Allen West Punches Woman In The Face In New Ad

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out west the guy who has been doing the
strategy of raising money by saying outrageous things for a long long time
he relies on where you have a go on t_v_ and isaac crazy things all blacks are on
the plantation and now the liberal plantation they need of freedom soleus by doing it
won’t matter all the stuff the money pours at it’s interesting and i guess i’m just
getting in the money may be coming from white folks are the black folks who was
for that ideology anyway uh… so down dave turned around on a
little bit assumed practice run and against them and support yet and and they had to have a senior citizens as
florida inter matters uh… intuitive hideous women et cetera but you know that have been those people
so let’s watch call-in species in south of five west has something to seniors monte in medicare as we know it discounts for huge cuts in women’s health care funding these emerging middle class families by
supporting a budget plan would have cut taxes on the rich while eliminating our
tax breaks for college tuition and more pictures list is a five year round but it’s time for class to fight back
and i’m not gonna congress once and for our own friend love yeah reruns ever potato salad no you know you want to know about racial overtones you know the u for people could see is a black guy in a
rage plunging went with me and i could be trapped opted sarah so of course boxes jumps the here’s the views okay so there’s out west watchin out and bold whiteley can you imagine here if were you know the dynamic were turned
around but you don’t believe god and west punchan an all white lady if it were a white politician panchen
advil natasha’s colored there would be a rationale this is but uh… arpan and i’ve not yet ramona
strategist any home let’s watch three issues one about unabomber punching it was before this ever ran that we had
no idea whether this is coming in any way shape before mother may be a bomb
monthly or so and i said no bottle punching bag his perfectly acceptable uh… he’s in boxing here and i said if
he’s in boxing here well okay that means in the rain it’s not like your punching
the president’s a political thing it’s totally fine and i said it’s not like if you put but
don’t forget on some right so we’re actually on the record as
saying the party analogy installing five even
if you’re getting a black eye so what what’s his is saying about
opt-out are small also will go on youtube invite happens but we just said
about a month ago little there we use the argument lot what if that’s
if this were democrats were publica how certain people antibodies so it’s a good argument it
works often it does it work everytime and and this uh… at the home is uh… fake cuz i don’t believe it for
one second that he believes that he’s even one percent outraged by this steve do you see is one of the text of
this people intel not in any country its gettin now if you have a white uh… guy going and grabbing a black guy and
drag into a tree at worst and what i said about the love of
putting magas black folks in white folks have been in
the ring together for a long long time does not there is no historical racial context of that in my opinion that that they sell unacceptable so so now i don’t want to jump in as well
as well i can you imagine if a white politician working in a commercial punching a woman of color there would be national average well course there will be national
outrage that spot of the uh… the cause of this hypocrisy becomes a bout with the head of the
liberal left that they believe that they could do anything especially if you’re a
black conservative now think about this link if the republican forty or of some
conservative pack when a picture of a black democrat politician or congressman
punching uh… white women and uh… white seniors i’m sure that msnbc n_b_c_
and uh… huffington post in everyone will be going apoplectic right now saw
bridge and it is because you know i said one real quickly rigid they wouldn’t want that because a democratic black politician wouldn’t be
tried cut social security that instead of up to fight for the
rights of the elderly any other purpose of this country so that’s why it’s
different among others right into her car people i i i whiz kept you can’t find clips about list for
all these years almost every single not that big a deal now all of a sudden when he is under
attack all the sudden it looks like he’s talking about is uh… especially you
gotta stop cryin oh my god please polio is blaming someone dozens of problem the
black community now on and on the same old stuff is the same thing that was due the reason they have set whenever there
are actual call services and work uh… reaching two races voters from
their party is because they want to save for themselves going to be the victim i can’t believe
you guys actually caught on forward on this we’re trying to save up for that we
need a little bit of that for ourselves the can’t wait to do that stuff right
now things is that there’s that as you said for there’s a context myself is
reasons that the bull’s eyes and some can somebody got fuckin shot there’s a reason why i was also there is
no this list or context for a black folks i mean for what they
had beaten up uh… or blue-black democrat beaten up by people of ideal
crazy but it doesn’t happen this is actually after their gabby difference
shooting i did some research into prior political violence in the united states
and we can cite a few big-name cases of people being assessed
and generally it’s a conservative killing a liberal
there’s one or two exceptions but did research into it there are so
many lower level like state politicians assassinated senators and things like
that that thirty forty fifty years ago if you look
at the westin their list of break it down by click affiliation their couple of democrats committing
violent acts like this but the overwhelming list of conservatives in i
guess i’m not supposed to mention that because once the fifty fifty or whatever
but will people don’t know about the political violence history in this
country job modestly i had never thought of until you just mentioned like uh… it
never occurred to me think work was conservative whose liberal among the big
shooters but for the next yelled so that’s that’s about served and that’s going to show rewarded
with the but and who believes in resorting to
violence and who does and that’s why it’s always appts a comical when the you know the the government
investigates quakers and peace groups for possible acts of terrorism they’re
guided he’s prepared that against the entire points the perfect complement
that uh… some of the liberals who’ve been willing it looked like it the exact left-wing but some definition
of liberal democrats and mind you had a lot of these people
are of course there is a normal allotted david hinckley experts say but but you
know i but at the dish you’re a good himself adequacy of the things i think it’s good
to be it’s totally insane the sample size so small sparsely i mean overall like to say it would work but we want anybody to get
shot papers and i think that ninety-nine point nine percent of the serb against
that usa violence to kill others too when you’re not sitting private agendas
for one last thing on that that’s why it wasn’t a huge bomb winds
of the candidates in the last election we’re talking about if we can with about
box there maybe we should look into the
bullet box

