Asuka blasts Paige with green mist in ruthless attack: Raw, Oct. 28, 2019

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100 thoughts on “Asuka blasts Paige with green mist in ruthless attack: Raw, Oct. 28, 2019

  1. They suck can't understand them, asuka misses her mist every time lol just about hits her target and I hate kari music and theme please change it and speak English

  2. Come on wwe why have her doing great muta thang come up with new stuff dame i miss when wwe wasnt pg i hate this pg era

  3. พ้นสีประสมอาหารเหรองง555+ตลก

  4. 2:08 OK young commentator, let me tell ya a story.
    Back in the late Attitude/Early Ruthless Aggression age there was a Heel named Tajiri, fresh out of the deceased ECW. He had been known for his infamous Mist attacks he used on foes: the Green Mist to stun people, and the Red Mist as a finisher. He even once developed a nightmarish Black Mist variant too. With Auska embracing her bad side in recent years as a tag champ she is channeling a similar style as that man-which is pretty dang cool honestly.

  5. These two are clowns. Yea let me spit at you while the others acts like a pirate clown. They sound illiterate in their own language.

  6. How can they be the best when one spits in the face of competitors to get the win. Seems like a weak defense and claim to be the best. Clowns. They look like clowns.

  7. We have The Great Kabuki to thank for the Dokugiri (Poison Fog), he created the illegal maneuver while wrestling from 1964-2017.

    There's Six colors of the Dokugiri (Poison Fog)! Green which is said to obstruct the opponents vision, Red to burn the eyes, Black to blind the eyes for weeks, Blue to send the opponent to sleep, Yellow paralyzes the opponent, and Purple causes memory loss.

  8. So tired of them holding Asuku back!!! Now THAT'S a bonafide BADASS, NOT Becky!!!🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. Should've have them using there HEEL tactics to beat Becky. Wouldve be big for them. But good guys don't lose anymore so Villains are pointless

  10. Auska's is just stupid and witch in that look…. Wwe should do something for her this spray action this is intollerable

  11. Becky is turning into the Roman reigns everyone hated, but she’s even worse on the mic and her character is so forced

  12. Please give asuka & kairi the push they deserve both in singles & tag matches. The 4 horsemen gimmick is getting stale pushing the same 4 is just old.

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