100 thoughts on “40 Days: Logan Paul’s Countdown to Fight Night

  1. I dont particularly like logan or ksi but I am a fan of boxing I know for sure ksi is getting knocked out or the ref will stop it

  2. No bullshit I really think Logan is going to knock the piss out of him. He really does have quick hands for just picking up boxing

  3. You could literally roast him about not being able to grow a beard. He said he wants to grow one but cant in his book, say how he has nice pubes on his face

  4. Lol your gonna fucking lose 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    And your yes man behind you screaming "let's go champ" is just annoying 😂😂😂

  5. I just hope you dont get dissected and cut up like your in a surgery during this fight, wait I actually do, my bad

  6. Logan: “I think.. I’m starting to glow?!”

    Shannon: “Let’s go lamp!”

    Logan: “Why do you have engines..?”

    Shannon: “I’m Shannon the mclaren.”

    Logan: “You’ve been looking like a flower lately.”

    Shannon: “Champ, I’m a 2 time heavy weight world campion.’

  7. I haven’t seen KSI training, Logan Paul trains 6 days of the week. Logan Paul first round knock out I’m calling it

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