14 Shocking Revelations From WWE Wrestlers’ Autobiographies

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Today we present you
14 Shocking Revelations From WWE
Wrestlers’ Autobiographies 14. Kofi Kingston had a fight with
the boss As one third of The New Day, Kofi Kingston has entertained
millions of fans with his incredible athletic ability and friendly demeanour. But when his ability to get over
was called into question, Kingston wasn’t going to let such
an insult slide even when it was delivered
by Vince McMahon. According to Chris Jericho in his
fourth autobiography, the Chairman said how Kofi simply
couldn’t get over as a star, despite his epic feud with Randy
Orton in late 2009. Trading verbal barbs with his own boss, Kingston and McMahon got into a scrap, though instead of firing for the former
IC Champion on the spot, Vince left with a newfound respect
for one of his Superstars. We just wish Y2J had the presence
of mind to whip out a camera. 13.Scott Hall hates autographs Bret Hart is known as a legend who is very sure of his opinions, and one man he has still not changed
his tune on is the Bad Guy himself, Scott Hall. Before joining WCW in 1996, Hall competed as Razor Ramon for
years in the WWF, even facing the Hitman at the 1993
Royal Rumble for Hart’s WWF Title. Bitter enemies in the ring, Hart wasn’t too fond of Ramon
outside it, mentioning in his book Hall was approached by a young
fan of his, decked in a home-made Razor costume, the Bad Guy simply walked by, saying “I don’t need to sign autographs
anymore.” Of course, we only have Hart’s
perception of events to go on, and whilst this does seem bad, it’s possible that Ramon was just an
extremely committed heel. 12.The Nature boy beats
up Bischoff Ric Flair has done it all in
wrestling and has made plenty of friends and enemies along the way. Working for both WWE and WCW Flair spent much of his career working alongside Eric Bischoff, something that the 16-time World
Champion did not enjoy. In his autobiography, Flair wrote about how he always
felt that Bischoff was smug, and took matters into his own
hands in 2003. Slapping Easy-E in the face whilst Bischoff was on a call, the Nature Boy reportedly threatened
to gouge out his eyes, buy thankfully refrained from doing so. It would take fellow former
WWE Champion Sgt. Slaughter to stop Flair from crossing a line he
couldn’t un-cross, though Bischoff
could’ve been hurt real bad that
day if he’d decided to fight back. 11. A battle of gigantic proportions Whilst they may both stand
over 7-foot tall, The Big Show and the Great
Khali are reportedly too of the
friendliest Superstars to ever grace a WWE ring. That doesn’t mean that these
two couldn’t get angry though, and got into a heated brawl when the Big Show accused Khali of stealing one of his moves. Again it was Chris Jericho
who was witness, as he wrote that Show confronted
the Indian Superstar backstage for ‘stealing’ his chops. Despite Khali trying to play innocent, Show through Khali’s bag in the corner, infuriating the former World Champion, as Show landed the punch. As the two Super-heavyweights
battered each other with massive punches it was Show who faltered,
tripping over something, giving staff and Superstars the
chance to separate the two bring this colossal battle to
an end. 10. Ric Flair didn’t rate Bret Hart When Ric Flair published his
autobiography in 2004, it gave many fans an insight into
the mind of the Nature Boy. What fans found there, was that Flair is very specific
about what he likes in wrestling, with even the legendary Bret
Hart not being his cup of tea. In the book, Flair criticized the
Hitman’s moniker of ‘the Best there
ever was’, as the 16-time World Champion is considered by many as the
greatest of all time. Not satisfied with just mocking
the Canadian’s nickname, Flair went on to say that Hart was unable to draw as a
top star out of his homeland. The truth however, is that Bret’s
mid-90s spell as the WWE’s top star was also one of WWE’s most
dominant periods in their entire history, though that probably wouldn’t
make any headlines. 9.Bret Hart didn’t rate Ric Flair Reading Ric Flair’s thoughts on him certainly must have ticked
off the Hitman, but Hart wasn’t going to let this go. Releasing his own book ‘Hitman: My Real Life in the
cartoon world of Wrestling’ in 2008, the former WWE Champion did
not hold back, calling the Nature Boy over-rated. Digging further into his
former opponent, Hart also said that Flair was
unfairly arrogant for someone with little actual skill, funnily enough the same sort
of criticism that the Nature Boy had made of Bret just a
few years prior. Hart even suggested that Flair
did unconvincing blade jobs, which may be true from the
perception of a legend of the industry, though for a standard fan, there are few visuals more
shocking than the Nature Boy’s bleach blonde hair being dyed with his own
crimson mask. Hopefully, Flair and Hart have
been able to put their differences aside since these books, as
these books make both men seem bitter about the
other’s success. 8. Daniel Bryan nearly made
it to WWE TV In 2019, Daniel Bryan has
established himself as one of WWE’s biggest
ever stars, collecting a legion of loyal fans during his incredible run in 2014, before turning on all of them to win the WWE Championship
last year. But in 2001, before the bearded
warrior had established himself
in Ring of Honor, Bryan was apparently nearly
brought onto WWE TV, after signing a developmental
