15 Wrestlers Who QUIT WWE Out Of Frustration! Vince FURIOUS With Jon Moxley And CM Punk For LEAVING!

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For many wrestlers, working for the WWE is a dream come true and shows all your years of hard work and paying dues have paid off. And though the money and lifestyle
may be alluring to many, for some, it’s not enough. Some Superstars have even walked out of the company
for many reasons, despite the WWE remaining
the biggest wrestling
company in the world. Here are Top 10 WWE Superstars Who Quit WWE Out Of Frustration. 15: Wade Barrett Winning the first season of the original
reality show version of NXT, it seemed the future was going to be
bright for Wade Barrett in 2010 Not long after winning, Barrett formed
the Nexus, a group that pushed the
British star to prominence in the main event scene on
RAW, as well as several opportunities
at the WWE Championship After failing to capture the title from
Randy Orton though, Barrett’s star fell
considerably, as he was kicked from the Nexus, and
wallowed in the mid-card, becoming a
five-time Intercontinental Champion Despite winning the 2015 King of the
Ring, Barrett would chose to leave
WWE the following year, and has recently spoken about
his reasons According to the bruiser, WWE refused
to let him go do Movie and TV
appearances as it would’ve taken him off TV, and the former champion
has admitted he was often miserable After having all ideas pitched be denied
by the company, Barrett knew it was
time to leave and quietly exited the company in 2016,
working in various promotions since Nowadays, Barrett is in a much better
place and though he may not be in
WWE anymore, the future seems bright for the
king of bad news. 14 and 13: Jim Neidhart and the
British Bulldog The Montreal Screwjob is considered by
many to be one of the darkest days in
wrestling and it’s not hard to see why. The plan heading into Survivor Series
1997, was for Bret Hart to retain the
WWF Championship against Shawn Michaels, and would
vacate the gold the next night on RAW,
before leaving for WCW. We all know that didn’t happen, as Michaels
would win the title via submission when
Vince McMahon called for the bell After over 13 years of loyalty to McMahon,
Bret was rightly furious, but he wasn’t
the only one Immediately requesting their releases,
Jim Neidhart, Owen Hart and the British Bulldog showed
true loyalty, though Owen didn’t get released Things weren’t much between for
Neidhart or the Bulldog, as the Anvil
was only allowed to leave after being humiliated and spray
painted on RAW by DX. Despite being part of the hottest thing in
wrestling, the pair were barely used in
WCW, not associated with Bret and Bulldog
even suffered an injury early on, though we can’t imagine the pair being
treated much better if they’d stayed in
the WWF 12: Chyna We all know that the world of wrestling
often isn’t kind to its wrestlers, but few stars were treated worse
throughout their career then Chyna. Joining the company in 1997 alongside
real-life boyfriend Triple H, Chyna was
unlike any woman seen in WWE before rightly earning herself the moniker the
ninth wonder of the world. A pioneer, Chyna would be the first
woman to actively compete in the men’s
division, and would also be the first woman in a Royal Rumble,
the first and only woman to compete in
King of the Ring, the first female to be number one
contender for the WWF title, and the
first female intercontinental Champion. Despite everything going well, things
came quickly crashing down, when
Chyna discovered that Triple H had cheated on her, with
the boss’ daughter. With the Game taking more power
backstage, it was impossible for
Chyna to feel comfortable backstage, and she
had no where to turn to. After winning the Women’s title at
WrestleMania 17 and retaining the
gold at Judgement Day, Chyna would quietly vacate the title, leave the company and never returned
to the WWE until her untimely death in
April 2016. Inducted into the 2019 Hall of Fame as
part of DX, this is a small consolation for
Chyna’s family, though one can’t help but wonder how
what happened to her affected her
lifestyle choices later in her life. 11: Christian Before the likes of Zack Ryder and
Daniel Bryan, there was Christian: a
smaller popular character that amassed an army of fans online
despite WWE not knowing what to
do with him. Dubbing himself Captain Charisma,
Christian would become one of WWE’s
most popular acts in the early to mid 2000s, holding his own
against John Cena on the mic, a rare
thing in 2005. At Vengeance that same year, Christian
was booked into a triple threat match
with Chris Jericho for Cena’s WWE Championship, though
failed to win the gold. Moving to SmackDown shortly after,
the Canadian would quickly lose to
Booker T and after a few more losses it was
clear all his hard work getting over
