Are You Even Punching Correctly? w/Trainer: JT Van V

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Ok, so in this video we’re gonna go over
the right-hand and some important details about getting a good execution of your right hand. Now the first, most important thing — which is pretty obvious — is you want to rotate your hips, and also your back foot. So you get your body into the punch. You’ll be on the ball of your foot, on a 45 degree angle. And you get a good rotation in your hips. Another thing that’s important is where the elbow position is. If you tend to keep your elbows on the side of your ribs, it’s easy to misfire and you’re going to have a harder time defending yourself and throwing the right hand at the same time. When you have your elbow tucked on top of the ribs right down the middle, it’s easy to get that shot off, and you keep
your position a bit tighter. Now, to get little extra protection as well, when you throw that right hand if you’re throwing a straight right hand turn it over
almost like you’re pouring a glass of water. When you do this it helps your
shoulder roll up to protect your chin a little bit better with the shot. You see
right here: full extension on the shoulder, and roll over, and that will
automatically come in front of protect your chin. Now when throwing the right hand, it’s important not to lean. Every now and then, if you’re really good you can get
away with the little bit of a lean to touch a guy, but for the most part it
gets in the way of you setting up future shots. If you lean on the right hand you
gotta pull your body all the way back to get good leverage on the left hook and that
takes up energy and time. If you rotate; sit on the back foot; sit down, perfectly rotate, you’ll easily get a left hook or any left shot
to come through right after the right hand. So keep your balance right in the
center and rotate. When throwing the right hand, if you rotate your body first to get good torque into your shot, you don’t have to decide right away what you’re going to deliver. As you’re delivering you can turn it over to a right hand and turn into a right hook, come through
with an uppercut or overhand right. You can mix it up a little bit better just from little bit
of a twister on your delivery.

100 thoughts on “Are You Even Punching Correctly? w/Trainer: JT Van V

  1. I will need to focus on pivoting the foot.. I found out that I dont do it all the time. How does it apply to punching a heavy bag?

  2. I love JT man, I've learned so much from him over the years. His knowledge of the game is impressive, like an 80 old man's wisdom in that brilliant mind.

  3. It might just be his gym shorts, but he seems to be sitting down quite deep and his legs seem quite far apart …
    Is that just an optical illusion or why does he do it?
    Isn't it more logical to have your legs closer together (not too close obviously), so you can move faster?

  4. When i saw the title i thought meh this is for total beginners but even after 4 years of boxing theres some input here that i didnt know about
    Youre the man van!

  5. Can these punches be applied to any situation not just in boxing? I know that the gloves in boxing and MMA are different and the way they stand and defend are different also.

  6. That is the opposite way you're supposed to punch. first of all the vertical grip is the proper way of punching because it involves less turning making your punch faster and it has a better structure. second, you shouldn't lift your shoulder because that weakens your structure. study wing chun and you will know what I'm talking about.

  7. Shane and Van, wow guys you're like coca cola and pepsi, Shane your flow is tight and Van got some serious skills.
    So glad you both make Videos, how about showing us defensiv moves, like a whole video, shoulder roll, blocking body punches, lean back, blocking and movement etc. big thank you to both you do really nice job guys, cya soon

  8. Shane can u give me tips I'm a boxer but can't seem to lose my street fighter/brawler tendencies. I've been subscribed to u for a while. can u check the vid of me sparring at the gym and tell me what I did wrong. please and would be much appreciated

  9. 1. rotate hip and rear foot, ball of foot.2. keep elbows tucked on top of ribs3. turns fist over to assist in rolling shoulder up4. Keep a center balance for more efficient combos 5. Mix shots, hooks, over, uppers

  10. just making a constructive comment, if u wanna hit the dude on the face the punch should aim higher, if u practice it like that you will only hit the neck or chest

  11. Those movements look awkward and don't flow very well. Try doing some actually sparring videos and you'll see how your technique will quickly change.

  12. With the rotation you are basically suggesting the russian hook. Its good but dangerous if your hand connects with your opponent at close range. Your knuckles connecting with hard bone mid rotation hit a a bad angle for bone alignment to absorb damage and it can screw up your hand. (you will see this as a common injury in russian fighters). On top of that you are also expose the underarm pit which sucks to get hit on. Granted most people wont aim for it due to it being normally a rather well protected target, a person practicing a smart counter could really fuck up your day in a match.

