BOXING DAY: Christmas Shopping in London

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Good morning, fellas! We’re in Düsseldorf at Starbucks Waiting for our departure Oh, you sound really sick What? Well, you too. So, we’re flying sick to London – bringing our germs to England before the Brexit takes place And we have a lot planned for you Enjoy. Oh, germs. So, the first day is over, it was extremely exhausting We took the bus from Heathrow airport to Victoria Coach Station It was basically the only choice for coming to town For a price of 74… dollars which we divided by four Uuh, 74 pounds – I’m sorry Before ending the day I wanted to quickly show you the AirBnB This time we’re with Bruno on Drummond Street This here is the student’s and college neighborhood with the university hospital right across the street as well as the university itself It’s a small fapartment in a… fapartment? Apartment in a big uhm, apartment complex. Relatively small with lots of decorations In relation to the rest of the apartment a really big room Yes Here are family photos and such. I have no idea, if… …we’re allowed to use the wardrobes. I think they’re all full. [B]: Yes, it’s certainly full.
[T]: I think so, too. [T]: That’s why…
[B]: We put our luggage simply… …behind the bed. There’s enough room Yes We can expect significantly worse from Japan I think so, too. The bed is 1,50m wide, a little less …than we’re used to but we will manage. With a little cuddling.
[B]: Like when we two started. Exactly. That was similiar. iPad! An iPad? Look at that. But first we’re going to try to make the TV work because this works with such a satelite receiver something I haven’t used for 10 years Right now it’s… [T]: Half past 7.
[B]: The middle of the day. Like I said, we’re completely wrecked after this day The night after Christmas Eve wasn’t too long either That’s why we go to sleep now Tomorrow is Boxing Day Which means getting up early and shopping. Look at that, somebody’s looking forward to that. Hi, sweety. Och, she is cute! Did you film how she was looking out? Well, hello! Okay. And we were afraid. …that you may be a rat. We were afraid. But you’re really nice.

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