51 thoughts on “American Airlines passenger says man assaulted her by punching seat in viral video

  1. She needs to get paid at least $10B for this. Her neck could have been dislocated or fractured as a result of his action.

  2. Should have farted in her face a few times and used his knees to rock the seat. What a loser mutt with a dumb smirk and no life.

  3. Have some respect for others around you. Everyone thinks the world revolves around them nowadays.
    Also anyone saying well the chair can recline is an idiot. Your car can go 140 miles an hour. When a cop pulls you over are you gonna tell the cop “well my car was designed to do 140 mph so I’m allowed to”. See how dumb that argument is?

  4. That is not assault. Also, just because the seat is made to recline does not mean that you should. The person behind you might not want your seat and headrest directly on their face. Just a thought.

  5. It's a idiot liberal , you can tell be looking at the guy, never got his butt kicked when he was younger, that's all some people need is just to get the crap kicked out of them, and they learn respect real fast

  6. Yes it was assault. If she reached back and hit him, what would that have been. I had to fly all the way to Aruba one year with a big fat "WP" guy literally in my lap, I couldn't eat because I couldn't use my tray. I pointed to the B male flight attendant and tried to report it without being a BB! He did nothing but smile, I literally took my beach towel and put it over my head and cried! It was about a four hour flight. He was FAT. This lady should have flung her ✋ holding her soda over her head as if startled and soaked him. Whatever happened to a healthy compromise. Those seats are meant to be reclined, but I always turn around and ask the person how far can I go. I have very long legs and no torso, bad back and knees. He was an idiot.

  7. I hope he punched her seat all the way home. She's a rude, nasty, disrespectful individual. There is no reason to recline EVER!!!

  8. They both are not wrong, she laid into his meal and him constantly pushing her chair, yeah had it been a muscled built intimidating man in front of him, he wouldn’t have pushed the chair like he did, he would of been knocked out cold for the rest of the flight and rightfully so

  9. If its assault or not is not an opinion. It either is or isnt. The legal definition of assault and battery is extremely clear and this is clearly assault and battery. However, if you dont call the police right then and there it becomes civil not criminal.

  10. It is a disturbance and not assault. How did this start? Why didnt she call an attendant? Give the woman a food voucher. Case closed.

  11. I WOULD HAVE TURN AROUND AND PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!!!! Justlooking at his face says the guy is a women hater! Let the world see who thejerk is!  if you have a recline seat(thatYOU PAID FOR) THEN YOU CAN USE IT WITHOUT COMPLIANTS FROM ANY OF YOU PEROPLE!!!NO IFS ands or BUTS. The planes need to get rid of the reclining seats if they have a problem.  Why didn’t they just ask
    you to move the seat? The flight attendant should be fired for NOT making him stop and moving him and for not having the man arrested for assault (10 years in prison for him) NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUNCH/HIT ANYONE OR THE SEAT THE LADY WAS IN!!! This is one lawsuit against the airline that I say burn the airline and make sure you sue the non- man as well and have the police arrest
    him for assault= DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT!!!

  12. hardly an assault, but if the person behind you asks you not to recline and you do it anyway, just so you can have that extra 2° lean angle, you are also a jerk. I've had folks in front of me complain to flight attendants because they think I'm ramming my knees into their seat because they're reclined, but the reality is there isn't enough room for them to lean back without jamming up my knees. Nothing worse than having sore knees on vacation because the jerk in front insisted on crushing you so they can slightly alter their seating position in the most insignificant way possible. I'm not even super tall, I'm 6'3". The guy in the video obviously has enough room, the only way he is bumping up against the seat in front is by deliberately pushing it with his arm. Just two passive aggressive jerks being jerks to each other; they both deserve it.

  13. Press charges. #AmericanAirlines should have done something. Assault is physically harming another person. If someone is josling you for hours and hours on end (which is what happened) it could cause serious head and neck damage. Shaken baby syndrome is not just for babies. It definitely WAS assault and that guy definitely WAS an asshole. Someone should have knocked him out.

  14. this guy is a immature imbecile. would he do the same if another man
    was in that same seat? i seriously doubt it. i shouldn't say another man, i should say " a man", since this creep doing the punching is about as far from being a man as you can get.

  15. What a fuckin' dick. Hey buddy, the seats recline so she is ALLOWED to recline the damn seat. Like they said, you want more room…pony for a 1st class ticket or pound it in your ass. Should've got a heavy ass dude to lay that seat right down in his muthafuckin' bitch-made lap.

  16. The obnoxious, twitter post planning, smirk on that woman's face made me lose any ounce of sympathy i could have had for her. She just wants money. Nvm that..im now annoyed at the anchor woman's ignorant remarks towards the issue. "if he doesnt like it, he can purchase a 1st class ticket." Seriously, hun? Can you without the sponsorship of your company? Disconnected thinking. And its a known unspoken rule to respect your fellow packed sardines that you do not recline all the way on a plane. Oh! And she too! "can purchase a 1st class ticket" if she has medical issues. The whole thing is comically immature.

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