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In this segment we’re going to be covering
footwork. A good boxer hopefully has good footwork. The art of footwork, we try to at
the gym, teach in a whole different atmosphere and we try not to even combine punches with
it at first. What we’re going to show you today is how to start from the basics with
the footwork and then some drills that we use to go through learning the footwork. Most
of the boxers here will actually do the footwork drills for approximately three or four weeks
before they drop them out of their actual routine once they learn the footwork. And
we try not to use any punches with it at all. What we’re trying to do is we’re trying not
to cross our feet as we go left and right. We’re trying not to take big giant steps as
we’re advancing or retracting. We’re trying to move smoothly. We’re not trying to move
choppily. But we’re also trying to dip and bob and weave and all of the other things
associated with a good boxing program while still retaining a good stance, while still
retaining flexibility and while still retaining good shoulder width apart. So boxing is very
conducive to having good footwork. Thank you.

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