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Ryback’s time in the WWE saw him annihilate
through many opponents using his big muscular imposing frame as well as bitch slapping various
backstage workers during his bully character gimmick just because he could… Throughout
his WWE run, Ryback was known to make frequent botches and even gained the nickname “Rybotch”.
He famously botched his shellshock finisher on Tensai as well as botching a gorilla press
on CM Punk which resulted in Punk tilting his pelvis due to Ryback missing the table.
Ryback’s stiff and sloppy work in the ring also resulted in countless other botches such
as: when he dropped Jack Swagger on his head, when he gave Dolph Ziggler a concussion from
a stiff clothesline and when he broke CM Punks ribs after delivering a stiff kick to his
stomach. Brie Mode more like Botch Mode, am I right?
Although Brie never found the same success as her twin Nikki, she did manage to win the
Divas championship once and became a staple of women’s evolution in wrestling. But unlike
her sister Nikki, Brie was known to be quite the botcher especially towards the latter
end of her career. If her own moves weren’t enough of a risk, she even took her husband’s
“yes kicks” and still ended up botching them as she famously knocked out Liv Morgan…
Another dangerous moment came from Brie’s running knee to Zelina Vega which almost took
her head off! Maybe it’s for the best that Brie Bella has retired… Eva Marie competed in the WWE between 2013
and 2017 and was best known for her bright red hair as well as her frequent botching…
There are plenty of Eva Marie botch compilations on YouTube and that’s for a good reason…
Her botches have resulted in her injuring Carmella at an NXT live event after she botched
a kick to Carmella’s head and just generally making an ass of herself like when she tapped
out to a non-submission move… If her terrible in-ring skills weren’t enough, Eva Marie
even tried out ring announcing but as you can guess, she failed at that too… And you
wonder why the crowd always had such a strong reaction to her… Although best known for his work down at ECW,
Sabu did compete for the WWE between 2006 and 2007. The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal,
Death–Defying Sabu was known for his extreme wrestling style and dangerous stunts many
of which were sure to get the crowd going such as his DDT through a table to Rey Mysterio…
But of course, with such a high-flying extreme wrestling style, things don’t always go
to plan and in Sabu’s case, he had his fair share of botches… Sabu even managed to botch
3-times in under 15 seconds! And at number 1 we have… Sin Cara! Enough
said really. On a serious note, the Sin Cara character has been portrayed by two different
wrestlers, Mistico and Hunico, both ironically just as bad as each other in terms of botching.
To say Sin Cara was a walking botch machine would be a huge understatement! He has had
so many botches that it would take too long to explain each one so here’s a montage
instead… A recent tweet from Sin Cara has hinted that
he will be returning to regular action later this month. Let’s hope this time around
he doesn’t botch his return like how he botched his WWE debut…

100 thoughts on “5 WWE Wrestlers KNOWN For BOTCHING

  1. All of you act like there are wrestlers who never botched a move.
    As example why is brie on here?brie had a rough time when she returned but sasha botches a lot too & the only reason brie was added here was because the liv morgan botch.
    Sasha ended paiges career & she isnt here. Also Why isn’t Becky here? Its just the typical hate on the bellas & EVERY wrestler botched at least once in theire careers as example charlotte, seth rollins, cm Punk, john cena & more so stop hating guys

  2. I've been following this channel for over a year now and I have to say it never ceases to amaze me how you manage to keep a top list wrestling channel entertaining like no other channel does. Thanks for the great content!

  3. Sabu and sincara are highflyers
    There are many reasons
    Number 1 isCardio
    Other is Muscle fatigue due to sternous workout
    Bcz wrestling is scripted unlike Mma or boxing so nonstop action
    And other Incase of sincara was the Other wrestler as well
    These moves which sincara performs are Also dependent on opponent to perform successfuly without hurting your opponent

  4. Y’all are dumb for doing Sin Cara like that he was one of the greatest of all time I’ve unsubscribed to y’all when I watching on your videos

  5. By the way love from India What is the name of bgm this is motivating bgm I will use it for my morning running plzz tell name

  6. They are what? Womens Revolution? The BELLAS?!?!? They, together with Kelly Kelly are the personifiation of the Divas Era, they are anything what was wrong with Womens Wrestling. And it were BOTH of them! And you forgot Botcha Banks, she did cost the best female Wrestler of all Time her career…

  7. Your videos unlike other wrestling videos are unique and actually hilarious. Keep up the good work my man and we will keep supporting u

  8. Ronda Rousey should be on the list she has botched her finisher maneuvers numerous times, her few of fingers got broke at WM due to her miscommunication with Charlotte Flair.

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  10. Why would you keep Ryback if he’s caused so many injuries just be being a fucking idiot? Actually why would you keep any of these people?

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