[Behind the scenes] Love, dating and marriage – AE9 research

By Stevie Adams / in , , /

Do you believe that she will always have a
special place in your heart? Repeat that please Can I read the question? I in fact come from Seatle, Washington in
America And the best time most people get married
is in spring and summer Because it’s so cold and wet all the time,
most people wanna get married outdoor in the sun And that’s always by some times in late spring
or summer Yeah sure, it depends on the situation… What do you talk about when you’re on a date? When what? When on the date? Sex Can you describe your first date? The first date? I went for dinner What else could we do? Went out drinking Was it romantic? Was it romantic for you? No Do you still remember your first date? Yes, of course It’s a nightmare Do you think a boy should pay for everything
on the first date? What do you think hah? No Yeah she’s good. That’s why I love her Why do single people want to marry? Cause they’re crazy! Are you going to get married? Next question What makes a happy marriage? Our secret I do what she tells me to do Are you happy? Yeah. Very happy. We never argue Hardly Do you think marriage is giving up freedom? A little bit I feel like I gave up something I used to
do when I was single You leave something but you get something
instead A little bit but I think you get more than
you lose

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