#3890tigers Tiger beer + WWF + Kenji Chai

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Tiger beer has teamed up with WWF to help raise awareness of the number of tigers left in the wild. 3890 My name is Dumbfoundead and I’m a musician. Tiger has sent me to visit six artists in six countries to unveil their new weapon in the fight to save the Tiger. Art. We’re in Kuala Lumpur to meet artist Kenji Chai. This is the 3890 project. This campaign is called the 3890 campaign which is the amount of tigers left in the wild. How do you feel about using art to kind of spread that message you know? Did you ever feel like your art will be able to do something for a good cause, a social cause like this? I found this diagram online that shows you the tiger parts used in medicine. So you’re looking at this beautiful creature and people are dissecting it just so they can use it for medicines. It’s really about taking action now because numbers are so low if we don’t do anything now, all it would take is a couple of years where they’re completely gone. Go to 3890tigers.com upload a selfie and use Kenji Chai’s creativity to make a difference.

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