A Professional Wrestler Bounces Back

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(dramatic music) – [Narrator] Wilbur Force, my friend. You used to be The King in the Ring. You wrestled for glory. You punished your opponents. You stayed in shape. What happened? – [William] We just weren’t
doing many shows anymore. You kind of lose a bit of hope, I guess. And I did. I miss the physicality of a match, I miss cheating and getting away with it, and I definitely miss my friends. – If someone asks you
why you’re into wrestling and saying that it’s all
fake, what would you say? – Well, I’d say get in the ring and have a go and see what it’s like. And see the hard work, dedication, the athleticism some people have. (groaning) Someone goes down and it
looks like a nasty fall and you have no idea whether they’re actually legitimately hurt or not. (groaning) Even though you’re
sitting there and you know that you’re watching
a bit of a soap opera, you’ve got this mystery about it. – You never know what part
is real and what’s fake? – Yeah. (dramatic music) – [Narrator] Wilbur Force,
you will teach me your art. Dare I remember your best self. – What if my wrestling character
embodied your weaknesses? Like laziness. I could wear your mask. – I don’t want it to be public knowledge that I’ve got sleep apnea. It’s not something that I
want to wave the flag of. Hey, I’m a failure, wicked, awesome! – That’s how I pitched the film, though. – “Wilbur, can we make our film
please, about ‘ze wrestling?” I’m like, alright, sure. Next minute, “Wilbur,
why are you so fat, yah?” “Why are you so fatty-fatty?” – It’s like you just
want to show me around. This is my friend, he does nothing. Come and laugh at him.
– No, it’s about. – That’s what you’re
trying to do, isn’t it? – It’s about you and me and me setting out to make this film and
get you off your ass. – [Wilbur] So I’m a little
tool so you can create drama. You’re just using it, you’re
not being a friend at all. I don’t wanna do this anymore. – You’re mic-ed up.
– Take this shit off. Pull over! – Will.
– (beep) off. (car door slams) – For (beep) sakes. (car door slams) – Will! – [Wilbur] (beep) off. (beeping) (scuffling and grunting) (car whoosing) – [Narrator] Wilbur Force,
Wilbur Force, Wilbur Force. Wilbur Force, Wilbur Force. (dramatic music) (muffled shouting) (dramatic music)

11 thoughts on “A Professional Wrestler Bounces Back

  1. he is from a great Gaelic clan Clan MacDougall of Somerled with over 1000 years of written history

    who defeated the Vikings and established there new kingdom from the legacy of Dalriada

  2. Ok if your reading this before the video beware it's just showing a fat guy with anger issues
    Sorry it's the truth.

  3. So when his mate says he kept in shape I guess he means the same type of shape that vader or earthquake would stay in…. That's not healthy, and wrestling promoters shouldn't encourage entertainers to be unhealthy. So many wrestlers die far too young, I hope he can make the changes needed.

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