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JAMES TOWNSEND: Princess P can do 20 straight pull ups. JAMES TOWNSEND: She could do 60 straight push ups and she did that at four years old. So I am pretty sure her number is higher now. INTERVIEWER: Do you like being an athlete?
PRISAIS: Yes. PRISAIS: I am Prisais and I do gymnastics and crossfit. PRISAIS: A workout. JAMES TOWNSEND: Her first workout was when she was 10 months. JAMES TOWNSEND: And she picked up a two and a half pound dumbbell and started doing dumbbell snatches – never showed her. JAMES TOWNSEND: I have been a trainer for eight years. I found CrossFit in 2014 and I fell in love with CrossFit. JAMES TOWNSEND: Prisais got into crossfit by just being in the gym. You know, mimicking what her father is doing and what the grown-ups are doing around the gym. The gym was her playground. PRISAIS: Like 10. PRISAIS: 60. MADDY ESPINOZA: Her being five years old, being able to do what she does; it’s impressive. Makes you push more. It’s like, she can do it, I can do it too. JAMES TOWNSEND: She is a hard working kid man, very hard working. JAMES TOWNSEND: She balances crossfit and gymnastics with school-work and playtime by, you know, right now she is ready to go to Kindergarten. So it’s a bit of a challenge, you know. JAMES TOWNSEND: It’s a great feeling for a dad to see their kids doing something that they love and me being her first role model to show her that she could empower herself but more importantly empower others to be strong. JAMES TOWNSEND: I’m teaching her that whatever you put your mind to; strong could be intelligent, strong could be confident, strong could be determination, your will. That’s what strong means, strong is not all about muscle and everything. JAMES TOWNSEND: I always try to stress to her that like, you know, you don’t want to burn out. You just came back from two, two and a half hours of gymnastics. Why you still want to keep going? And she does. I guess that’s just the fire and determination and empowerment. JAMES TOWNSEND: I get a lot of criticism, a lot of people always say, ‘Hey, it’s going to stunt their growth.’ The only way it could really stunt her growth is if I allow her to do a 200-pound back squat. But it’s not lifting’s fault, it’s the coach’s fault. It’s the programmer’s fault. It makes her bones stronger. It creates a better long-term athletic development, but it comes down to doing it right. Adding the weights on that’s appropriate for the kid’s size, proper programming and strict supervision. PRISAIS: I like doing my bar routine, like this. JAMES TOWNSEND: She is on level two right now, JO at her present gymnastics gym and she is the youngest out of eight, seven year olds and she is the strongest. NOUR NAMO: Crossfit, it’s a great sport, very great sport and then a lot of ex-gymnasts do crossfit. NOUR NAMO: Compared to other girls, she is the strongest one in my group, my level two group. I can see she is going far and she can really pursue her gymnastics career. JAMES TOWNSEND: I see her making the Olympics around, I think 15-16 is the Olympic age, so yeah. You know, if she wants to do it, I know she could do it. JAMES TOWNSEND: I never want her to feel that pressure. I want to support anything that she wants to do. And that’s what is being the number one fan, the number one parent. If Princess P decided to say, “Dad I don’t want to do, you know, CrossFit or gymnastic anymore,” I am fine with it. If she wants to be a doctor, whatever she wants to do. PRISAIS: I am going to be a doctor and a nurse. JAMES TOWNSEND: People’s reaction to Prisais’s videos online is, ‘Wow! Oh my god, she’s inspiring, like, wow look at her, like, what am I doing with my life?’ It inspires people to be active with their kids. This country is riddled with childhood obesity. She is empowering other women because other people, other young girls and other women see the fight and see the determination in her.

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  1. All imma say Is I started at 12 and I was 5'4 and now I'm 21 and 6'1 and I did heavy lifting , squats and deadlifts, bench press with good proper form and never had a problem at all, so for all of you saying it's bad and stunts growth you are all wrong morons, the diet has a huge factor and your genes as well.

  2. My little guy is 1 and I noticed he tried to grab my 8 lb dumbbells and even though he can grab one I got him a pair of 2lbs. Well people gave me tge weird look. Idc I love that he likes lifting. I am imforming my self on kids and lifting bc I want him to embrace fitness. Ppl love to judge but this is such an inspirational story.

  3. You know what I agree with this dad he is doing it right and making sure the weight is appropriate for her age as a kid who started a similar gym workout when I was 9 it has made me into a stronger human being and helped me develop I love for working out and going to the gym also as a child I was not into sport at all and my parents helped guide me so now as a 16 year old I am health and have a good relationship with working out and nutrition and have a balanced diet where I am allowed to eat treats and a healthy relationship with my body cause it’s not your typical one but I worked hard for it and it helps me in all aspects of sport and life

  4. Unlike some other videos I’ve seen about family’s where they have young children Workout this kid actual hasn’t proper form and seems just to be pretty naturally strong, the father knows what he’s doing. The parents getting triggered are the ones who barely have a connection with their fatass kid who can’t even treat them with respect and are just spoiled.

  5. Personally looking at this I feel having a stringent routine like this for a 5 year old is excessive. It is good to keep children strong and active but it should be based more around fun. This seems more like a adult workout with sets and reps. Felt a bit sorry for her I feel she may be pushed and pressured to much.

  6. she's so strong and has so much persverance. and she likes exercising. adults who talk bad about her sit on a couch eating mcdonalds all day

  7. Teach your daughter some form… The full extension is good, but the contraction is like a halfway crossfit pull up. Also girls weigh like 50 lbs not that big of a deal to climb. This only seems strong because the normie plebs let their children be WEAK

  8. She about to be a midget when she grows up. Stunted growth like crazy. Good for her for being active but crossfit is garbage for adults so I cant imagine it being good for a 5 year old. No 10 year old needs a torn rotator cuff

  9. I hope she enjoys it.My father is a weightlifter and i hated him for working me the way he did.Was a painful experience constantly lifting weights too heavy and just wasn't my thing.Im training to be an olympian now but no thanks to him

  10. She will always have this base to pull from. Muscle memory can last a lifetime. I am a proponent for 2-year olds to seriously start and sport, especially when the brain is in the midst of it’s highest growth and development.

  11. the number of ppl who r saying this is amazing and have never done an hour of sport in their life is nuts. a five year old deadlifting double her weight is nuts. shes gonna need new joints by 20

  12. for people who say how she is able to lift, it's easier to do bodyweight exercises cause of low weight. The arm strength doesn't grow proportional to our body weight.

  13. What a beautiful family . This little princess kicks a$$ ! There is nothing wrong with this is as long as she is safe and her pediatrician is monitoring.

  14. Oh cool, if she’s really doing CrossFit you don’t have to worry about college fees. Until then she will be crippled.

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