50 ACTION STARS ⭐ Then and Now | Real Name and Age

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50 Action Stars – Transformation 2019 | Real Name and Age

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  1. Angel Desire  ( I pray to God he never listens because he is dead ) by Vibrant Arm from Amsterdam.  https://youtu.be/L5NEW2hDTUU

  2. All is superb stars. My favorites. But.. Arnold. Vandamme. Brucelee.. Sylvester. Nicolas cage. Jacky hen. Vindeisal. Jason stathum.. Scotadkin… And the most my favorite. Clint Eastwood. And old jhonwyne. Enthonyquinn. Umarshreef kojack. Jeffrey hunter. Rockhudsun. Krickduhluss. Love them All


  4. Mai ști cesiamna respiec nu iezita respect indiferent de orice vârstă Cu mic cu mari toți suntem rai buni creați și nu știm cevrem unul altor sa cunoști răbdarea postări scris istorie de-a prost om cel directiv nu ușor dar răbdarea strică totul sa cunoști un om distractiv ecspiert ca voi buni distractiv oficial de oficial

  5. It's funny how people think that Hollywood celebs look young because of plastic surgery. I hate to break it to everybody, but these people work their asses off for their careers which entails proper diet and exercise. I'm not saying that some of them DIDN'T have a little bit of extra "help" now and again, but amazing things happen when you take good care of yourself. Getting past the age of 45 DOES NOT mean that your body suddenly falls apart (and, if that happens, you done f***ed up).

  6. You can’t beat Clint Eastwood , the natural and only living real life badass ….. they’ve e come and they’d be gone …. at 88 he still holds the title …..

  7. 참 순위 1등 아놀드 , 2등 키아누 , 3 등덴젤워싱턴 , 그외 10등안에 니콜라스케이지 , 브루스윌리스 ,주성치 , 주윤발 , 러셀크로우 , 더락 ,샤무엘잭슨 마무리합니다 , 요즘 1등은 더 락입니다

  8. O Keanu reeves continua lindo , mas o Mickey rourke sofreu uma mutação aff, Val kilmer está horroroso, Antonio Banderas continua charmoso, John está feio, Tom c. continua gato, Jet Li tá feio, Will Smith continua charmoso, the Rock ñ mudou muito RS, Marc dacasco mudou muito , Jason sofreu mutação tb, Vin diesel nunca foi bonito mesmo, Denzel continua um charme , Lian neeson continua charmoso, e é isso , a idade chega pra rico , pra pobre, pra feio e pra bonito e duas coisas são certas nessa vida , que todos vamos morrer e Lula é o melhor presidente que o Brasil já teve rsrs

  9. Donnie Yen looks amazing @ 56. Tom & Keanu look their age. People love gassing those two up saying they look in their 30’s or 40’s. Ass kissers! 🤦‍♂️

    2:30 … NOW – Nien Nunb (Star Wars)

    2:40 … NOW – Nosferatu

    7:30 … NOW – Walter Mercado

    8:27 … NOW – Viktor (Under World)

  10. Can't believe my idols are now growing old but I still love them. Forever. I'll be one of their greatest fans,forever and ever.

  11. Why do you find it weird that years go by? we will all die someday…. and you sit down to make this video? does not make sense. it makes no sense to see these people young and after older.

  12. Jet Li's images I think was on a film set (older) 6:11 so it isn't accurate. Chuck Norris does not grow old just like Eddie Murphy 😊. Donnie always looks well too…
    Health is wealth but one needs the Holy Spirit to live forever. Merry Christmas all🎄 & happy new year 🎆 2020

  13. Thé best in good looking in his age is Samuel Jackson, everybody says is an alcoholic drugs user but he looks good for his age . I don't know how he did

  14. Великие актеры и герои нашего детства. Большое спасибо что вы есть😁👍

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