Beginner Boxing Lessons : Cross Pattern Footwork in Boxing

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The next thing that we want to cover in the
introductory boxing lesson is going to be on some more footwork. This is where I’m going
to show them the footwork in a cross pattern, and hopefully the next time they come in,
this is one of the things that they’re going to be able to do while I’m working with some
of the other students. That way, everything they’ve done today that they know how to do,
they can do the next day. Each day we’ll add something new to it. So what I’m going to
teach now is the actual footwork in a cross pattern where I’m going to teach the student
as he’s stepping forward, we’re going to slide, we’re going to dip, and we’re going to drag.
We’re going to slide, dip and drag. As we’re moving backwards, what they’re going to learn
is: not pick up their feet and walk; not move their front foot forward when they’re going
backward, but rather they’re going to slide the back foot, dip and then drag when moving
backwards. When they’re moving to the left with a right handed orthodox style, I’m going
to teach a new student to slide his left foot, dip at the knees, not bending at the waist,
dipping at the knees, and then dragging that back foot. I’m going to slip, dip and drag.
The same thing is going for the right, except with the opposite direction. Okay, right foot,
left foot. We’re going to slip, dip and drag. Nick, can you show us the cross pattern that
we learned your first day?
Nick is taking six steps forward, then three back. He’s coming three to the right, he’s
going six to the left. He’s going three back to the right again, and then three backwards.
That’s great. He ended up right where he started. He’ll do that for 3 two-minute rounds on the
clock, as all the students will. That gives him a general knowledge of footwork without
actually throwing a punch. Thank you.

19 thoughts on “Beginner Boxing Lessons : Cross Pattern Footwork in Boxing

  1. i thought that drill was ok as it goes. do that for 2 rounds then add on some shadow work and its a good warm up drill and gets the mind-muscle motors working

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  3. @AutomaticRed I learned the very opposite. Everyone I learned from said "don't get flat footed, keep on the ball of your foot, keep the knees slightly bent to absorb better and point your feet to the direction your moving in (mostly forward) . Your center of gravity is around your lower abdominal, so it's much better to bend your knees and waist than to step on your whole foot. Personally I prefer a lower "crouch" stance, but it's much more energy demanding. Just my two cents.

  4. i showed told people bout him and they said he was rubbish,but it even says begginer it doesnt say watch this and ull become the next mike tyson

  5. Its for beginners also consider. When you use a MMA format being on the balls of your feet is dangerous. You can do it but if your opponent has boxingskill and wrestling what out.

  6. I boxed for 10 yrs bro and now coach and the basics is never go out in straight lines ,ur dude looks very robotic very easy to hit ?

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