ABIS Colloquium 2019 – Mark Griffiths, Global Leader Climate Business Hub, WWF

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I think that we face such immense
challenges regarding climate change and biodiversity loss that we need to think
of this in a different way and I think business particularly need to think
of three things the first is around leadership and bold leadership and that
really means setting a strategy even if you don’t know how to get there. I think
that’s number one. I think number two is collaboration which means really working
with others and even competitors in some cases to overcome some of the problems
that we face regarding climate change and biodiversity loss and then the third
thing I think that businesses should really look at is this idea of executing
fast and this really means that they need to trial and sometimes fail but
really the most important thing is that they execute on their strategy, on their
plan. What we can’t afford to do unfortunately is wait for the perfect
business model or product to take the market really they need to move
quickly because time is actually very short. From a client perspective we’ve
got probably around 10 years to try and keep our global temperatures below 1.5
degrees C. We know that from a biodiversity perspective we’ve lost 60%
of our biodiversity in around 40 years so both of these things are critical
which means that execution and implementation are vital. you

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