5 WWE Couples RUMORED To Be DATING 2019

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We just want to quickly say a big thank you
for the amazing support on our last dating video. The love shown on that video was so
heart-warming to see so we really appreciate it! Plus, the video hit over a million views
– that’s insane! We haven’t had a video hit over a million views since May of 2018!
So, we thought why not do another WWE dating type video but this time focus on relationships
that are kept quiet and possible rumours of WWE couples dating. Maybe one or two couples
might even shock you! From once competing in a match against each
other at Beyond Wrestling to now both competing in NXT, WWE superstars Keith Lee and Mia Yim
were rumoured to have been dating until it was proven true when the two went public about
their relationship and posted pictures of each other on Instagram from their trip to
Disney World. The couple have since posted numerous other pictures together which further
confirms the legitimacy of their relationship. As we know the two have wrestled together
in the past so I’m sure there will be a lot more “wrestling” to come if you know
what I’m saying… After Dana Brooke’s boyfriend tragically
passed away at just 26 years old, Dana Brooke revealed how she felt “so alone” and how
she was in a “dark place for a long time” as well as not being able to eat or sleep!
She also doubted that she would ever find love again… But, 8 months later while wrestling
at Madison Square Garden, Dana Brooke opened up about her struggles to Portland Trail Blazers
basketball player Enes Kanter and the two made an instant connection. The two seem very
happy together despite their distance and busy schedules. In terms of Dana Brooke’s
wrestling career, let’s just hope she actually gets a push instead of doing these pointless
flexing segments because let’s be honest, no-one cares… Braun Strowman may be known as “The Monster
Among Men” in the wrestling world but at home he is known as “The Monster In Bed…”
Ok, I don’t know about that one but rumours about Braun Strowman’s dating life have
been very secretive up until an Instagram message which was posted by Strowman’s supposed
girlfriend, professional wrestler Kamilla Kaine, thus confirming a relationship. The
post showed Braun Strowman with his lover Kamilla Kaine who was wearing a t-shirt which
read: “I get those hands” along with a caption which read: I love you ya big #MeatCastle
#IGetThoseHands Oh Braun you sneaky devil! After a since deleted Instagram post surfaced
online in which Corey Graves’ wife accused her husband of sleeping around with the Princess
of Staten Island, Carmella; word was quick to spread around which saw Carmella get labelled
as a “home wrecker.” It probably didn’t help that Graves admitted that Carmella was
his “personal favourite” during the whole drama and then realised 10 seconds later that
he f*cked up! Judging from another clip of Graves confirming that he is “F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S”,
it seems very likely that he is indeed in a relationship with Carmella. All I’m saying
is that Carmella better keep Corey Graves away from Mandy Rose… Rumors started circulating around the internet
in mid-2017 that WWE superstar Finn Balor was involved in a romantic relationship with
Cathy Kelley after an image surfaced online on Twitter showing the couple holding hands
in New York City. After X-Pac basically confirmed Finn Balor and Cathy Kelley’s relationship
in The Tomorrow Show, it seems the couple have moved on despite keeping their relationship
on the low as Finn Balor and Cathy Kelley are both rumoured to be seeing someone new.
Finn Balor is rumoured to be dating Fox Sports Mexico’s Veronica “Vero” Rodriguez.
Cathy Kelly on the other hand is rumoured to have gone after some sexual chocolate…
No, not Mark Henry… I’m talking about The Velveteen Dream. An Instagram post made
by The Velveteen Dream which showed The Velveteen Dream and Cathy Kelley posing together sparked
mystery and hinted to rumors that the two are possibly dating… A Twitter post made
by Cathy Kelley also alluded to the possibility of the two dating when she tweeted the following:
“The Velveteen Dream Experience” We can all safely assume what happened…

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