5 WWE Wrestlers Who Run Their Own Business

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Charlie Haas competed in the WWE between 2000
– 2005 and then was released, before re-joining the WWE a year later in 2006 until his departure
in 2010. Haas announced his retirement from professional wrestling which coincided with
him leaving Ring of Honor in 2013, although he has continued to compete in various promotions
in Texas, Oklahoma and Canada. But as well as his occasional wrestling matches, Haas
decided to become an entrepreneur. He and his wife opened “Custom Muscle Nutrition
and Smoothie Shop”, a nutritional store in Frisco, Texas. His shop contains a smoothie
bar, free Wi-Fi and high-definition plasma TVs. The reasoning behind this is for it to
be a place for people to come in, chat about nutrition, learn what you should and should
not be taking, and how to make your body more fit and improve your overall health. Victoria, who we actually included as an honourable
mention in our 5 Strongest Women In WWE History video (feel free to check it out if you haven’t
already), competed in the WWE for 9 years, winning the WWE Women’s Championship twice
throughout her career. As well as her wrestling career, she has had a fair few businesses
in her past. Her first business was a restaurant she owned in Louisville, Kentucky, named Fat
Tony’s Pizzeria which she actually went on to sell in 2007. Her second business was
a custom car shop she opened with her husband in 2008, called Black Widow Customs. However,
the shop was “suspiciously destroyed” in a fire, according to the authorities. The
business she runs now is a wrestling themed restaurant in Chicago, Illinois named The
Squared Circle. Although she made the decision that she would be moving back to California
in 2015, thus leaving behind her restaurant, she still makes continuous visits to the restaurant
which is run by her husband and a friend. It’s me, it’s me, it’s DDP! Although
Diamond Dallas Page was probably more notable during WCW, he did compete in the WWE between
2001 – 2002, as well as making brief appearances after 2011. DDP developed a yoga fitness program
after discovering the health benefits of yoga through his former wife, Kimberly. The business,
which is called DDP Yoga, became a global phenomenon as he has not only changed lives,
he has saved lives through his teaching. Mainstream media picked up a story in particular of a
war veteran called Arthur Boorman, who was told he would never be able to walk again.
Through DDP yoga, Boorman was not only able to walk on his own, but also lost 140 pounds
in 10 months. DDP also helped save the lives of former wrestlers, Scott Hall and Jake Roberts,
who were in disabled states. For those of you who don’t remember Chuck
Palumbo, he was in the tag team, “Billy and Chuck” with Billy Gun, he formed the
WWE faction, “The Full Blooded Italians,” and who could forget his big badass biker
gimmick! After retiring from professional wrestling in 2014, Chuck Palumbo has done
very well for himself. In fact, he runs his own business called CP Customs, where he builds
his own motorcycles as well as repairing and customizing cars and motorcycles. What started
as a hobby turned into a business and he has even created several bikes for former WWE
superstars such as Batista, Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero. If that wasn’t enough, Palumbo
also opened up his own gym called Chuck Palumbo’s Garage Gym, where he teaches cross-fit classes. Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, is probably best
known in the WWE for her sexually themed storylines, such as managing the team, T & A, and who
could forget her affair she had with the boss, Mr McMahon. I’m sure Linda won’t forget
that! After retiring in 2006, she found her new passion which was yoga. With that passion,
Stratus opened her very own yoga studio called “Stratusphere” in Toronto, Canada. The
studio received numerous amounts of praise after its launch, and Stratusphere took home
the award for Canada’s largest eco-friendly yoga studio in 2009. As well as this award,
Stratusphere took another award for being the best new business in Canada and the following
year, she won the award for Business Woman of the Year. I’m guessing the yoga studio
is doing well as her studio won the Top Choice Awards’ Best Yoga Studio in 2013. Lots and
lots of awards, yay!

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  2. I have been to Victoria's restaurant in Chicago. The food is so good. Parking sucks, but there is a bus that stops in front of the restaurant. Don't try to go during PPVs, you will not get a seat. Seating area is pretty small, about 20 tables. I went to 3 event nights and I met her all three times. She often had wrestlers show up and eat. I met Kharma and Nick Dinsmore while eating.

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  4. Hey Fact 5 plz read this comment, I just wanted to say DDP also came in the Andrei Memorial Battle Royal and Why isn't Seth on this list, he owns a Wrestling Gym where he trains people

  5. Actually trish is best known for being a 7 time women's champion and 1 time hardcore champion and having the 2nd longest combined reign in women's wrestling ever and is the 4th longest reign of women's champions ever, and is a 3 time babe of the year, is the diva of the decade, and is a hall of famer. So yeah

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