5 WWE Wrestlers That Were NEVER Supposed To Be WORLD CHAMPIONS

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We all know Vince McMahon loves a big, sweaty
man as World Champion… not that kind of big and sweaty. These five wrestlers in this
list defied all odds and reached the pinnacle of the WWE mountain by capturing the company’s
most illustrious prize. Finn Balor is an extraordinary performer;
they don’t call him “The Extra-ordinary Man who can do Extra-ordinary Things” for
nothing. But, in the eyes of The Chairman, Vince McMahon, he’s not World Championship
material and Vince pretty much implied that to his face on live TV. In case you forgot,
Finn Balor was the inaugural WWE Universal Champion, but that was back in 2016 and sadly
lasted just a day due to a shoulder injury he sustained. Since then, he’s fallen down
the card and he’s also failed to reclaim the title that he never lost. That being said,
we did see Finn Balor as The Demon win the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania
35. But, it’s kind of hard to take Demon Balor seriously anymore after he went and
did this… It’s like he was trick-or-treating on Halloween or something. If you looked at Jinder Mahal back to when
he was part of the comedic trio, “3MB”, you would have never thought that he would
go on to become the WWE Champion a few years later. At Backlash 2017, Jinder Mahal did
the unthinkable and pinned Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship, much to the shock
of the entire WWE Universe. So, how did a guy, Indian dancing in a “rock band” win
the WWE’s top prize? According to a number of sources, there are two possible reasons:
1. a noticeably impressive body transformation that caught the eye of backstage officials
and 2. and perhaps most plausible, the WWE expanding their market in India. But the way
I see it, Mahal climbed his way up the WWE ladder through hard work, going from what
was essentially a jobber to a World Champion. But now, the once WWE World Champion is sadly
just a punching bag to those who haven’t quite found their inner peace. Throughout his career, Rey Mysterio has always
been referred as an “underdog” and that’s due to his small stature. A typical size of
a WWE World Champion is around 6ft 2 and 250lbs, but Mysterio is quite the opposite. He may
not be the biggest of wrestlers, coming in at a billed height of 5ft 6 and weighing 175lbs,
but what he lacks, he makes up for with speed and exhilarating high-flying ability. Mysterio’s
size never stopped him from firstly, winning the 2006 Royal Rumble and then the WWE World
Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22. He captured the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
once more in 2010 as well as the WWE Championship in 2011, but lost it on the same night thanks
to John Cena and his golden shovel. Mysterio is living proof that maybe big things do come
in small packages. Some wrestlers are destined to become WWE
World Champion, while others have to take a much harder path and for Daniel Bryan, that
path was by no means simple. Being fired for almost killing ring announcer, Justin Roberts
and being screwed by The Authority never stopped Bryan fighting for his dream
of becoming WWE Champion. Largely thanks to the power of the “Yes! Movement”, Bryan’s
dream became a reality as he found himself in the main event of WrestleMania 30, competing
for the WWE Championship, which he went on to win. This was a lot better than the original
plan the WWE had for him, which was for him to face Sheamus yet again, probably in another
18-second match. Since coming back from retirement, Bryan has reinvented himself as “The New”
Daniel Bryan, basically an angry, eco-friendly Vegan. But, as silly as it may sound, it actually
works. Never in a million years you would have thought
that Kofi Kingston would win the WWE’s most coveted prize, especially at The Grandest
Stage of Them All, WrestleMania. But, against all odds he did it and what a feel-good WrestleMania
moment it was… who’s cutting onions in here? The whole KofiMania journey was a tough
and emotional one, but Kofi never lost sight of the title that had always eluded him. Big
E and Xavier Woods were certainly happy the night after their friend’s big win. All
joking aside, Kofi’s win was not only historical in that he is the first-ever WWE Champion
to be born in the continent of Africa… for more facts like this, be sure to follow us
on Instagram @Fact5Wrestling… but it was also inspirational as it showed that no matter
where you come from or how big or small you are, just continue to work hard and you will
be rewarded, even if it might take you 11-years.

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  2. I really wonder if Rey was 5'6 in the beginning cuz I met him a few months ago and I'm 5'10 and he couldn't be more than 5'4 at best.

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