A Little Princess (10/10) Movie CLIP – Reunited with Papa (1995) HD

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Capt. Crewe: Who’s there? Sara: *gasps* *thunder crashes* *ragged breathing* *crying quietly* Miss Minchin: *distantly* Make sure you check the gardens… and under the bed! *sobbing* Capt. Crewe: What is it? Why are you crying? Please tell me. I won’t hurt you. Sara: *sobbing* Capt. Crewe: Won’t you tell me your name? *thunder crashes* *distant yelling* In the bedroom…*unintelligible* Sara: *whispering* Sara. Capt. Crewe: Sara. That’s such a pretty name. Sara. *electricity crackles* *thunder crashes* *distant yelling* Sara: *tentatively* Papa? Papa. Capt. Crewe: What did you say? Sara: Papa! Capt. Crewe: I’m sorry… Sara: Papa it’s me, it’s Sara! Capt. Crewe: Sara, do you know me? Sara: Oh God Papa, don’t you remember me?! Miss Minchin: *distantly* She must be in here. Sara: Papa please! You got to know me!! It’s Sara! Remember? Remember India? And Maya? Remember the Raymayana!! And Emily! And the locket with Mama’s picture in it!! Capt. Crewe: No! Sara: Oh God Papa! Please!! Miss Minchin: *angrily* Sara! Sara: Papa please! Mr. Randolph: Do you know this man? Sara: Papa tell them! Miss Minchin: This child has no father. Take her away! Sara: *screaming* No!!! Papa! Capt. Crewe: *whispering* I’m so sorry. Sara: No!! No! Papa! Papa! Papa! *music becomes low and resonant* *’Kindle My Heart’ begins to play* *thunder crashes* Papa! *yelling* Capt. Crewe: Sara!!! *music swells* Sara: *crying* Papa! Papa don’t ever leave me! *both crying* Sara: Papa! Capt. Crewe: I love you! *music*

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  1. I always felt bad for Miss Minichin. I have always loved the “villains” in the movies. She must have had a very rough past, and she deals with it in a very very very bad manner. I think she just needed someone to appreciate her and feel like she is and always will be loved

  2. The first time when I was six, my father found me during this scene, and I was clutching a pillow and crying my six-year-old hear out.

  3. Es la mejor escena de la película que película tan fantástica no dejo de verla está en mi top diez de mejores películas

  4. One thing that always stuck with me in this scene, is how Ram Dass is like, "Okay dad, I tried to let you figure it out on your own that your precious, superhumanly beautiful daughter has literally been not yards away from you the entire time you've stayed in my home, but this has gone far enough!" Time for a little mystical slap upside the head to jog your memory. Now go get your little girl back!" Indian Jesus has spoken.

  5. I remember one day my mother wanted to watch this movie but my brother (who was 6 at the time) waved to watch the bee movie. So my mother lied and said “oh don’t worry this is the bee movie” and ten minutes in, my brother goes “why aren’t there any talking bees in this movie?”

    That, folks, is when I died of laughter right there and then.

  6. This movie. This damn movie with it's perfect music and wonderful acting makes me cry every. single. time! It's so damn powerful and so bloody beautiful.

  7. I remember seeing this movie when I was very young, I vaguely remember this scene, the nostalgia is real😂

  8. If you're a Game of Thrones fan, it would be hard to believe to see Liam Cunningham in a role softer than Davos Seaworth.

  9. ¿You know what's sad? That when people thinks about Alfonso Cuaron, they don't think about this film. They think about Y Tu Mamá Tambien, Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Askaban, Children of Men, Gravity or Roma. But not in this

  10. Wait what…? In the book her papa was dead and at the end she went to go live with his friend…..

  11. This isn't my favourite vsrsion of this story (for me its the 1986 movie). But this movie is still amazing. I watched this one with my little sister, and would watch this on rainy days when I just wanted to feel better about the world. This scene breaks me everytime.

  12. :'( when she starts screeching "Remember the Ramayana, and Emily and the locket with mama's picture in it." Chilling score too. <3

  13. Sarah: Papa, don't you remember you are the President and the Russian terrorists have hijacked Air Force One?
    Captain Crewe: I am sorry, little one. I forgot everything after the wildfire was launched at the Battle of Blackwater Bay.

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