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We’ll be talking about that later in this episode of the Nobody News What I’m Really
Up To, but also coming up Halftime Heat is all time hot! AEW considering impressive TV
deal! And the Lucha Bros heading to All Elite Wrestling! And yesterday we were all treated to the pinnacle
of muscle bound men banging their heads together. No not the Superbowl, but the Superbowl spot
for the new Fast and Furious film Hobbs and Shaw.
Which sees Jason Statham working together with Rock The Dwayne Johnson to take down
Idris Elba who has super powers weirdly and does very little driving.
This film looks genuinely ridiculous. Idris has crazy enhanced powers, Statham drinks
a pint in a pub and The Rock jumps out of a building to catch some people rappelling
about halfway down. And the final thing will also features scenes
with The Rock’s cousin Roman Reigns too. But that isn’t the only wrestling related
news to come out of the BIG GAME because while the football wasn’t exactly great, or actually
football if you’re over this side of the pond, the lads from NXT absolutely tore the
house down in the Halftime Heat match during the grand activity.
They put on a far better halftime show than Maroon 5 whose most-exciting moment came when
Adam Levine took his top off. There are four lads out her in their pants mate, try harder.
This twenty minute affair saw Velveteen Dream, Ricochet and Aleister Black, a pair of princes
and a devil, take on the trio of Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and Adam Cole, Un-DIY-sputed
Era. The match is a 20 minute non-stop highlight
reel and sees Adam Cole do a jumping Canadian Destroyer to Ricochet. WWE have clearly walked
back some of their feelings about piledrivers then after all the Mysterio ones too. Or does
it not count if there is a flip, does the flip make it safer?
The match was called by 205 Live’s Vic Joseph and Shawn Michaels – so my fantasy booking
warfare wasn’t way off base. But as you can imagine plenty of current and
former WWE stars weren’t just watching Halftime Heat, they were watching the large sport too,
some probably stuck around for Maroon 5 and all, I’ve always thought Brock might be
a secret Songs About Jane fanboy. One person who let his feelings be known about
the game, as he does about everything else, commentator is his job, is Corey Graves.
“Here we go again… Winners of #SuperBowl53 – The @nfl Officials. I can’t wait for the
@xfl2020” This tweet is sponsored by Vincent Kennedy
McMahon. Graves ever the company man can’t wait for the XFL next year, you’ve waited
18 years since the last failed attempt so I’m sure you can hang on. Graves wasn’t the only WWE star having a
pop at the Superbowl™. As big match John Cena was having a big watch and tweeted this
ahead of the huge pastime. “My apologies to all the real football fans
out there” Actual football emoji “Hope everyone enjoys the @NFL version of #WrestleMania
#SuperBowlLlll and make sure to check out @WWE #HalftimeHeat during halftime! Enjoy”
Cena, with one hand he buries with the other he puts over, with the third he turns invisible. But WWE weren’t the only wrestlers watching
the match of much largess, in fact some other companies were watching from inside the stadium
in Atlanta. Like, oh, I don’t know AEW.
Brandi Rhodes tweeted this pic of the AEW gang brandishing their tickets “[email protected]
is #SuperBowl bound!!! ” You’ve got imagine that their new bestest
bud Tony Khan of the Jacksonville Jaguars hooked them up with the tickets. A blessing
and a curse because there was no skipping Maroon 5.
That’s not the only good news from the past few days for the All Elite funclub.
Because according to industry moley moley moley Dave Meltzer the group met up with some
potential television networks to negotiate the various TV deals AEW has been offered.
Meltzer noted that no deal has been signed as of yet, but the behind the scenes rumblings
suggest that they are intending to take one of two “legitimate” TV deals being offered.
What are the non-legitimate deals? One with the same company that produced Troy and Abed
in the Morning? Meltzer said thought that that main deal they
are after is so legit that it is the best TV deal any non-WWE wrestling show will have
secured since the WCW days. And TV deals aren’t the only wheeling and
dealing the AEW gang have been doing. They also appear to have been signing some
of the finest talent in all of the land. At indie show Come Hell or High Water SoCal
Uncensored faces off against the Lucha Bros in a losing effort. Only for the Young Bucks to appear post-match
and offer Pentagon Jr and Ray Fenix a spot in All Elite. But before the Luchas could answer the offer
they were attacked! Meaning we may never know! Just tweet your answer guys, it’s the 21st
century, there are literally cameras in our phones. If it is the case that the Bros have signed
with AEW, we’ll probably find out at the Double or Nothing ticket announcement party
on February 7th. Until then we can only speculate and ask Chris
Jericho who has been breaking the fourth wall down. Jericho reportedly offered more details saying
the Luchas had signed exclusively with All Elite in a now-deleted Tweet. He then threw some shade at Pentagon and Fenix,
don’t be mean Chris, Penta’s eye makeup will run. “Just heard that @PENTAELZEROM & @ReyFenixMx
have signed exclusively w @AEWrestling!Everybody is so excited, except me. Both are pale comparison
to my mentors: Negro Casas, Bestia Salvaje, and Emilio Charles. So, stay the hell away
from me.” Rudo. It didn’t take long for the brothers to
band together and respond. Fenix said: “TRANQUILO SEÑOR.
We train LuchaLibre old school, we are the present and we will be the future.
You do not want to be near us #Animo” [023] While Pentagon said: “I’ll tell you we have
the best old school in Mexico !! there more surprises #zeromiedo #LuchaBrothers” [024] Despite the reports and the word of Jericho
both Lucha Central and Pro Wrestling Sheet are reporting that neither Pentagon or Fenix
have signed exclusive deals with AEW. They’re saying that while the pair will
wrestle for AEW, they will also continue to fulfil their 2019 dates with AAA, Lucha Underground
and MLW. So looks like Jericho got confused. He’s
getting old, less Y2J and more Where Am I-2J. In other contract news plenty of people have
been speculating over the future of AJ Styles in the WWE. The Wrestling Observer have reported that
his contract is up in April and considering he’s mates with the Young Bucks you have
to imagine All Elite would make a play for him. As would New Japan most likely, who would
surely welcome back one of their most famous ex-talents with open arms. The fear of AJ leaving WWE was put to bed
somewhat by Wrestling News World who published a report claiming Styles had already signed
a new WWE contract. But then, like an unruly toddler, those rumours
got up out of bed went into their parents room and saw their mum and dad going at it,
because AJ Styles himself responded, causing untold trauma to his WWE fans, on Twitter: “What was that? Are you sure? Please let
me know the more because I know nothing about this.”
Quizzical face emoji. Now AJ could just be being coy here, as it
has been noted that WWE officials were backstage at Smackdown to talk to talent who had contracts
coming up and it’s been reported they are hoping to lock talent down to five year deals
and I guess, stop them going anywhere else. But he could also generally have not resigned. So is there a chance AJ is keeping his options
open when it comes to offers from other promotions? Or maybe he has re-signed, I mean the writer
of the report is sticking by it, and maybe AJ just doesn’t like folks speculating?
Well we’re going to, what do you guys make of this news and where would you like to see
AJ end up? In WWE? Back to New Japan? All Elite? Let us know with a comment down below.
I’m hoping he stays with WWE because I reckon there’s a Universal Title run somewhere
in AJ’s future. Now here’s a little treat for fans of nicely
put together wrestling trailers, one from our pals over at WrestleGate who had their
debut show in Nottingham over Royal Rumble weekend. These lot have put together a nifty little
documentary series covering what it’s like to start a wrestling promotion from the ground
up. The second episode covers the day of the show
last weekend and you can watch it on their YouTube channel WrestleGate Pro sometime later
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