Bar Scene | Man of Steel (2013) Movie Clip

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Wait a second.
Aren’t you here for the exercise? No, there was a change in the plans. Somebody found something
strange on Ellesmere. – Aircom’s making runs out there all week.
– That rat hole? – You gotta be kidding me.
– I know. It’s crazy. The Americans are there too,
lots of them. – Anything else?
– They’re calling it an anomalous object. – Whatever that means.
– Back off, Ludlow. I’m serious. – Oh, come on, Chrissy.
Knock it off. – Sit down.
– Let me go. Hey. Leave her alone, man. Or what, tough guy? Or I’m gonna have to ask you to leave. I think I’ll probably just leave
when I’m good and ready. Ooh. Oh, there he is. It’s not worth it, sweetie. Hey, asshole, don’t forget your tip. Strike.

100 thoughts on “Bar Scene | Man of Steel (2013) Movie Clip

  1. I would've picked him off the ground and held him in the air and watch him cry like a child in front of that girl and the army. Destroying his truck in that way kinda giving you identity away. Would've been better to set the whole truck on fire.

  2. Unfortunately, there are those among us whom need proportionate reactive severe intervention both physically and psychologically in this case, as there are so many miss guided and miss-informed individuals out there. A great film any way…

  3. Superman is my all time fav Superhero character not because of his immense power but because everytime he choose to be responsible one. I like it when he allows army officers handcuffing him

  4. I don't like how he handled this. This guy didn't learn a thing. He will continue to do whatever he likes. Clark should have sat him down, and just placed his hand on his shoulder, and applied pressure, till he squealed for him to let go. No fighting required.

    This was just letting the bully win. Doesn't matter that his truck was trashed, he has no idea how it happened, so he learns nothing from it.

    This movie just does so many screw up things.

  5. he's clearly like 6 inches taller than that dude. In what world would that tiny little dude challenge someone who looks like that?

  6. considering sups strength. that push and hit of can was like a gentle touch of feather for him. why was superman so pissed?? he went on to blow his cover for such a petty thing. thats why Batman has much better restraint. a man better than the superman.

  7. I don't get why people hated this movie I thought it was one of the best superman movies ever written

  8. That drunk guy should be lucky…if that woman wasn't there to stop clark,its not a truck that will be "wrecked"…its gonna be him

  9. I give da movie a 6/10.
    I hate that da movie is made so superman kill da ppl he origin from,incl da planet he was borned on.
    If thise wasn’t in da movie i would give da movie a 8/10

  10. At around 1:14, i bet no one noticed that the bully flinched when clark removed his pinafore (or dont know what they call it, english foreign language sorry)

  11. This is one of the most humble, respectful scenes I've seen in a movie. I wish DC would have handled him better as Superman.

  12. At least he’s lucky he didn’t try to punch Clark’s bulletproof face, like what happened in the first episode of Luke Cage.

  13. This guy stupid or what? If you pushed a guy so hard but he don’t even move a bit and its force pushed me back instead, you sit the fuck down, you don’t throw a can on him if he chose to walk away.

  14. Imagine that guy when he watches the news a few weeks later after the battle of Metropolis: "Oh fuck!…"

  15. If this was brightburn that dude would have been found in the jungle with his own leg shoved down his throat.

  16. I know its not everyone’s problem all the time but you’d think a couple of army guys would do more than just laugh at a man being ridiculed by someone who was harassing a woman.

  17. 1:45 man the guys reaction sucked..should of been in more of a state of shock or fear, instead he is just like
    'hmm my truck was destroyed and twisted around like a pretzel…ehh not a big deal..sure is an eye sore though'

  18. I really love that no one commented or was surprised by the fact that superman stood like a wall when the other guy pushed him

  19. I don't see the logic in continuing in being an asshole to a guy that didn't fall down after he tried to push him xD

  20. When you put your weight into shoving someone and they don't even move, is it really a good idea to keep screwing with them?

  21. My favorite scene in the movie. He shows restraint and does the right thing knowing he is much stronger yet holding back. One of the toughest things to do.

  22. I honestly wish that they didn't include the scene showing the destroyed truck; I think it would've sent a better message about keeping your composure when someone is being an ass for no reason.

  23. If I was superman, and that guy threw a can on my head, I would've picked it up and throw it back to his sorry little face. Throw it HARD too. Then I'll quit my job

  24. 1:05 dude puts every ounce of his strength into pushing a guy standing still and uprights and who would have felt like a wall

  25. Ah yes, let me taunt the man who clearly was not affected by a single thing I did to him. That will work out well

  26. to be honest if he did to homelander from the boys he would have Lasered him or done something worst i dont know

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