Against the Ropes

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JIMMY: What’re you doing in my house? NICO: I represent an organization of…businessmen. JIMMY: I don’t want nothing to do with the
mob. NICO: Nobody uses that word anymore, kid. JIMMY: Scum is scum; no matter what you call
it. NICO: These men I work for, they want to
extend to you an invitation… to, uh, better your place in life. Get you outta this town. Make all your problems disappear. NICO: It’s all yours, Jimmy. You just gotta do these men a little favor. For instance… in the fifth round, maybe
you get knocked down and maybe you don’t get back up. JIMMY: You want me to take a dive? NICO: It’s just a favor, Jimmy. JIMMY: And if I don’t? NICO: Charlie and I walk out
and you don’t ever hear from us. But we take that case with us,
and your life don’t get any better. You keep fighting these nothing bouts,
and you never move up to the 12. JIMMY: Round five? NICO: What’s it gonna be, Champ? This deal don’t last forever. You got until Charlie counts to ten; and he counts fast,
so you better make your choice real quick. JIMMY: Wait! I’ll do it. NICO: Good choice, kid. [Crowd Noises] KENO: What’s eating you, kid?
Huh? Something bothering you. I can see it. JIMMY: Nothing. KENO: I’ve seen those guys watching you, Jimmy. I been in this game long enough
to know what they want. All a man’s got in this world is his honor. Be true to yourself, Jimmy. It’s the only way you can walk tall. [Crowd Noises] [Bell] [Bell] [Bell] [Bell] [Bell] [Crowd Boos] KENO: Get Up, Jimmy! [Crowd Cheers] ANNOUNCER: One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… NICO: All you had to do was stay down. JIMMY: Take it. I don’t want it. NICO: It’s too late for that, Jimmy. People I work for lost a lot of money cause
of you. NICO: You double crossin’ these guys,
makes them look bad. Makes me look bad. Word gets around… it’s bad for business. JIMMY: Nobody knows. NICO: People always know, Jimmy. Something like that, word gets out. Spreads like wild fire. JIMMY: I can work it off somehow. I can make it up to them. NICO: There’s only one way out of this, kid. JIMMY: Anything, I’ll do it! [Struggle] NICO: Sorry, Jimmy, it’s just business. JIMMY: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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