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welcome to our boxing for your boxing
top-up today I’ve got a whole load of snippets of news that have compiled
together that includes news on Anthony Joshua, Dillian Whyte, Anthony Yarde
Manny Pacquiao and Thurman Crawford can and many more so British contender
Anthony Yarde was asked about the likelihood of him facing Sergey Kovalev
or the Eleider Alvarez whoever wins out of that matchup for the WBO light
heavyweight title and he replied most definitely these are the world champions
and I’ve always said it doesn’t matter who the champion is I’ve just got to be
ready for when I get to that stage and very nearly at that stage now I’m ranked
number one by the WBO and number eight in the world by boxrec so that is a very
big position top 10 in the world after 17 fights so this all marries up nicely
with a video I did about Frank Warren talking about Anthony yard the other day
saying that there’s looking hopefully the winner of Kovalev Alvarez by the end
of the year and if it was all true then I’m very happy I want to see Anthony
yard test himself against better opposition all I do want wonder is him
fight in such low-level opposition in all these first 17 fights is he gonna be
ready for a Kovalev or an Alvarez because there’s been no gradual
progression it’s been a very low level consistently from Anthony yard so I’m a
worry is is he jumping the gap and the gap is too far and he’s gonna fall when
asked whether he’s gonna watch the Kovalev vs. Alvarez rematch he goes on
to say that he might do and then says if you consistently watch your possible
opponents you start to worry about what they do well I just need to worry about
why I do I’ve seen kovalev five few times before is even a professional so I
know what he is about and I know he’s slowing down although he still got power
obviously I like his confidence but I can’t disagree more with Anthony yard on
this one I do think you got study opponents so you can expect the
unexpected in the ring next up Eddie Hearn mushroom promoter has been talking
about the potential fight between Anthony Joshua and dilly and widen
again it goes on say to the boxing voice it is closed wise and AJ is closed
there’s a chance if we don’t go April 13th with AJ White’s we could still go
and do that in May or June in England did you remote it there that your own
will a fight is an option for June it’s just a case of way knob if it’s the
right time for AJ to come and make his debut in America
so obviously Dillion whites and Ron Miller are the two likely candidates now
for Anthony Joshua to face for his next opponents you can’t believe that three
out of four belt champion can be struggling for an opponent but everyone
seems to be demanding a lot of money or fair money in their eyes and somebody is
going to get it now I understand that your own Miller he’s a good opponent for
Anthony Joshua in America to broadcast himself on the American market on
Dillion white is obviously the one who I believe isn’t it the most out the two by
a long way and I think a lot of people agree with that big baby Miller has
marked himself very well he hasn’t particularly beaten Godzilla in the ring
no he’s resumes a little bit weak in fact I think he’s 123 and wrong one now
and got 20 of those wins by knockout so it looks really good on paper for the
casual audience Anthony Joshua brings I’ve always said that I think Eddie
Hearn has been saving Miller on the Shelf to feed to Anthony Joshua when he
wants to break onto the US market he does a lot of trash-talking and he has
the good old fashioned huge size that will keep people wondering if he can
actually box as he says he can just remember to drop your thoughts down
below on any of these subjects to talk about in this video I like to hear your
opinions and your views anyway moving on we’ve got Terence Crawford the WBO
welterweight champion taking Elma Amir Khan and the date has been set and it is
going to be the 20th of April as we all expected and held a Madison Square
Gardens New York look I did want the army account Colebrook fire I was
definitely not a seven no to that but I am really looking forward to him taking
on Terence Crawford I couldn’t understand why he’s done it
the Carol Brooke fight in his eyes will always be there for a big payday and
right now he gets a chance at facing one a pound for pound Kings right now and a
WBO champion with plenty of money still I
fold count for that he’s got to stay confident if he pulls off the upset he’s
huge once again a for anyone that just says he’s a Duke look he may have ducked
Kell Brook for his own reasons but right now you look at his resume he has fought
some of the best some of the biggest and some of the most talented he’s also
always involved in very exciting fights because you don’t know whether he’s
gonna knock out his opponent or if someone’s gonna land a big one on his
chin back to the heavyweights now as a Jacoby L is now defending his European
title against Andre rudenko the undefeated 18 and old German
heavyweights kvl recently defeated million rob cannon with a third round
TKO he was supposed to fight challenger Otto wollen but while and pulled out
when his trainer was severely assaulted in New York City so in steps the
experience Andre rudenko with a 32 and 3 record 20 wins by knockout and never
been stopped it’s a decent fight rudenko stuff and obviously Gabrielle’s
undefeated Gabrielle’s best wins still for me is against Dereck Chisora back in
I think 2017 rudenko each time he stepped up against Alexander Povetkin in
2017 Furi Furi and Lucas Brown he’s lost but none of
them was able to stop him including Povetkin and brown who both known as
quite big punches so not bad match but I’m predicting the cabbie I’ll win on
paper and he should be moving up in his class of opposition this year back to
the welt weights now and Keith Furman returned with a win over hos ito Lopez
and it was no no straightforward win by any means and like I said in a previous
video that can be found he wants Manny Pacquiao but he’s also up for the idea
of getting his WBC title back they had to vacate when he’s off injured by
facing the winner a porter or you guess Manny Pacquiao obviously defeated Adrien
Broner just before Thurman beat Lopez so I could see that fight being made I
think both would like the big money from the fight and I don’t think Furman
looked amazing but he’s probably still slightly rusty Thurman’s defeated Porter
before and probably predict importer to win his fight so
he’s quite comfortable there but you don’t see him calling out the likes of
Errol Spence or Terence Crawford yet some quick quotes from Fuhrman was I
want to be active and I want to be in big fights
I want to reclaim the belt that I gave up and I’ll be happy to give the winner
a Paul – versus you gas an opportunity to fight me I would like to fight Manny
Pacquiao but I trust my team to make the decision on when and where I find next
Keith Thurman still as his WBA super welterweight title whereas many Pacquiao
as of regular WBA tight on to another super WBA champion this time and it is a
super featherweight champion javante Davis the knockout artist it’s
such a small weight that impresses a lot of people but has been far less active
than he’d like to be he’s 20 and Oh with 19 knockouts
he’s fight with Abner mares has been called off mez withdrew after sustaining
aspirin injury and he will now face hugo ruiz 39 of 4 with 33 knockouts
releases a lot taller than davis i think it’s by 4 inches
he’s moving up from february to face him and you may think i was inactive but he
literally just fought on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner card of a day
and I watched him he didn’t get the knockout this time because he had a late
replacement coming and I think he’d been training for a southpaw and going off
dog fighter instead but he did drop him early on I completely controlled the
fight and he can see he carries serious power so I don’t think it’s that bad of
a late replacement opponent to be honest Ruiz it will be held on February the 9th
as well so we’ll see if this fight can really kick starch of Vontae Davis is
2019 right let me know down below what you thought your boxing top up and talk
about the different situations and stories have talked about alright thanks
for watching don’t forget to that like and most importantly subscribe this is
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