36 thoughts on “Becky Lynch still has one debt to collect: Raw Exclusive, Dec. 2, 2019

  1. Bring the divas back : MELINA, KELLY KELLY, THE BELLA TWINS, KHARMA , BETH , VICTORIA , CANDICE MICHELLE, THE LAYCOOL come on wwe make it excited to watch te womens wrestling it is always the same matches that is borring to watch

  2. It's totally not Asuka guys it's Shayna Baszler. All you're going to collect from Asuka these days is green mist to the face and an L. Just ask your tea sipping bff!

  3. I don't know who beat who cause everything is script it, for me l know for sure Ronda can fight, Amanda can fight, cyborg can fight , question is can Becky fight again one of them for real, I don't think so, remember all is a show an entertaining.

  4. Becky deserves better
    Charlotte deserves better
    Sarah logan deserves better
    Snd so much more deserve better now lets see if wwe can do these people justice

  5. May all of your Xmas be very
    Much more than the regular merry.
    Though merry is good
    There are times when you should
    Find more 'neath the mistletoe berry!

  6. So Becky Lynch gets a couple of weeks from wrestling but not the Undisputed Era who have worked tirelessly for the last month…

  7. Or I think it is Asuka but there going to make the match go sideways with the interruption of asuka but the match is going to be a shana and Becky square off in regards of war games and survivor series there going to make it interesting with a twist of her winning or the other half of royal rumble make Becky number one but loose it but a big fight will happen at wrestlemania to retain it. Don’t know what do yin’s think

  8. Becky Lynch is Right NOW The Longest Reigning Defendin RAW Woman's Champion in History with 247+ Days and she is still Champion wich means , The Reign Goes On .
    The Irish Lasskicker break Ronda Rousey's 231 Day's RAW Woman's Champion Reign .

    PS: I'm excited how long Becky's Reign will continue . (SINCE WRESTLEMANIA 36)
    I wish The Man just The Best .

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