hadn’t paid off. After 7 years with the company,
Christian took a huge gamble when
he chose to leave, and quickly signed with the new
budding promotion TNA. Betting on himself definitely was the
right call for Captain Charisma, as he
would win the NWA World Championship from company
founder Jeff Jarrett just a matter of
months into his tenure After an incredibly successful run in
TNA, Christian would return to WWE in
2009, a much bigger star. Shortly after his return, Christian would
become the top star in ECW holding the extreme brand’s World title
a combined 247 days. In 2011, Christian finally won the WWE
World Heavyweight title, 10: Rick Rude – The
Montreal Screwjob The Montreal Screwjob remains
one of the most shocking moments in
wrestling history. Not only did the 1997 Survivor Series main event see the end of
Bret Hart’s WWF career, but it also proved that Vince
McMahon always gets what he wants, even at the expense of his
own Superstars. Unsurprisingly, the Screwjob
angered many wrestlers, and though Mick Foley returned
after a brief walk out, Rick Rude was gone for good. Quitting the company shortly
after the Screwjob in disgust of how the Hitman, one of the WWF’s most loyal
stars for years, had been treated, Rude proved that his loyalty to
his friend meant more than money. The then-manager for Shawn Michaels as part of the original D-Generation X Rude’s departure was a big
loss for the WWF, and things were made worse
when Rude debuted on WCW,
cutting a scathing promo on his
former client whilst heaping
praise on the Hitman. 9: Neville – Losing to Enzo Amore When WWE relaunched
the Cruiserweight division, Neville was the perfect
Superstar to build around. A former NXT Champion, the British Superstar wowed
fans in the ring, but faced several setbacks as
King of the Cruiserweights. One major issue, was being left off the WrestleMania 33 Blu-Ray, despite his pre-show title
defence against Austin Aries being considered one of the
best matches of the night. The final straw though came when Neville was forced to
lose the title to Enzo Amore, someone the Geordie star 
didn’t believe was deserving
of the role. Now out of the company, it seems that Neville is doing
much better in promotions
like Dragon Gate Wrestling, so perhaps this was the best
thing for him. 8: Sgt. Slaughter – Wanted to be a toy In the 1980s, there were few
wrestlers bigger than Sgt. Slaughter and the former WWF Champion
only got more popular when he landed a role in the
iconic cartoon series G.I. Joe. As a part of the show, Slaughter was able to introduce pro wrestling
to a new younger audience, though, when his character was
to get an action figure, things turned ugly. WWE’s first line of action figures launched in 1984, whilst Slaughter’s first G.I. Joe
appearance wouldn’t happen until 1985, so perhaps the Sports Entertainment
juggernaut just didn’t want their wrestler’s image making
money for another company This wasn’t a good enough
excuse for Slaughter though, who quit the WWF so that he
could be made into a G.I Joe figure, allowing the
larger than life star to make serious money without
taking a single bump. 7: CM Punk – Shady Medical
Treatment/Angry With Creative For 434 days, CM Punk dominated
the WWE as the top dog, olding the WWE Championship
and defending the title against the likes of
John Cena Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan. Putting his body on the line though eventually took a toll on the
Straight-Edge Superstar, but has since said in interviews that he was denied treatment
for a staph infection, and wasn’t taken seriously when
he had a concussiosn. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Punk’s historic reign was
often overshadowed, as part-timers like The Rock, Triple H and Brock Lesnar would often take the main event spot over the
best in the world. After losing the title to the Rock at the 2013 Royal Rumble and losing to the Undertaker
at WrestleMania 29, Punk was scheduled to face
Triple H before walking out in early 2014, and being sent his termination
papers on his wedding day was the final nail in the coffin
for WWE’s relationship with Punk. 6: Cody Rhodes – Stuck as Stardust AEW may be the hottest thing
in wrestling today, but the new promotion would
probably never have come true if not for Stardust. Debuting the alter-egoz of
Cody Rhodes in June 2014, the character was interesting, and Cody made it work, but Stardust quickly grew old, as Rhodes wanted out of
the costume. After being denied the chance to
ditch the character, the former Intercontinental
Champion requested his release which was granted. Betting on himself, Rhodes
would establish himself on the indie scene as one of
the hottest stars in wrestling, and captured the NWA
World Championship at All In. Launching AEW in January 2019 the company has done huge
