Blazing Saddles (10/10) Movie CLIP – Boy, Is He Strict (1974) HD

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Next! Qualifications. Rape, murder,
arson, and rape. You said
rape twice. I like rape. Ah ha ha ha! He’ll do. Charming.
Sign right here. Very good.
Badge. Next! Qualifications? Arson, armed robbery, mayhem. Wait a moment. What have you got
in your mouth? Noth-umm. Noth-umm, eh? Lyle. Gum! Chewing gum
on line, eh? I hope you brought
enough for everybody. I didn’t know
there was gonna be so many. Boy, is he strict. We got to
get in there closer And find out
what’s happenin’. There’s our ticket. Hey, boys! Look what I got here. Where are
the white women at? Ooh! Ah! That was pretty.
I liked that. Be ready
to attack rock ridge At noon tomorrow. Here’s your badge. Badges? We don’t need
no stinking badges.Ivamonos!Next! Qualifications? Stampeding cattle. That’s not
much of a crime. Through the vatican? Kinky. Sign here. Oh! Why, rhett, How many times
have I told you To wash up
after cross-burning?

100 thoughts on “Blazing Saddles (10/10) Movie CLIP – Boy, Is He Strict (1974) HD

  1. I never noticed that Gene Wilder turns over Cleavon Little's hand when he says, "See, it's comin' off." That's funny.

  2. Just so you know "Have a nice day" and those damn smiley faces first appeared in the summer of 1969. At least in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is the center of American culture. I remember it well. It totally irritated me and still does.

  3. "Nut'mmm, eh?" God that line. I nearly piss myself laughing every time. Harvey Korman was the funniest guy in the world

  4. That was hilarious with those robes that said "have a nice day :)" I love the bit with the Waco Kid getting their attention and beating them up behind the rock…lol and of course the line "Hey! Where all the white ladies at." I've laughed through majority of these clips. I hope to see this movie sometime, this is another Western that I actually like. Not a fan of Westerns, but this and Back to the Future part III are my favorites.

  5. what have you in your mouth..?
    nothing !
    nothing,hey !
     Lyle…gum !
    chewing gum on line hey..i hope you brought enough for everybody !
    I didnt know there was going to be so many !

  6. Okay, the way Harvey Korman said “Kinky…” should have an earned him that almost-certain Academy Award nomination for Best supporting Actor. Thumbs up if you agree.

  7. Hedley: qualifications?

    Thug: rape, murder, arson, and rape

    Hedley: you said rape twice

    Thug: I like rape

  8. One of the funniest movies ever made.

    I wonder how different it would have been if they had got Richard Pryor instead of Cleavon Little as the sherriff as Mel Brooke's originally intended that part for Pryor.

  9. "How many times have I told you to wash up after a weekly cross burning?" turns his hand over "See! It's coming off!" Genius. Just pure genius.

  10. Boy, I love this movie. Now we have to deal with sensitive issues and snow flakes, and oh everybody is a winner.

  11. So absurd…badges we don't need no stnkin blades,…gum eh? I hope you brought enough for everyone….how did they come up with so many funny lines and changing type scenes- switching gears over and over…constantly…..amazing

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