Badam Ragda – Kushti Wrestlers Power Drink

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Wrestlers power drink – Almonds drink In this Video i will tell You How to Make Almond Drink So Firstly Like My Video and Subscribe my Channel Almond Drink is Best drink for wrestlers Favourite drink of Indian wrestlers In hindi , it called Badam Ragda This Drink help in recovery after workout Great Energy booster Indian Style of Grinding Almonds is Best So FIrstly Grind, Thandai Now Add Almonds , According to Your Capacity You have to grind until it became a paste Grind atleast for 15-20 minutes Take big bowl and Cloth Put paste inside Cloth Pour water on Cloth Squeeze Add Sugar According to your taste Raw Sugar is best Enjoy.. Your Drink is Ready This Drink is not Harmful for Anyone Almonds drink Cools you down Drink can be used as Power drink after Workout Helps in recovery Boost up energy Maintain Water level This drink is best source of Vitamin E Vitamin E good for Skin This drink is my favourite Hope You like my video Please like my video Subscribe my Channel

100 thoughts on “Badam Ragda – Kushti Wrestlers Power Drink

  1. Bro I saw us videos, yours is a good physique, one request pls make one video which covers all workouts that u perform I.e push ups squats i.e baithak…..etc so that it will help us that we can do in our home before going to office or after coming from office pls…. all exercise I.e training u will do in ur akhara I.e in ur classes, like push ups , bithak , dhanda, etc….. and also what to eat, how many times, sleeping time,
    How much time u spend in classes, etc,

  2. Great video bro. In the developed world we eat a lot of processed food. Yours is the type of food I’d love to eat.

  3. भाई आपने कपड़े में कियु निचोड़ा हे ।।।साडी ताक़त तो कपडे के अंदर ही रेहगयी।,,
    क्या निचोड़ा ज़रूरी है।???

  4. Oooooooh bhai
    Badam ko raat bhar pani mai bhigona padta h.
    Tab unka doodh ya lassi bnai jati h.
    Aise hi badam daal diye itni garmi mai marvaoge kya kisi ko.
    Video to dhang ki bani ya na bani par hawabaji badhiya kar di h chora ne.

  5. M bhi roz use krta hon phle Gusti krta tha ab Army k liye Running but Badam Milk nhi chada 😀😀😀😀👌👌👌👌maza aa jaaa Baraf dalne k bad

  6. Sanny Pahalwan ji amazon itor pe kundi sotta available karwa de bhai please mere paas hi Nahin Hai Mera Toot Gaya Hai Bhai Dalwa dena yaar Dhyan se please link video pe apni Kisi bhi video mein Dena Kisi video mein

  7. thanks a lot for this video… few things that I would like to clarify… 1:)no of almonds to be taken if shake is being prepared for one person…
    2)can we add whey protein in this shake for post workout drink.
    3)if we prepare thandai ourself… then how much black pepper, khas khas, elaichi, saunf should be used to prepare this shake for one person.
    being a pure vegetarian, i think this shake will be an asset for people like me.
    waiting for your reply.
    thanks and regards

  8. bhai badam 17 sa 18 age ka ladka pee sak ta ha
    bhai mara ko bhe Pahalwan kar ne ha m 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
    bhe jaat Samaj aaj ka naam Uncha karna chahta Hoon

  9. Bhai yahan Jo bhi samgri use hua hai uski Amazon affiliate link share kare. Isse aapka fayda hoga , hum usi link se kharidenge sara saman.

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