  13. No disrespect but arn't you supposed to have a bigger gap between your legs. This stance is easy to get you out of balance. Or is the wider gap just for kickboxing, muy thai, sanda and other sports where you need to use your feet/legs and arms/hands.

  14. Hey JT, i have one question: How do you do the jab while moving back respectively to the right? Do you throw the jab simultaniously with moving the right leg back respectively to the right ? Is that correct? Thank you very much 🙂

  15. Do you have anything that could possibly increase your throwing speed? I know a couple things my grandpa tried to teach me when I was like 10 or 11, I wasn't too into it at the time, but I'm 26 now and I really want to learn the Art. Not only for the fighting aspect, but for a workout I can enjoy.

  16. AMAZING Video JT, do you have a similar video for the jab pls, that takes you through the exact body/foot positioning to throw the jab. I see loads of videos on jabs but nothing that focuses on the shape of the shoulder/back and legs like this video does for the right hand. Thanks man keep up the great work just bought your app!

  17. Hey JT, I just turned 18 and started boxing a few months ago. Is it a realistic goal for me to be heavyweight champ if the world, I'm 6,4 btw

  18. I have only been training for three weeks for white collar boxing and JT VAN V is very important to my training and fitness, I will dedicate my win to him if win.

  19. Thats some amateur shit. You didn't even mention about kinetic linking or how to relax the body until impact for more speed and efficiency. And that hand is way over rotated, they don't teach that in boxing or matial arts, show me one clip of anyone who does that.

  20. Tomorrow I'm fighting a kid whose been boxing for four years, outweighs me by 88lbs and has an amateur record of 23-12. Any advise?

  21. The last tip was very valuable to me. Sure, he knows a right hand is coming, but not necessarily where it's coming. I'm gonna work on this today, it makes a lot of sense!

  22. This is awesome. Just a quick one. If you've hurt your opponent and he is retreating/back pedaling and you are chasing him down, what should your body position be if you are looking to land the straight? Either to the head or the body.

  23. here is what I think: Keeping your hands up, tucking your chin and throwing punches without getting the maximum torque and reach on is all wrong. If you train physically and psychologically to not get hit using footwork and body movement and ur mental awareness you will not need to keep your hands up and your chin down. further more keeping your hands up tiers your biceps which hinders ur arms retracting fast enough from punches, and ur body will automatically not throw a full power punch. tucking ur chin keeps you from seeing ur targets clearly and seeing punches coming at u clearly thus u will need to have ur arms protecting ur face. not twisting ur whole body or reaching in an appropriate matter hinders ur punches from carrying full potential power to ur punch. IF YOU TRAIN PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY TO NOT GET HIT AND YOU TRAIN TO NOT MESS A HIT you will achieve a remarkable level or at least a potential to be remarkable. If you start training expecting to get hit and expecting to miss some hits your already setting yourself for a mediocre performance. LOOK at what the best fighters do and you will realize what I mean> floyd, roy jones, Mcgregor, MVP..etc. they are all doing what i am saying

  24. The way he twist his fist when he throw a straight right hand he can have a serious shoulder issue,its unecessary to turn too much that way.

  25. it looks weird
    like he wrist too much?
    never seen this before and i fought lots of guys n girls
    maybe its good way to punch let me know 🙂

  26. Question… that right rear I seen boxers throw it without adding that corkscrew twist that you add in to it, I see how it adds a lil more protection with the shoulder but does the twist add more Power? wich is better twisting or not twisting? or does it matter?

  27. I wish to see u in a real fight shane we will learn so much from that (lol ik it's been 1 year when this was uploaded)

  28. hope you can answer my question. is sitting down on your punches relevant to muay Thai and the street. I'd imagine against someone who's really mobile sitting down would end up in you being too grounded to follow them. plus in a multiple attacker scenario wouldn't sitting down on your punches leave you open? surely mobility is always needed vs multiple attackers because they may attack at different angles. I've roots in muay Thai so I've a more upright stance, but I was wondering if I should sit down as deep as JT Van V is in this video. currently I only slightly bend when punching. thanks in advance 🙂

  29. Why does every person you ask think that corkscrewing your arm while punching does something different I've heard it makes cuts, it's to stop your elbow popping out and now to protect your chin which is it?

  30. errr am i the only one who questions what happens to your wrist when you punch someone with your hand upside down like at 1:04?

  31. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    1. Straight Right: Push off your back foot. Straight pushing motion from the toes.
    2. Right Hook/Overhand Right: Pivot the rear foot in a circular motion.
    Thanks! 😁

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