5 Times Women Humiliated Men In WWE

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On an episode of RAW on the 14th July 2008,
Santino Marella issued an open challenge to anyone backstage, who had the “cannoli’s”
to accept his challenge, Santino’s words not mine. “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix
answered the challenge, leaving everyone perplexed including Marella himself. Despite this, Marella
was quick to underestimate the strength of Phoenix by taunting at her but she responded
back with a taunt of her own. Throughout the match, Marella could be heard shouting, “I
am the power of a man” and “I’m a man”, however, that did not faze The Glamazon, who
put up quite the battle and actually ended up winning the match after catching Marella
off-guard with a roll-up pin. Marella was left stunned and completely humiliated for
not taking his opponent seriously enough. This proved that women have what it takes
to compete against men… well, maybe not all of them… On an episode of SmackDown! on the 4th May
2004, Chavo Guerrero issued an open challenge for his WWE Cruiserweight Championship. And
who accepted the challenge? Jacqueline Moore. After initial shock, Chavo Guerrero and his
father erupted in laughter, quickly underestimating the challenger and announcer Tony Chimel was
just confused. Jacqueline proved that she wasn’t to be taken lightly and hit Chavo
with a timely low blow before rolling him up in a small package pin to win the Cruiserweight
Championship. Chavo was left humiliated and his father was stopped in his tracks in utter
disbelief. Although Jacqueline’s title reign was short-lived, it was monumental as it proved
that women wrestlers could hang with male wrestlers in the ring. Santino Marella loves to entertain and has
said and done a lot of silly things throughout his wrestling career. But, one thing he must
have regretted was essentially calling the WWE women’s division a joke, adding that
they should be at home “making pasta and babies”. As you can imagine, the women of
the WWE were not too pleased about Marella’s comments and stormed to the ring during his
“Anything Goes” intergender match against Maria Kanellis. The women immediately attacked
Marella and pinned him to the mat, allowing Kanellis to literally dive head-first into
his cobra and it’s not his finishing move I’m talking about. He secretly loved it…
Kannelis then pinned Marella to win the match, leaving him completely humiliated, clutching
at his nether regions. Beth Phoenix became the second woman in WWE
history to participate in the Royal Rumble, appearing at entry number 6 in the 2010 Royal
Rumble, much to the surprise of many. Phoenix immediately confronted the over 7-foot tall
Great Khali, who scooped her up in his arms and attempted to throw her out the ring, however,
she wasn’t going to go out this easily. So, she pulled The Great Khali towards her
and kissed him, which also allowed her to pull him over the top rope and subsequently
eliminate him. After all, he was known as “The Punjabi Playboy”, the ladies can’t
resist him. But in all seriousness, Phoenix totally out-smarted The Great Khali but at
least he got a cheeky kiss out of it. Although Khali was made a fool out of, it surely can’t
have been as bad as the time when he eliminated himself in an over-the-top battle royal. Any man with two hands has a fighting chance,
right? This may have been true for James Ellsworth at the start as he did manage to defeat AJ
Styles not once, not twice but three times *cough* with the help of Dean Ambrose *cough*,
however, the same cannot be said with his match against The Irish Lass Kicker, Becky
Lynch. In fact, Ellsworth was left tapping to Lynch’s finishing move, the dis-arm-her
him and to put the icing on the cake, he was super-kicked in the face by Carmella, thus
ending their relationship. But, the worst was yet to come for poor Ellsworth. During
the WWE’s European tour, Ellsworth was rendered Ells-worthless after being on the receiving
end of several beatdowns by the SmackDown Live women’s division. Each of the women
took turns to deliver many iconic finishing moves from Austin’s Stone Cold Stunner to
The Rock’s People’s Elbow. With the amount of superkicks he has received especially from
Carmella alone, it’s no wonder Ellsworth is chinless. After getting destroyed by the
SmackDown Live women… that’s what she said… Ellsworth was released from the company
as a broken man, or should I say broken dog.

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  1. Because you can’t just match a girl if he does something bad it will be sexist lol and wwe is a fake like series they say everything to what to say

  2. I feel like one day there will be no more men paper views just women's I don't want the women watches going away I'm just saying make it equal

  3. Humiliated men because it was according to script. In real life those women wouldn’t stand a chance against those guy’s they “humiliated”.

  4. Why is this a surprise because apparently “women are the exact same as men” if so why do we not have videos of men humiliating women?

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  7. 6:05
    women are not giving james ellsworth mercy
    Press F to pay respect and revive james ellsoworth
    women are so bad

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