Adam Cole vs. Matt Riddle – NXT Championship Match: WWE NXT, Oct. 2, 2019

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100 thoughts on “Adam Cole vs. Matt Riddle – NXT Championship Match: WWE NXT, Oct. 2, 2019

  1. The only way aew can beat nxt inmatch quality
    They have to make a deal with NJPW and get some of their talents

  2. Adam Cole has TWO more problems to deal with during his current run as the NXT champion,who is the biggest threat to beat him Finn Balor or Tomsio Ciampso?

  3. Adam Cole kicked out of a GTS into a powerbomb into a knee strike into a corkscrew moonsault looking thing. Really?

  4. Loved both shows, but NXT gets the edge with returns and match quality.
    Flips cannot beat technical wrestling match like these.

  5. Cole started watching wrestling at age 9? I started watching wrestling at age 3. Anyway Riddle can barely beat an injured man? Give me a break

  6. Tonight's was Nxt was a mini takeover loved it I'm a young girl who's willing to help Sudanese kids, they are suffering 🙏

  7. I got to give the win to NXT in the beginning of the NXT V AEW Wars, they went all out with NXT this time, big returns and overall consistent match quality and presentation, AEW has a lot of kinks they have to work out, thoygh for a firat tv show, they did good for a first outing

  8. Riddle is awesome. I had doubts but not anymore. I can’t fathom how he jumps from the ropes with no shoes. The man is insane

  9. Sorry adam you are a great nxt champion… but even the intergender match on aew for a WOMANS championship was better than this

  10. 1:16 This was great because even though Cole was too far out and did move closer for Matt, Riddle still leaped further incase Adam didn't move

  11. Re-run. I feel like I’ve seen this type of thing before… wait was it DX? NWO? Evolution? Idk bout yall but Adam cole beating riddle legit on his own is hard to believe. Force them down our throat because of your damn dumb agenda. Come on guys come up with better for the guys who are actually good… Stop holding down the really good guys and stop putting over the guys you think are the goods… Tired of the same ol shhhhhhhhut yo mouth 😛🤪

  12. The UFC gimmicks are cringeworthy for anyone besides Lesnar and rousey. Cant be a believable wwe with a UFC gimmick and can't compete with Brock n real life.

  13. Great match between Adam Cole & Matt Riddle on NXT last night, & Congrats to Adam Cole for retaining the NXT Heavyweight Championship.

  14. Adam Cole is LITERALLY the best thing on NXT and when he eventually moves up to the main roster, I hope he wins every belt NUMEROUS times! Amazing!

  15. Gts, powerbomb, striking knee, and top rope spinning centon(I think that is what it's called)…for a 2.
    What is up with these newer guys not knowing how to work

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