Boxing Lessons With Pascal Wehrlein! | ABB FIA Formula E Championship

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being a winner means you have to fight whether is throwing punches in the ring or pushing the boundaries on track you have to be willing to go beyond your limits gritting your teeth fighting for the margins that will make the difference we need to be aware of the dangers respect to sacrifice know your opponents I’ve won titles before and I’m ready to be champion again I’m Pascal airline and I’m a formula e driver for Mahindra racing my dad used to do a lot of boxing when he was young until he had an accident with a motorbike we have a lot of medals and of course trophies and so on so definitely the sports in myself is coming from him we went once to Hockenheim to watch Formula One that was 5 years old and since then I always wanted to be a race driver I think from the East is growing so much probably it’s the best serious to be in and I got a great opportunity with Mahindra for this year the team is doing a great job we have a great car and ready my second race I’ve been on the podium so it’s proven so far that it was the right decision and I’m really happy about it I think the challenge of street circuits is really nice exploring those limits and the limit is very small so you either push the limit and you’ll be at the top but if you push it a bit too far you’re in the wall so finding the edges is the big challenge about Formula e I really like that challenge today was great so I got some lessons from some real professional boxers and you know about boxing I especially like the mentality like one against one so there’s always a winner and a loser because one is better and the other was worse it was a great experience today what does the future hold for me I hope many wins and hopefully titles in the past few years I’ve always been in a situation especially in from the one who have been in teams where I couldn’t win races or fighting for Championships and for me that’s one of the most important things in my career left I want to fight for the first few positions and get a reward for the hard work but definitely choosing my future depending on winning races and titles is a big part of it [Music]

25 thoughts on “Boxing Lessons With Pascal Wehrlein! | ABB FIA Formula E Championship

  1. Pascal Wehrlein has shown he's capable of winning off the bat. It's just a matter of putting the entire thing together and closing the deal at the end.

  2. Is there any chance you would start uploading qualifyings and full pre-race shows? The only way to see that here is through some illegal streams, but I don't wat to support these people. They are stealing from you. On the other hand, I have a feeling that Eurosport is stealing from me.

  3. This is another route back to f1 because of the power train electronic of manufacture,coming into formula e,and not f1,because it is too expensive,i can remember them laughing when they said formula e is the future ,by the end of this year,there will be electric scooter on the street to buy for £150.

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