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Thanks for being here
on my birthday show. [APPLAUSE] This is a cute picture. Every day I come out, and
there’s something different here. This is me. I don’t know how old I was. Come on, that’s– Anyway, it happened. I’m now 60 years old. [APPLAUSE] I did it. My actual birthday
was on Friday. Portia took me out
for dinner that night and then we had
some lovely wine. And then we– well you
know what happened. [LAUGHTER] We played
boggle, and then, um– It’s amazing that I’m 60. It’s even more
amazing, I’ve been doing this show for 15 years. That’s– [APPLAUSE]
really amazing. And, just because
I’m 60, I don’t plan on changing
anything about the show. Although today, we
have to kind of wrap it up quickly because I need to get
home to see Wheel of Fortune. [LAUGHTER] It’s supposed to
be a big milestone. They say, oh you’re 60. It’s a big milestone. It’s– to me it’s not important. I have never paid
attention to numbers. Which is– it explains
my crippling debt. [LAUGHTER] I was born in 1958. It was a different time. TV was black and white,
presidents were only white. [LAUGHTER] The Bachelor
wasn’t a TV show. The bachelor was a
word you’d describe your 50-year-old uncle who
just hadn’t met the right lady. [LAUGHTER] Yea. Some people are surprised that
I’m 60, which is a compliment. But I think there are a
lot of people out there who look great for their age. Like, my friend Rob Lowe. I think he never seems to age. What about me? [CHEERS] What about me? I forgot about you. You forgot? You suddenly forgot? No. You don’t even
know how old I am. I don’t. Maybe I’m your age. No, I’m not your age. No, you’re not as old as me. I’m far away from
being your age. Hi Sophia. What’s the– Hi, you will be
wondering why I’m here. Well, it’s my birthday. Well, yeah, happy birthday. Yeah. Yeah, I was wondering on my
way here why I was coming here. But then I realized
it was your birthday. Yes. And I came here to
help you celebrate. OK. Because– I mean not that
you need help celebrating. But I wanted, you know, to help. Because it’s going to be
such a fun day for you. You’re going to have
a lot of surprises. This going to be like um,
like A Christmas Carol. OK. You know? Christmas Carol day for you. All of your– all
of your old friends. Really? Yeah, like your age
are going to be here. And new friends. You’re going to be
like Ebenezer Scrooge. Who? You don’t even know who that is. It’s an American, [LAUGHTER]
famous, old person. but I love you. And I have something special
for you, that’s most important. I didn’t just come here
to say happy birthday. Hold on. OK. I– it’s something that you’re
going to really, really enjoy. And that you’re going to need. OK. She left. She has nothing. [LAUGHTER] [HORN HONKING] [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] It’s for you. Hey. Hey, wait. This is– you have to
learn how to do it. It’s not that simple but– OK. You have to be careful. You have a little
key and everything. Look at this. And you can put your old
people accessories here. Like if you need like
your glasses and– What is this, coupons? It’s coupons. [APPLAUSE] Thank you so much. Maybe you don’t need it in the
next 30 years, but you will. I will. So put like a little cover– OK. –and you will. I love you. Thank you so much
for being here. Go, go, go. Try it. OK. [APPLAUSE]

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