5 WWE Wrestlers Who COPIED Finishers

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Back in 2009, Michelle McCool started to use
a new finisher which she called the “Faith Breaker”. You might be thinking, “Hey
that looks very familiar!” and you’d be right to think that as the “Faith Breaker”
was merely a “Styles Clash”, the finishing manoeuvre used and innovated by “The Phenomenal”
AJ Styles. During the time McCool was using the “Faith Breaker”, Styles was one of
the top stars in TNA (now known as Impact Wrestling) and contrary to what you might
have expected, Styles had no problem with her using the move. In fact, he was McCOOL
with it… I’m sorry I had to. McCool continued to use the move for a couple of years until
her retirement in 2011. When you think of Seth Rollins’ finisher
you think of his deadly Curb Stomp, or simply “Stomp” … we’re shortening the names
of finishers now? … However, back when he joined The Authority, he started to use Triple
H’s Pedigree as his finishing manoeuvre. The actual reason for this was because Vince
McMahon banned the Curb Stomp in 2015 as he thought the move could be easily imitated
by little kids. So, instead Rollins used the same move that won Triple H most of his 14
world titles and he even slayed The King himself with his own finishing move at WrestleMania
33. Thankfully, Rollins is back to using the Stomp now which, let’s be honest, is a lot
better than him using the Pedigree or the Ripcord Knee. It is well-known that Randy Orton’s legendary RKO finishing move is a modified version of
DDP’s finishing move, the Diamond Cutter. Or in the words of AJ Styles, a “knock-off
Diamond Cutter”. Having said that, Orton turned the move into the most destructive
three letters in sports entertainment: RKO and not to forget, all the memes it has created
like this… and this… While it may be argued that the RKO is just a glorified Diamond Cutter,
Orton made it his own and won 13 world championships courtesy of it. Still to this day, “The
Viper” continues to strike from outta nowhere. No-one is safe from the RKO, man or woman…
or even plane… The superkick was of course, made popular
by “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, who used it to put away many of his opponents
and win championship gold. Since then, the move has lost its effectiveness over the years
and that’s due to the fact that it’s used in pretty much every wrestler’s arsenal,
including that of “The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler. Don’t get me wrong, the move is
still great to watch but it doesn’t get quite the same level of reaction back when
Michaels used it. Ziggler has often been viewed as a modern-day Shawn Michaels and with him
now using the superkick in his repertoire, you wonder why. In a recent episode of SmackDown
Live, Ziggler confronted “The Heartbreak Kid” and gave him a taste of his own medicine
but only after Michaels completely owned him first. The stunner is one of the most iconic finishing
moves in WWE history, made famous by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. “The Rattlesnake”
used the stunner to raise hell on a number of people, especially “The Chairman” Vince
McMahon and his son, Shane, who is still a recipient of the odd stunner to this day but
not by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin but instead by Kevin Owens. With a new and outspoken attitude,
KO has now adopted the stunner as his finishing move and is using it to wreak havoc on the
McMahon family, namely Shane. Owens stunning his boss got the approval of “The Rattlesnake”
and as Austin tweeted, “somebody’s gotta do it.”

100 thoughts on “5 WWE Wrestlers Who COPIED Finishers

  1. WWE fucked up big time in Raw union. Stone Cold should have passed the stunner to KO!! Stone Cold and KO should have taken turns to stun Shane!! What a wasted opportunity.

  2. Ah really?
    Pedigree is bettee thab curb stomb.
    If seth uses his old finished gods last gift it would be better

  3. Not matter who copies Austin’s stunner, it will never be as good as Austin’s and owens using it is a shame towards austin

  4. I hate Kevin Owens he was dumb to copy stone colds move only stone cold, Orton and hardy boys are good a that move. Kevin owens will never be as good as stone cold. Stone cold will always be the number one rebel in wwe not Rollins, not Reigns, and not Owens.
    Kevin Owens should not do the stunner.
    It takes the pop out of it. The stunner is a awesome move. KEVIN OWENS SUCKS

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