100 thoughts on “Akira Tozawa vs. Andrade: Raw, Nov. 25, 2019

  1. Am I the only one who thinks that Rey will lose he’s United States champions to Andrade in the future? I believe it happening.

  2. Wait king “as long as andrade and zelina dont suffer what happened between rusev and lashley”… so charlotte runs off with vega and files for divorce?

    On second thought that is a very king thing to say. Nothing unusual here.

  3. I like Andrade’s new finisher. The “Hammer Lock DDT” finisher looks cooler than the “Throw opponent outside the ring to a Zelina Hurricanrana to a hammer lock DDT” finisher.

  4. Is the time! Andrade have more relevance!
    The Triumph in the World Wrestling Council is the only Mexican to win the NJPW intercontinental title and the only Mexican to award a 5-star WWE fight

  5. I’m still waiting for them to push Andrade and give him a storyline. Apparently Vince likes his so why not put him in the US title picture or something? Him and AJ could make some stellar matches together I reckon

  6. Wow amazing performance by Andrade congrats on crushing and destorying for the win tonight. He totally deserved the beatdown and you deserved the win tonight.

  7. Tozawa is being built up while making guys like Buddy Murphy and Andrade retaining their momentum. Well done on this one WWE. 👏👏👏

  8. Finally Andrade defeated his opponent WITHOUT ANYONE'S HELP. Especially his wife or girlfriend who has the nerve to interfere all the time….

  9. So I guess WWE has been listening to the Universe-giving him a non title win without Zelina but guarantee she will help next match.

  10. Someone tell me I'm a liar.

    Rey Mysterio is the new U.S Champion.
    Rey and Andrade have an ongoing feud.
    Andrade could be in line to be the new United States Champion!

  11. 2 weeks in a row for Tozawa. I like where things are going for him, not often someone is consistently on TV, win or lose.

  12. The funny thing is, you wouldn’t know it, but Akira Tozawa is up there with the best they have on the roster – don’t squash him!

  13. Matches like these are boring… Just because of the fact that Andrade always beat smaller opponents… He needs a challenge like Randy Orton or Drew McIntyre… And just because Zelina didn't interfere this time doesn't mean the match will just automatically get interesting

  14. Give my guy Tozawa that cruiserweight championship. Why put him in a triple threat championship match just to put him in another championship match and not give him the belt

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