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welcome to RIGHT HOOK BOXING and for your
boxing top-up today we have a little bit of everything from Mayweather to Jarrell
Miller Frank Warren on Eddie Hearn even Errol Spence jr. – stay tuned the new
challenger to Anthony Joshua’s heavyweight throne Jarrell Miller has
vowed to crush him like Mike Tyson did – Frank Bruno the six-foot four 315 pound
New Yorker is the next in line to face Anthony Joshua on June the 1st as I’m
sure you’re all aware at Madison Square Garden so who wants to knock him out in
the same manner he did Frank Bruno in 1996 as you can see in this article he
goes on to say I’m a guy that’s actually bigger than him AJ has an inch or so in
height that’s about it but activity in boxing IQ good head moving and defense
this interview with jerome miller was actually with Sky Sports but I’ve got
this clip from boxing seen calm he goes on to say I can throw a lot of punches
and have a heart of ten lions I’m totally different that’s the main goal
run him over I’m not playing no games with AJ there’s no way to prepare for me
there’s no right way for preparing for a person like me like a Frank Bruno he
came in he looked good and got flattened TuneIn big baby Miller is not just the
American champ he’s English champ he’s a People’s Champ
if you want entertainment you’re going to get it and this is a fight you need
to see so this is everything that everybody expected to see from drill
Miller which is going to help sell the fight in America there’s going to be a
lot of money pumped into it from disowned to promote this and if Anthony
Joshua wins well it really is gonna raise his stock over there in the States
we all expect the trash talk from Jerome Miller he’s been doing it to secure the
fight for many months now he’s going to be putting his undefeated record on the
line and so is Anthony Joshua let me know your thoughts on this down below it
does interest me and also I’m going to leave a link in the description box to a
top 3 knockout reel of donnager on Miller’s moving on to Floyd Mayweather
jr. he’s been talking to TMZ about the likelihood of him fighting in
exhibitions again this year he goes on to say and this is talking about rising
again the Japanese mix ma last company well it’s likely to be them
anyway not only a percent but it’s very much likely so Floyd Mayweather jr. says
they called me I’ve got another one in Japan in July for like ten million
dollars three rounds I’ve got another one in July same rules always my rules
it’s a Japanese boxer a former boxer from what I’ve heard I got a call today
in exhibitions this year alone I think I’ve got about four or five exhibitions
this year I’ll make about eighteen million dollars this year so that’s
Floyd Mayweather jr. on that about exhibitions he’ll asphalt tension
natsukawa a young Japanese mixed martial artist and it was a bit of an
embarrassment to be quite honest but made a lot of money from it let’s face
it was a bit of a circus show and the poor lad was wrong at the end of it
crying that is low I have no problem with Floyd doing this as long as
everyone knows its exhibitions if people want to pay me serious money to do these
then all the best whom he’s earnt that right the difference is the Conor
McGregor showdown with Floyd Mayweather and crazy money was billed as a legit
boxing match it went on his record a lot of people knew there was going to be a
bit of a fast and it was let’s face it but all the best to him if he can make
serious serious money from all these little exhibitions over in Japan or
wherever in the world all the best to him me personally I think it’s quite
obvious what happens and he doesn’t interest me I didn’t watch the last one
and I won’t be watching this one bTW promoter Frank Warren has got stuck in
too much room for motor Eddie Hearn again the written interview on this one
can be found on the talks boat website so I won’t get into the whole thing
again but when asked about why the AJ and fury fight didn’t happen Frank
Franklin goes on say we told them we will make that fight any day between
Tyson and them on a 50/50 split so that meaning hers excuse is a load of
rubbish then talking about dealing and whitey says obviously they didn’t want
to pay Dillon white the money that is why the fight didn’t take place at
Wembley so there are no alternative let’s go to the states they didn’t have
an event that would sell out Wembley he carries on in that vein talk about Eddy
hone and amedy Joshua and basically talks about their ol didn’t tape it
fifty million pound and all this lot so I’m not going to get
into that side of it again but I do honestly think they wanted the Tyson
Fury fight I really do but Tyson chose to take the rematch it was ordered by