100 thoughts on “Allen West Punches Woman In The Face In New Ad

  1. This is true but theres honestly about 3-4 white people in the whole TYT cast..the rest are not white Cenk and Ana are not "white" or anglo. So the topic is brought up alot. We as a nation feed on this stuff daily and we also push it ourselves. When people do try to just get over racism and ignore it. something racist as fuck happens and it gets worse. Imagine if ..The guy who try to shoot Reagan a black person opened up a website to donate to get that guy outta jail. its fucking disgusting

  2. "Hey Officer, I didn't want to shoot that guy, but I just had to!" I'm honestly curious if you'd use that same line of reasoning with Republicans. I'm going to guess not.

  3. Your replys reveal you are used to living off of someone else's success and that's what you know.. Being a loser, did you say to yourself one day you wanted to be a liberal when you grow up or are your parents part of the recipient class as well?

  4. I said dealer. Private citizens are a different matter all together, in those states you can buy from them any way outside of a gun show.

    So the government can just say "you are on the watch list" without evidence or just cause (because they can) and you are OK with that? There are tons of people on that list that have done nothing wrong.

    Who was tackled while reloading? The Colorado guy wasn't, he had a malfunction caused by the magazine. he fired less than 30 out of 100.

  5. "assassinations of JFK and MLK by right wing nutjobs?"
    –You mean by Lee Oswald, a Communist, and James Earl Ray, a Democrat? You mean LEFT-wing nutjobs. You're not a Republican, you're a Democrat posing as one just to make us look bad, and to get other Republicans to not speak up. I've seen MANY like you, and have revealed them all.
    "Romney avoiding taxes with his off shore accounts"
    –And you can substantiate that claim? You can't "hide" money you made here in offshore accounts, idiot.

  6. Is it just me or does Rep. Allen West also remind you of David Liebe Hart?


  7. Haha, is baby Razor8472 upset? He seems upset. Did my comment about your lackluster vocabulary really hurt your feelings? Because if it's any consolation, I credited you with knowing what a thesaurus was, which I didn't need to do. I could've called it "that one word-maker-bigger your mother looks at with contempt, because she can't read," but I didn't. So buck up! 🙂

  8. Feeling are the only prism Tards can see through since that's all they have. Especially turning the hypocritical blind eye to the fiction they create for their "enemies" punching women in the face or even causing their deaths. All the while not understanding what's to come in 2024. Your English is unremarkable but you would benefit from economics and history lessons (not the sanitized leftist rewrites). Now run along, be a good little myrmidon and jump off…well, sorry, nobody loves you.

