5 WWE Wrestlers You NEVER THOUGHT Would Be In MOVIES

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Standing at 7ft 1in, The Great Khali towered
over his opponents. Not only was he a destructive force as his name suggested but his intimidating
presence was enough to instil fear in his opponents. We’re of course forgetting about
The Punjabi Playboy phase… Khali’s gigantic size landed him a few roles in Hollywood movies;
four of them, in fact, and two Bollywood movies. The first one being the 2005 film, “The
Longest Yard”, where he had very little to say. Also, in that film were WWE superstars
Goldberg, Kevin Nash and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Khali continues to appear in
the odd movie and TV show but let’s hope that his Hollywood career doesn’t end up
like his WWE one. This one may surprise you but “Mr Monday
Night” Rob Van Dam has acted in a few Hollywood movies. Due to his background in mixed martial
arts, RVD has appeared in a few low-budget martial arts films including “Bloodmoon”
and “Black Mask 2”. He has also starred in some rather forgettable films, such as
the “Wrong Side of Town” and “3-Headed Shark Attack”. While his acting wasn’t
great by any means, what was great, was seeing RVD again at WWE RAW Reunion. Either it was
a pleasant surprise or he was so high he lost his way from the next Impact Wrestling venue. The 14-time world champion, Triple H is known
by a lot of names: “The Game”, “The Cerebral Assassin”, “The King of Kings”
and “Jarko Grimwood”? That was the name of the big and brutal vampire character he
played in the 2004 film, “Blade: Trinity”. During his fight scene with Hannibal King
(played by Ryan Reynolds), Triple H does a few wrestling moves that we’re used to seeing
him do including a powerslam as well as his signature facebreaker knee smash. I guess
you could say he fought Deadpool. Triple H was praised by the film’s producers, who
were impressed with his performance but the same can’t be said about his other movies
produced by WWE Studios: “Inside Out” and “The Chaperone”. This is one you certainly wouldn’t expect
but The Undertaker made his acting debut back in 1991 when he appeared in the film, “Suburban
Commando”, which starred fellow WWE wrestler, Hulk Hogan as the main protagonist. In the
film, The Undertaker plays the role of a mean intergalactic bounty hunter… well sort of…
and battles with The Hulkster. As you can see, the film was bad… Goldberg bad. This
was the only film The Undertaker himself appeared in and probably for the best as a WWE ring
is where The Phenom truly belongs. Who would have thought “The Big Dog” Roman
Reigns would find himself on the big-screen especially after he had this to say to John
Cena. Reigns got his first taste of Hollywood when he starred as one of The Rock’s brothers
in the 2019 Fast and Furious spin-off film, “Hobbs & Shaw”. During the filming process,
Reigns got a little too into his role and ended up accidentally “knocking out” a
cameraman with a club. Come to think of it, it was probably the cameraman who pushed the
metal scaffolding onto Roman as revenge. Now that Reigns has experienced the bright lights
of Hollywood, it seems like he’s hungry for more. Could we see “The Big Dog” appear
in more movies to come? Roman Reigns is certainly all for it.

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  1. Well taker was in a movie with hogan in suburban commando with Christopher loyd then it was hogan who told Vince to sign taker

  2. That would be a funny story line the cameraman causing those incidents to Roman as payback for throwing axe while shooting Hobbs and Shaw lmao

  3. In case you don't know undertaker has also appeared into a bollywood movie named "khiladiyon ka khiladi" with bollywood star akshay kumar

  4. That’s not Roman reigns first Flim! His first female was through WWE studios go back and check you need to do your research before YouTube videos I know I’m a do what are you doing

  5. #Big dog should work in another movie because his acts going to challenge the fellow movie star…..in my opinion

  6. It is completely time waste game. It is choreographed and mostly what one can see here is undeserve person winning the titles besides, Mcmahon family and HHH organises dirty game.

  7. Ya so apparently romans “cancer” was actually him following the movie with the rock so we all got fooled

  8. The Undertaker also did appeared in a Bollywood movie "International Khiladi". You forgot to mention that. 😎😎😎

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