the WBC between him and Dante Walder and I respect that too either way he’s
taking on one of the champions and he feels like there’s unfinished business
there if you can take that bow to that WBC belt off Deontay Wilder and keep it
in a potential rematch down the line if there is a trilogy fight then that makes
him against Anthony Joshua absolutely huge for undisputed that’s if Anthony
Joshua wins his well against Royal Miller and anyone maybe before fighting
fury so I think it was a business move by the end of the day the whole quote
about the Dillion white thing and he goes on to say that he thinks didn’t
white scene the money on offer previously from Deontay Wilder to
Anthony Joshua apparently so I don’t believe in all that and I said I’m not
going to get into it so we’ll stick with the one we were on about and he says
they knew they couldn’t sell out Wembley now with Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder
looking very likely to have the rematch that left Anthony Joshua with a few more
opponents one being dealing on white they couldn’t come to an agreement over
the negotiations dealing White’s ended up accepting an offer to face
Anthony Joshua but didn’t like the terms of the rematch that if Dillon white one
Joshua still wanted 5050 and then he then dealing white wanted no rematch so
in the end he’s going to pursue the WBC or mandatory against Anthony Joshua
where he doesn’t have to give a rematch if he used to win I don’t think it’s all
about what Anthony Joshua wants here as well I do think Eddy Hearn has had his
say with Joshua and I think to him Jerome Miller was a better opponent in
Dili and white and I say this because it just gets Anthony Joshua into the
American market which makes him bigger if he wins he’s ticked it off the list
he’s built his profile over there forever fights a Deontay Wilder or an
over American in the future and here’s a main part if Eddy Hearn thinks he could
do similar numbers with AJ against Miller and AJ against white then he gets
to keep his over pay-per-view box Dillion white in the running if alpha
news Joshua to be dealing in white dealing white wouldn’t be a pay-per-view
staff for the near future so they’ll be that Avenue for him taking away if
Dillion why be Anthony Joshua the upset then Joshua’s star fades either way one
of his stars gets hit in that scenario so me personally right now I don’t think
any her and wanted Dillon white to face Anthony Joshua and as he couldn’t get a
ver of fury or Wilder he saw as a perfect time to take Anthony Joshua to
America that’s someone my view on it anyway having divulge into the whole
thing let me know down below what you think next up we’re moving onto Aris
bench junior IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence jr. has been talking about
his upcoming bout on March 16th against Mikey Garcia
both fighters both undefeated will be trade in leather on March 16th at the
AT&T Stadium in Texas that’s an old Spence Junior’s backyard somebody’s Oh
has to go and in this case Mikey Garcia is stepping up to weight classes and
vacating his lightweight title to face the undefeated Errol Spence
Garcia’s IBF title was won in vacated he still has his WBC he’s 39 I know and I
will Spanish tune yer is 24 oh no here’s what I was spent Sooners had to say on
the matter at the moment he says I can’t wait for March 16th it doesn’t get
bigger than this fighting at the AT&T Stadium in my hometown is a dream come
true if I beat marquise Garcia the plan I the
way I plan on beating him I will be the guy in the sport this is my year and
Mikey isn’t going to stop me I’m a training like this he’s the biggest
fight of my life and I want to put on a great show for the fans and when
convincingly in my eyes right now it is the biggest fight of his life despite
have not been out to win a title if he does defeat Mikey Garcia it will be
defending his and beating another top Champion they’re both terrific fighters
in my eyes I like both of them I’ve got to praise Mikey Garcia for stepping up
to weight classes to take on this challenge and risk his undefeated record
while he’s at it Errol Spence jr. on the other hand is
received a lot of criticism being called weight bullying
fight he’s already a big welterweight and Mikey Garcia jumping up those two
weight divisions to face him doesn’t look that good on him I’m looking
forward to a fight personally I think it’s probably going to be too much for
Mikey Garcia to overcome the size difference anyways drop your faults down
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  1. I really like your channel. No agenda and I think your spot on with all of it. Not sure if beating Mikey Garcia will have as much upside as ESJ thinks it will but the downside will be tremendous if he loses.

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