  9. We in the year 2012 as American's need to literally need to grab republic's and democrat's kick them out on their butts. The country was made for the people were everyone has a say so in government even the poorest of the poor.We let lobbyist and special and interest groups control Washington both parties are so hypocritical death to the two parties. Im going independent these "fake wrestling matches" the parties know that some of us are ignorant. They are destroying America.

  10. "As a Republican,"? Don't make me laugh, you are clearly a left wing nutjob. Maybe you are autistic or have the same problem that afflicted James Holmes the CO. mass murderer. Seek help.

  11. Excellent post comment you made. Nothing better than a good reality check bitch slap to a liberal that sends them crying for a WAHHMBULANCE.

  12. Naughty , naughty don't you know it's not nice to…disturb the fragile mind of a liberal thinker. HA , HA , HA. They choose to live in a different reality , one that keeps them forever chasing after a UTOPIA world to live in.

  13. As a Texas Republican I had a Gov. Rick Perry "OOPS" moment. Indeed Oswald was not a right wing nut job, he was a garden variety nut job. BTW, for my fellow Texas Republicans, let's encourage George P. Bush, son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, grandson of George H.W. Bush, nephew of George W. Bush, run for Governor against "OOPS" Gov. Rick Perry. It is time for Perry to be put out to pasture. Thanks to all my fellow Texans for electing Ted Cruz in the Senate runoff. He won every major county

  14. You are such a liar. No true republican would ever say such lies. You are a wolf in sheep clothing because you say you are a republican but your words tell us you are a liberal.

  15. I have no interest in private sales, I don't care one way or the other.

    I'm against thought policing, unless you have hard evidence of them plotting/attempting an act of terror, they should be allowed to do what they want.

    Loughner, surrendered out back by his car, without resistance, he wasn't tackled while reloading.

    Who said 30 round mags were for hunting? What about recreation, sport, and practice?

    Non-shooters, have a hard time grasping, the sport/recreation side of shooting.

  16. The purple buffalo bellows with the weening moon. Our viper sisters and brothers eat the locomotives with ketchup and mustard, only to find the mother of Razor8472 at the base of its *nonsensically inserted noun*. Yes. I can see it now.

    BUT WE ARE THE ILLUMINATI. We are the ones who keep you to your unyielding fear. Find us. Destroy us. Buy us dinner. Suck us off. Whatever. You'll believe anything.

    Also, the myrmidons were the shit. haha

  17. You're a douchebag Demo-Rat pretending to be a Rep. Obama is everything that's wrong with this Nation today due to his idiotic policies, and "destroy America" mentality. While you may fool some, it won't be me today.

    Romney paid his taxes, unlike a new report just out from the Internal Revenue Service that reveals that 36 of President Obama’s executive office staff owe the country $833,970 in back taxes.

    Wow, that's NOT-paying your fair share… What were you saying again Dem-tard?

  18. Let me speak some truth to you. I have 30-rd "mags" (they're not clips) for target, recreational, and self-defense shooting. Yes, I said it, self-defense. The 2nd Amendment is about you being able to protect yourself from a tyrannical gov't. Do you think they'll come to your door with 10-rd mags?

    I'd rather have it, and not need it, than need it, and not have it…

  19. Whoa…minions are the shit? You obviously didn't finish your research when you had to google it.

    Once you can admit to yourself that you only know what leftist hate-blogs tell you to believe, the sooner you can get help. Now just apologize and go back to your Heinekin.

  20. Haha, I don't know what Alex Jones told you (he's also one of us, btw) but you'd know what a myrmidon was if you'd read the Iliad. In fact, you'd know much more about life in general if you read anything at all 🙂 I wouldn't know what any blogs told me what to believe, haha, primarily because they're not a viable source of information on…. mm, anything. haha Take any basic English class, you in particular would learn so much.

    And I'm soo sorry I made a 14 year old cry on the internet. haha

  21. If Obama truly wants all that, I'll vote for him. In fact I'll canvass for him. In fact I'll donate half my income to him.

  22. Do tell us what "racist" comments Rev. Wright made and what NBPP members Obama hung out with.

    BTW, America is sacred. God can damn America for sins and crimes just like any other country. If any "God" exists I'm sure it doesn't give a hoot more about America than anywhere else.

