5 times Raw or SmackDown didn’t have a World Champion: WWE List This!

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100 thoughts on “5 times Raw or SmackDown didn’t have a World Champion: WWE List This!

  1. Wow, until now they can't even say Punk's name even tho there are still rumors of him doing that Fox show on WWE… well I guess showing him is a small step

  2. How will Raw and Smackdown continue on when Bray Wyatt “The Fiend” brought the Universal champion to Smackdown and Brock Lesnar returns to Raw with the WWE champion?

  3. They should bring back the World heavyweight championship to Smackdown and give Smackdown that old school touch , That tittle was legendary 👌🏻

  4. They forgot when Rob Van Dam won the WWE Title at ECW One Night Stand leaving Raw without a WWE or World Champion until Edge won it on July 3rd in a Triple threat match on Raw

  5. 0:38 i wonder was the WWE Champion at the time or Shane just drafted the title over to smackdown and waited till Blacklash and gave it to AJ Styles

  6. WWE should make a live streams of smackdown and raw so that the people would know dstv watch on YouTube while it is live and so that people do not use money on the app to Rather watch it from YouTube

    Like if u agree👍🏽

  7. Lesnar quit SD to go to Raw to go take on Rey so Raw has their champion. At Survivor Series either Rey miraculouly defeats Brock and takes the title to Raw and Lesnar goes back to SD (or he could stay on Raw) or The Fiend loses the Universal title to a Raw superstar and that title goes back to Raw

    2 things MUST happen after the conclusion of Survivor Series

    1) no matter what happens with Lesnar he stays off of SD. They dont need him.

    2) most importantly………FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEAVE THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP WITH WYATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After carrying this struggling company since that first look of The Fiend on FFFH and the debacle that was the HiaC match Bray deserves a long reign. Well past WM. If he leaves Survivor Series without the belt everyone will lose their minds.

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  9. They forgot to state!!!! Triple H defeated The Undertaker with help from Brock Lesnar!!! Get your facts right!!! And accurate!!

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