things in a handful of months, meaning the WWE no-doubt regrets letting the grandson of a
plumber go. 5: Batista – No Chance To Be
An Actor The WWE’s film division may not have released many hits, but there are a handful of Superstars who have impressed on the
Silver screen. One such star is Batista, but this nearly didn’t happen due
to the Animal’s career in WWE. Back in 2010, the former WWE
World Champion thought he was ready to try his
hand in Hollywood, but was faced with opposition
by WWE. Believing in himself, Batista
would leave the WWE for
greener pastures and after a shaky start, made it big as Drax the Destroyer in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. A huge hit in the Marvel film, Batista has landed roles in
the Bladerunner and James Bond franchises, proving sometimes it’s good to
take a risk. 4: AJ Lee – CM Punk Lawsuit CM Punk may have walked
out of WWE in early 2014 in a whirlwind of controversy, but what came next was just
as shocking. The same day that Punk was
given his termination papers, the former champion married AJ Lee, who was riding high as the
centrepiece of the Divas division. After Punk lambasted WWE doctor
Chris Amann on a podcast though leading to Amann to file a
defamation lawsuit, things quickly changed for AJ. Losing the Divas title at
Survivor Series, AJ quickly fell down the card, and according to rumors, became a very unpopular
Superstar backstage. Leaving WWE in April 2015, separate Rumors have
suggested AJ departed due to Punk’s lawsuit with Amann, and it doesn’t look either
Punk or AJ or AJ will be back anytime soon. 3: Randy Savage – Too Old If you were to make a mount
Rushmore of pro-wrestling, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage’s 
iconic face would probably be
etched into stone. Not only could Savage
entertain as a character like Hulk Hogan in the 80s and 90s, the Macho Man’s incredible
in-ring ability helped make Savage a
one-of-a-kind Superstar. Rewarded with two WWF title reigns, the company definitely saw
Macho as a star, but in the mid 90s, things changed. After Monday Night RAW’s
debut in 1993, Savage was moved to the commentary desk, as the company looked to
younger Superstar over the
40-year-old Macho Man. Despite laying out a potential
feud with Shawn Michaels, which
in hindsight would’ve been a dream match the company refused to believe
the former champion could still
hang in the ring. Frustrated, Savage would leave
the company that same year, before returning to the
company a year later, being allowed to compete0 at
WrestleMania 10 against Crush in what would be Savage’s final
WWF Pay per view match. 2: Goldberg – Backstage Politics When WCW died in early 2001, it would be over two years until
one of their biggest stars finally joined the WWE. Debuting the night after
WrestleMania 19, Goldberg would be an instant
hit in the McMahon-led promotion, though did face plenty of
obstacles along the way. Losing to Triple H at
Summerslam 2003 took plenty of wind from out
of Goldberg’s sails, though he did win the World
Heavyweight Championship
from the Game the next month it was too little too late. Losing the gold just a few
months later, Goldberg would get increasingly
frustrated at the company, and by WrestleMania 20, told
everyone he would be leaving. Delivering a lazy match with
Brock Lesnar at the event, Goldberg would leave to a
chorus of boos, and in 2018 revealed to Stone
Cold Steve Austin that
problems backstage, and paranoia about people
plotting against him was part of the reason
why he decided to go. A sad end to Goldberg’s
legendary career, the former WCW World
Champion would return
over 12 years later, becoming Universal Champion and having some epic
encounters against the
likes of Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens. 1: Dean Ambrose –
Frustrating Creative Though Dean Ambrose did
have an epic WWE career before leaving the company in 2019, the Lunatic Fringe always seemed
like the third man of the Shield. Whilst Seth Rollins and
Roman Reigns would have huge feuds and
epic wars, Ambrose would often be
relegated to the mid-card, watching on as his brothers
in arms surpassed him. Returning to WWE in August
2018 after an injury Ambrose would turn heel on the
same night that Roman Reigns announced
his leukaemia diagnosis, but this shocking turn didn’t
help Ambrose. Leaving the company this year, Ambrose has been very vocal
about his frustration with his former employer. In an interview with Chris Jericho, and Wade Keller, Ambrose said how his pitched ideas would fall on deaf ears, and it
seems that Ambrose now competing as Jon Moxley, is set
to do much better for himself as part
of All Elite Wrestling and other promotions. Well guys that’s our list If you think of any other WWE
Superstars That Quit The Company
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