on the building’s first floor. The various tenants, including me, share the laundry room.

    I find doing laundry a pain. I’m obliged to tear apart my whole room, just to run my clothes through a washer and dryer. I have a lot of belongings crammed into my room. Hence, I have to move a number of things about in my room, to get the laundry downstairs, washed, and put away again, in my room.

    Because of the number of people in my building, who all want to do their laundry, I do my laundry late at night.

    I didn’t want to do my laundry tonight. However, I hadn’t done my laundry for some time. The way the world dates the passage of time had changed during the interval. The last time I did my laundry, the years were followed by the suffix: “B.C.” Now everything is dated “A.D.”

    To make a long story longer, I decided to not do my laundry.

    Then, a voice spoke in my head. It asked,

    “Andrew, what would Dana Taranova expect you to do?”

    In response, I had to admit:

    “Dana would expect me to do my laundry.” Then I thought,

    “If I don’t do my laundry, and this displeases Dana, I’ll be in trouble. Plus, Dana isn’t just a gymnast, dancer, and weight-lifter, she’s a boxer too!”

    I decided to do my laundry.

    I’m wearing clean pants now. Thank you, again, for being my inspiration.

    You look super cute in your “Boxing training” premiere photo! I love your black and blue top. The white boxing gloves look nice, as does your hair.

    I’m sure you’ll protect me very well if you ever go on a date with me!

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