5 Self Defence moves everyone should know | Master Wong

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41 thoughts on “5 Self Defence moves everyone should know | Master Wong

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  2. Me: watches this video
    Also me: if the bully bullies me again, I’ll show him
    On Monday

    Me: gets expelled cause I killed the bully

  3. Master Wong, that was great instruction. I started training in 1960 and still go to the GYM and practing martial arts each week. Your teaching I will share with my grandchildren by way of your postings.👊👊

  4. Hey man. I Don't Want to kill or heart a person Permanently i want to know how to defeat four persons Cleanly. I don't want to cause damage to his eyes and i dont want to hurt him by hitting his main organs. Tottaly I don't want to destroy a person's life all i want is i just want to defeat him without causing any damage to his body

  5. i have THE NERVE to call this wonderful man "crazy" EVERY TIME i watch him.

    but who's crazier? him for saying: "no more eye left," "no more leg left," "no more kidney," … or the person who's giggling with delight–meeee–over the thought of FUCKING SOMEONE UP WHO DESERVES IT!!!???

    i'm not ashamed!! some people DESERVE to have their ass handed to them. LOTS of those FUCKS in the hateful, color struck, elitist, racist…HORRIBLE city of boston!!!!

  6. Teacher at school:- "Does anyone know self defense techniques?"
    Me after watching this video:"BOOM LIKE THAT, BOOOM LIKE THIS!!"

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