17 thoughts on “Beating Up Random People in VR! | Creed Multiplayer Boxing

  1. When I went to play this online my opponent’s character is a lot shorter how do I fix this he was way to short how do I fix this

  2. Btw for the double end bag. I hit it in real life (i box in real life) use combos starting with a jab, i like to do 1-1 slip right hand, 1-2-1-2 slip. Or 1-2 slip left hook. Sometimes i'll try to hit a 1-2-3 on their a lot of the times i catch it, sometimes i don't lol.

  3. You have good stamina, I need at least a 5 minute break if a fight goes over 6 rounds but I'm working on my stamina now.

  4. I’m not trynna be rude but it’s weird how people who doesn’t know how to box are good in boxing VR

    I’m good at actual boxing but in VR online im just….eh

  5. I love creed Rise to glory but the thing is that I dont like ”Being good” at the game because when you win over someone they just rage quit

  6. It’s fucking hilarious when you run around him and start beating shit put him 😂😂😂

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