Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley: Raw, Sept. 9, 2019

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[MUSIC] Here we go. Charlotte and Becky going right
after Sasha Banks and Bayley, not forgetting what those
two did to them last week.>>Didn’t take long to
separate Charlotte and Becky.>>That’s what it’s gonna take,
divide and conquer. Bayley and Banks on the same page. Charlotte Flair and
Becky just trying to get through this.>>The Man to the rescue.>>Yeah, Becky fighting back,
now against Banks, the woman she faces Sunday
at Clash of Champions. This has turned into an all
out brawl here on Raw.>>Gotta fight fire with fire. Both Lynch and
Charlotte Flair experienced Banks and Bayley at their absolute worst,
at their most vicious.>>And now Bayley from behind, as Becky was going after Sasha,
and Bayley taking out Becky Lynch.>>Becky’s all on her own with
Charlotte still on the outside.>>And Charlotte with a chair in hand. We’re gonna settle things down as
we try to get this matchup started. Looking for the figure eight perhaps.>>The queen’s locked it in.>>Here we go. Is Banks gonna top? [NOISE] Becky running interference,
looking for the disarmer. Bayley though,
throwing Becky right into her partner, Charlotte, breaking the figure
eight before Sasha tapped.>>What an upper cut. Sasha driven into the steel steps.>>What a thud.
>>[APPLAUSE] Outside the ring the disarmer. [NOISE]
>>Bayley breaks it up but here comes Charlotte.>>Now Bayley to belly sends
Becky into the barricade. And a German suplex by Bayley.>>Charlotte might be out.>>There it is but
Charlotte got her legs up. She got her knees up. Bayley’s, elbow and triceps driven right
down into the knees of Charlotte Flair.>>Looks like Charlotte’s looking
to capitalize on an injured Bailey.>>Banks from behind.>>Sasha with a handful of hair,
and pays for it with a right hand.>>Bayley from behind-
>>Roll up of Charlotte here, almost had her! And Charlotte with a natural selection,
cover!>>One, two, three!>>Charlotte picks up the win along
with Becky in a tag team match. Charlotte pinned
the SmackDown Women’s Champion.>>Here is your winner, [INAUDIBLE]
women’s champion, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Charlotte built some huge momentum towards Sunday. So did Becky.

100 thoughts on “Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley: Raw, Sept. 9, 2019

  1. Match of the night for sure 👍 at times a bit sloppy with a couple botched but damn they were goin at it! Becky lookin like a beast when she threw Sasha into the steps 💪 Charlotte needs a new finisher though 🙄

  2. Having the heels lose almost ruins the heat going into Sunday. I mean the heels should have cheated or clean win wtf is this

  3. ahhahaha you know becky and charlotte has winner in this mach so sha sha banks and bayley you will never beat the queen woahhhh

  4. 4 dirty women in a tag match. That was really good. Typically its bad girl vs goody two shoes but bayley turning heel made this match more interesting.

  5. Confirmed Wrestlemania 36
    2nd Women's Main Event at Wrestlemania
    The Man vs The BO$$ vs The Queen vs The Hugger
    Fatal-4-Way No Holds Barred Match for both Raw and SD Live Women's Championships
    Battle of the WWE 4 Horsewomen Part 3.

    Part 2 is Hell in a Cell
    Becky and Charlotte vs Boss N Hug Connection
    Tag Team Hell in a Cell Match for the Raw, SD Live and Women's Tag Team Championships
    Battle of the WWE 4 Horsewomen Part 2

  6. Calling it now. Becky and Charlotte will start teaming against Sasha and Bayley as a storyline. Before Wrestlemania Rousey comes back and will lead to WWE v. MMA 4 horsewomen tag match

  7. How the 4 Horse Women have evolved, loved every second… Would love to see this in a pay per view and have them go all around the arena and why not use weapons… Either way, this was awesome… Thank You 👍

  8. after all these time they are putting the spotlight on 4 horsewomen again, proved how great they really are and the other girls just wont cut it

  9. Is it me or does charlotte randomly gets some easy wins i mean natural selection cmon bayley kickout? PS I love bayley and sasha

  10. I just noticed this: 3/4 of the horsewomen all use submission moves as finishers. WHEN WILL YOU HAVE A SIGNATURE SUBMISSION FINISHER BAYLEY

  11. They need to eventually put the 4 together.Why have it be a known thing and never actually use it?I don’t want them being like the IClique and never actually being a faction.Though they never really got to get there because of timing.Heel 4 Horsewomen is what I want to see.

  12. The man and the queen won I honestly didn’t think they could do it they hate each other just has much as the boss and the huger hate them

  13. They turn Bayley heel, but the only "heel" type thing she did was not high five or hug the fans. I guess the black jacket is a start but get rid of the fringes. Plus get rid of the happy theme music and the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men. But it was an awesome match!

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