    "where eveyone's "prosperity Is shared."

    Aside from Obama not saying that since when is bailing out huge capitalist industries and multinational corporations "radical"? Maybe radically corporatist.

  23. By your "logic" every Republican who has met with or worked with Bill Ayers should also be seen as "unAmerican".

    The guilt by association game is for children. Hence why Republicans like you are so fond of it.

  24. Everyone's so impressed with all of your wisdom. All that knowledge and no skill sets. Looks like you'll be living off the charity of others (through the force of law) when you grow up. Just remember to say thank you to people like me who make it possible. And you don't have to try and practice anymore psychology. It only gives you a headache. Now be a good little girlie-boy and run along.

  25. At least you seem to be impressed, to think me a psychologist. haha Although really, I can tell you're starting to come on to me now, through your thinly veiled and rather oddly placed compliments regarding my intellect, and it's a little uncomfortable for me and somewhat of an embarrassment on your part. It's okay, I won't tell your parents they have a fruity child, as they would surely disown you, if not attempt to "rape you straight." So, dry up those tears, squirt, you'll get through this 🙂

  26. Aw, you've run out of things you thought were clever. :/ You want the last word though, don't you? 🙂 I should've let you go with a shred of dignity, after your desperate "run along" attempts to get rid of me. haha But hell, I'll throw a dog a bone. Have at it, buddy, I don't need the last word. The floor is yours, so make it count!

  27. That's right guys. The only racist people in the world are those that criticize Obama…

    Oh, and political violence in this country?
    The KKK was a militia spawned by Democrats
    Jim Crow laws were federalized by a Democrat President
    The famous Vote or Die slogan on the P Diddy voting campaign, is a slogan that came from the KKK

    Blessèd are the ignorant

  28. Not all criticisim of Obama is based on race, but some of it undoubted is. You seem to be ignorant that all the "Democrats" that did these things all became republicans. Are you saying that modern KKK members (or the equivilent) are mainly Democrats? Never heard of the P. Diddley slogan, but the republican slogan should be Vote and Die.

  29. TheIDGF already responded, but I feel like piling on! Yeah, those Democrats all became Republicans around the 1960's. What was that about "Blessèd are the ignorant" again???

  30. I can dig what your saying but I think that makes you more like a gardener. Where one gathers what they think is necessary and lets nature take its course (intervening when necessary.) I guess I just look at it differently. We also do lots of stuff for the people and things we care about. Even though we don't need them to survive. Just think about collective identities and people dying for causes (wild stuff!)

  31. I think that might just show how organizations change over time. Would contemporary democrats get along with those who spawned the KKK? Given that it might be better just to talk about the merits of ideas rather than party allegiances. What do you think?

  32. Your family is not somebody from the street, you may care about them, they probably care about you, it's not the same thing at all as government forcing you to "care" about people you do not in fact care about.

    I don't care about people I don't know much at all, but I despise the concept of government stealing from me much more than any other concept. I think I don't hate anything as much as government actually.

  33. There's a lot going in your last post. I can't address it all. But I think it might be worth while to read some literature by people who like government and see it as an extension of human communities (I hear Aristotle's Politics is good.) That said there are pragmatic reasons for things like taxes. It would be difficult to get into youtube comments but I talk about them if you want. Some of them are interesting!

  34. As I said, government is the ultimate evil as far as I am concerned, the entire concept of the collective dictating to an individual is despicable. "liking taxes" is a meaningless term, income taxes are slavery and other types of taxes that tax transactions are a necessary evil to have some form of organisation that is distinct from chaos. There is nothing interesting about it either.

  35. There are usually multiple ways to conceptualize a single issue/entity/topic. Taxes is one of these issues. But more importantly you seem to have all ready decided that this isn't a possibility. For what its worth I'm glad I pay taxes. They pay for social programs, roads, police, health care, regulations that protect our health and sanitation among other things. What if the collective say you can't eat your baby. Is that despicable? I think we will agree it isn't.

  36. What the fuck is reverse racism? Is racism a white only characteristic? or is it that every other race is prohibited to be racist?

