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As mentioned in our “5 WWE Wrestlers Who
Are Tough In Real Life” video, Sin Cara is not a guy you would want to mess with.
Sin Cara has been involved in many backstage brawls and one in particular was his fight
with The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. Sin Cara was in a trainer’s room, lying on a bed
when Sheamus walked in. Sheamus made a remark to Sin Cara saying that he was more important
than him and told him to get off the bed so that he could get attended to. This led to
a confrontation and Sheamus threw the first punch, however, his legs were swept by Sin
Cara, who followed up with repeated punches to The Celtic Warrior. Sin Cara got the better
of Sheamus, who then started to insist that the two were just playing around despite throwing
the first punch. This was not a David vs Goliath fight by any
means but a Goliath vs Goliath fight. The giant confrontation all started when The Big
Show claimed that Khali was stealing his moves, particularly, the overhand chop to the chest.
The argument then escalated into a fight and The Big Show threw the first punch which Khali
blocked. A few more blows were exchanged between the two before The Big Show tripped over a
chair or a bag according to other sources and fell to the ground. The fight was eventually
broken up and The Great Khali came out on top. Yes, you heard that correctly, The Great
Khali came out on top. During the filming of the SummerSlam 2006
commercial, a legitimate fist-fight broke out between, Booker T and The Animal, Batista.
Batista, who was WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the time, considered himself as a main
attraction and believed that he was superior than everyone else backstage. His growing
ego and lack of respect culminated in a brawl with Booker T, who was unhappy with The Animal’s
poor demeanour. You may be thinking that surely Booker T was no match for Batista due to his
size and power, however, you’d be wrong. In actual fact, Booker T came out on top and
dominated the fight, giving Batista a beat down. The fight lasted a full five minutes
before it was broken up and Batista was left with a black eye and multiple cuts on his
face. The rivalry between The Hitman, Bret Hart
and The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels, was huge back in the late ‘90s so it is probably
no surprise that the two of them went at it in real-life. They would often make personal
remarks towards each other when cutting promos and tensions escalated with the infamous “Sunny
Days” comment, where Michaels accused Hart of having an affair with WWF Diva, Sunny.
Following this, Hart confronted Michaels and a backstage brawl ensued. Hart charged at
The Heart Break Kid and tore a clump of hair from Michaels’ head while they grappled
around. Hart had the upper hand in the fight before it was broken up and Michaels reportedly
almost quit over the whole situation. The beef between the two all started back
in WCW, when Goldberg, who was this unstoppable monster with a crazy undefeated streak, showed
little interest in working with Chris Jericho as he was “too small”. The animosity between
the two escalated in the WWE shortly after Goldberg’s arrival. Goldberg insulted Jericho,
who confronted him and the both of them became embroiled in a physical altercation. Goldberg
grabbed Jericho by the throat and Jericho responded by locking in a front facelock with
a leg scissors and held on for dear life, as he admitted on his podcast. Goldberg managed
to get up, however, was taken down again by Jericho who got the better of Goldberg before
the fight was broken up. Drink it in Goldberg…. Drink it in man! For those of you who aren’t aware or are
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