49 thoughts on “21-year-old man arrested after shooting man who punched him, police say

  1. Delivery driver should have charges too. He actually set everything in motion. The only reason why gunman is at fault also is ONLY because Spanish boy was running away while being shot

  2. Runs after he runs up and sees the gun , it wouldn’t have been a problem if he just shot him faster after the third punch 🤛 shoot

  3. А толстяк и дерётся как женщина!

    And the fat man is fighting like a woman!

  4. He got what he deserved he should've delivered him to god keep your hands to yourself been taught u that in preschool and elementary school fat was one of them who did listen and this is what the teacher try to warn you about

  5. He wouldn't have even been arrested if he was white. The NRA would have given him their Theodore "ICrappedInMyPantsToAvoidThe War" Nugent Courage Award.

  6. So a white man gets up throwin face shots at the black dude and the black dude retaliates with self defense but he's in trouble oh my oh my what if the tables were turned

  7. Dude was sitting there eating and Hispanic dude was just mad doging him(maybe race related) and black dude asked "what are you looking at" big macho big muscle tough guy obviously didnt like that and enacted violence upon a person who was minding their own business. Dude had EVERY RIGHT to stop him from attacking him with whatever force necessary to do so. Bug macho tough guy is lucky to be alive.

  8. Black guy instigated the situation by running his mouth. Fat boy beat him up and he shot him up. Lock him for attempted murder.

  9. Assault charges should've been filed. Seems like driver was the aggressor and attacked man while he was sitting down.

  10. Florida wtf where’s his stand your ground rules , I mean he’s fuccn homeboy up I mean that a white People’s law lol 😂,sad we get handled with no kindness or fairness, But We is Gods Favored as Black People’s,so with dat being said FUCC The four fathers of this Country and their ancestors (Norwegian Cavemen and Vikings)and kids etc. at the end or the day we still Kong’s and Queens and everyone imitating us some kinda way, I’m finish with a fucc all racist Mfrs worldwide and they kids and mammys

  11. If the white guy had shot the black after being assaulted it would've been the black guy that get charge because the police would've claimed it's stand your ground because he was assaulted by the black guy life inna any white rule country is so unfair to black people my gawdd

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