  37. In most of the cases the collective doesn't have to say that 'eating babies is despicable', that's a straw argument. I wish nobody was paying any taxes, everything would be much cheaper and we'd have real progress that is destroyed by the growing gov't.

  38. This show should be called "The Young Twits". Allen West stands for freedom, prosperity and
    lower taxes for everyone. Government is too big, intrusive and costs too much. This show is part of its propaganda arm.

  39. Is that why Allen West voted for the NDAA which gives the government the power to detain Americans indefintely? I did not know that.

  40. Stick to the facts. The first thing that TYT says is speculation about why Allen West is saying the things he's saying, and according to TYT, he's only saying "outrageous" things to raise money. What a crock of crap!!! What evidence do you have to support this assertion? NONE!!! I think that's called "judging motives" and you had better be careful doing that without any shred of evidence! TYT is nothing but worthless speculation and spin.

  41. Hello everyone I am a young man (17 years old) and I am starting to get into politics and the way everything works I enjoy TYT because I can actually understand some of the things there saying. When I need advice I ask people that are older and wiser in that given subject can anyone recommend any other good information sources.Thanks to who ever reads this comment and responds.

  42. Hey kid- do NOT listen to the "young" Turds, they are in decline and so is their ridiculous posture on the issues facing America today.

  43. What are you 12? Did you actually at some point think that "'young' Turds" was in any way clever or funny? From what I can see TYT is going from strength to strength, theyre starting new chanels and have even founded a new PAC. You people are a bunch of whackjobs living in a fantasy, no matter how much you say something, doesnt make it true. But seeing as you are such a sagacious political commentator why dont you rather try and explain how their posture is ridiculous?

  44. No, I am not 12 are you? Good question eh? Now back to the issue that the kid was asking about originally ie politics. The Young Turds ARE actually in decline ( This is the guy who got fired from our MSNBC network- the most fanatical, libtarded, delusional channel on the air) We as a nation do not need this right now.In case you had not noticed we are in a DEPRESSION- the price of bread has almost doubled. All this guy ever says to anything is " Thats Rayciss!!!"- he is pointless.

  45. The Young Turks. What the hell does that mean? Instead of taking political shots and guestimates at Allen West why not invite the gentleman on your show. He eat all three of you guys alive. I'm still 76-yoa, white and a southern conservative. Allen West is made out of better stuff than all three of you guys put together.

  46. sorry, but i can NEVER bring myself to vote for anything remotely related to the bush cartel. the whole lot of them are agents of the rothschild crime dynasty.

    everyone in that demonic institution, during better times, would have been hung for high treason … including the women and children.

  47. Please don't apologize. You've already demonstrated your idiocy by suggesting women and children of any political stance should be hung.

  48. OK, then who do we Republican Texans support, encourage, endorse to run against OOPS Gov. Rick Perry? Perry's failed, embarrassing presidential campaign cost Texas taxpayers 3.7 million for his DPS security detail which he refuses to repay. His balanced budget resulted in 1000's of teacher layoffs. Since we are 49th in education ranking, health care services, EPA compliance you must recognize Texas needs a new governor. Perry is a disaster for Texas, but he prays a lot…ha ha.

  49. oh no doubt. and youre just scratching the surface.

    but the good news for texas republicans is that BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE are republican in this state lol!

    listen, if being republican was the answer, then texas would be a shining utopia, but its the farthest thing from, even though it doesnt get more republican than texas.

    so … are you sure that republicanism is the answer?

  50. Let's face it, a Democrat can not win a statewide race in Texas, hasn't for decades. So lets focus on finding the best Republican to serve as our next governor. I do not like any of our current leaders, they are all Perry mini-me's. Dewhurst, Abbott, Combs, Patterson are all unacceptable. That is why I decided to support George P. Bush for seeking the governorship.

  51. i'm sorry to see youve already signed up for a bush. i dont think voting for the most of two evils is going to help, but then again nothing here in texas is going to help. our politicians do not represent us even a little. the so-called progressive democrat anise parker and her bedmate ellen cohen are classic examples of what a texas politician really is (hypocritical psychopath).

    the first step is to stop calling them our leaders and start calling them our public servants as the const. said!

  52. Since I reside in the Dallas-metroplex area, I do not have a clue about Houston Mayor Anise Parker, but I can say I would not call her a psychopath because she is gay. Now back to our Governor…he is truly a psycho…ha ha…

  53. about perry, OH YEAH, but about parker, i said what i said based on her track record of hypocrisy, broken campaign promises, absolute disdain for the voters she represents. a bank can raze a community but i cant even get a misplaced stop sign moved to its proper location. she openly slaps the face of 'wee the people', and in this sense she is an unconscionable psychopath of the highest order. but it has nothing to do with her being gay or anything non-objective. its professional, not personal.

  54. Organize citizens of like mind and support a candidate that represents your best interests.
    I wish you well, no matter our complaints, I truly appreciate our democracy with our ability to vote in the person who represents our best interests. This is my last post on this subject. Take care my fellow Texan.

  55. As long as it's a pony-nuke, delivered to your doorstep, I agree that's a step in the right direction (cleaning up the gene-pool, that is).

  56. INSANE??? Like your earlier suggestion of nuking the USA to "set things right"? Embrace your immutable human rights all you wish – in Tehran… you're certainly not welcome in the US… and from your postings, I can't see why you would want to.

  57. West inhaled way too much depleted uranium in Iraq. Don't you have a feeling he's one of those guys who'll end up in a bell tower with a sniper rifle?

  58. what… in god's name… is goin' on with those subtitles ?!!?!!?

    "intuitive hideous women"??? "oh god please polio"???

  59. African-Americans were slaves,Native-Americans were butchered,Mexican-Americans were run off their land in california.Black americans,Native americans,and Hispanics as a group or individually has never been a threat to white americans or to white society as whole.if a white man or women is hitting a black or any other person of color it is offensive.People of color have only served this country if they even looked at a white person wrong they could be Lynched.The republicans are a dying party.

  60. Everthing out of his bitter mouth is devisive offensive and more importantly comtemptiously dumb. He, like all teabaggers, with there skewed views and anti-Obama rhetoric stand for absolutely nothing but hate. People like him feel the whole world is wrong, and that they are absolutely right. Well, no. Being adament about his closed minded tallkingpoints does not mean that they are accurate.

  61. This last election cycle proved that people like him and others from his party are over. He's a poster boy for every single thing that is unpleasent about politics. Allen West is a symbol for FoxViews propagandic lies and half truths. He, and his neantherthalic thoughts are extinct. No, the plantation is in his mind as well as yours–any black man that thinks a bunch of old wealthy white men care about them is truly a slave.

  62. So true. That's why ''reverse racism'' claims are so dumb. The sad part is minorities spend more time fighting each other, than working together

  63. I like how so many people are riled up over Mr. West, as if he shouldn't have left the plantation like a good Democrat

  64. The interesting thing here, is that they are comparing an advertisement that likely gets distributed to millions, depicting a black republican hitting white women, to a blow-up punching bag of the president in boxing gear that showed up at some fair in Indiana. There is a slight difference in scale here… 

  65. Absolutely uncool.  If a white conservative opponent put a Gold tooth on a liberal black candidate there would be marching in the streets.  It's ok to be racist if your liberal in this country.  I would make and ad with a gold tooth on Obama but the IRS would audit me and the human ferret face Holder would sue me……
    Ps these young turks should be called the young turds…..

    Ps what happened to the Rodeo clown that satirized Mr Obama?  Oh yeah, he was fired……

  66. Gold teeth in a man that has none.. Im amazed they didn't have him take a break to sip on some watermelon favored malt liquor and snack on fried chicken. Young Turk liberals sitting their judging a black man on his observations from experience of being raised in civil rights next door to MLK.. It's such a joke.. What do Turks gain genociding blacks?

  67. Another instance of poorly researched topic the Young Turks making a video without no research as to what the heckling they are actually talking about….maybe you should see the debate with his democratic counterpart in Florida before the election. It's on YouTube in it's entirety,and the guy admitted he lied. But then again you would have to do some work and you couldn't project your racism towards Republicans so…I understand. But should you get a moment of courage to actually report the full story, it's on YouTube.

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