contract with Vince McMahon. Writing in his 2015 autobiography, the former YES! Man said how
he was nearly brought in in thanks to his friendship
with Shawn Michaels, as part of the new
cruiserweight division. The division was aimed at pulling in some viewers
disappointed by the on-going collapse of WCW, though it seems Bryan made
the right choice, leaving not long after, becoming a huge star on the indies, before debuting on WWE TV as part of the original NXT in 2010. 7.Ric Flair hated Mick Foley Just one of several appearances
of the Nature Boy on this list, it’s clear that Ric Flair has plenty
of strong opinions when it comes to the industry. One opinion he held strongly
was his disdain of Hardcore legend Mick Foley, with the real-life hate between
the two playing into their 2006 feud. Writing in his book the Nature Boy ripped into
Mrs. Foley’s baby boy, labelling him a glorified stuntman, who had only been a success
in wrestling due to a fluke. Completely disregarding Foley’s
accomplishments in the business, include three reigns as WWF
Champion, Flair’s comments upset fans who had supported the Micker
for years. Whilst Foley did indeed make
some unflattering comments about the 16-time World Champion in
his own book a few years prior, they were vanilla compared
to the barrage of hate he received in return. 6.The Giant and his beers Under normal circumstances,
hearing about someone drinking 127 beers would be questionable, but Andre The Giant was
anything but normal. Instead, the Frenchman was known, not only for his in-ring feuds, but also for his incredible
drinking ability, many of which ending with the many of which ending with the
Giant laid on his back completely wasted. The story, according to the
Fabulous Moolah in her 2002 Autobiography, is that Andre once drank
127 beers in a hotel bar, before the alcohol finally got
to the Super-heavyweight, with Andre passing out in the
middle of the room. Even unconscious, Andre proved to be a problem
for the now beer-less bar, as his enormous size meant
no one could move him. After many attempts to move
and wake the big man, the
staff gave up, throw a sheet over the sleeping
giant, and left him be, with the Giant waking on
his own hours later, presumably with a massive
hangover. 5. Justin Roberts and Hazing The autobiography of Justin Roberts created serious waves when
it was released in 2017, and brought to light the serious
problem that is hazing in the WWE. Writing about the much-beloved
Mauro Ranallo, Roberts revealed how the WWE
has a bizarre fascination with hazing, with many sadistic rituals Roberts
had to face when he joined the company, being forced on Ranallo This even pushed the Bellator
announcer to quit the company following hazing from known bully JBL, shortly before WrestleMania 33, though Ranallo has denied he
quit because of Bradshaw. Speaking on his own experiences in hazing, Roberts wrote about how he
once had his passport stolen whilst the company were
overseas in Europe, leaving the announcer stranded whilst the rest of the roster
headed back to the States. Whilst this would’ve been an
immediate HR issue in any other company the WWE is not like any other company, and it’s unclear whether any disciplinary measures were taken. 4.Regal gets arrested for Urinating William Regal has always
carried himself with class, dignity and a sense of British
civility regardless of whether he’s a heel or a face. But during his time in WCW, the NXT General Manager certainly didn’t live up to the
British standard, when he found himself
arrested for urinating. Whilst Public urination isn’t the
worst of crimes, Regal revealed in his
autobiography that he was arrested for peeing on an air hostess
whilst touring the company. Regal, who was battling drug
addiction at the time, was apparently so drunk, he couldn’t even remember
the incident at all, and only realised something
was wrong when he woke up in a jail
cell in Anchorage, Alaska. This of course came as a huge
shock to fans of the former Intercontinental Champion, who were not aware of the substance abuse
problems Regal had. Joining the WWF in 1998, Regal would be fired from the company for these same problems, and has said he does not remember
his initial run with the company at all. Thankfully, the Blackpool Brawler
has gotten his life on track and is now one of wrestling’s
most respected figures. 3.Dawn Marie and Kurt Angle
had an affair The life of a WWE Superstar
is not an easy one. Not only is there the physical pain taking bumps every night but having to spend time away from your family and
loved ones can be just as painful. On the surface, Kurt Angle
seems like a happy family man, but even the Olympic Gold Medalist fell into temptation years ago, having an affair with then WWE
Diva Dawn Marie. This fling was confirmed by Marie in her autobiography, who also
mentioned that Angle was married and Marie
herself was in a relationship
at the time. Marie openly revealing the affair came as a shock to many who have idolised Angle
over the years, and showed how even the
most loyal of spouses can do bad things. Fortunately, Kurt has remained faithful to his current wife Giovanna,
whom he married in 2012 after divorcing Karen Angle
in 2008. 2.Roddy Piper was a member
of the Hart Family It may come as a shock to
many members of the
WWE Universe, but ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper
wasn’t actually Scottish. Whilst fans probably should
have figured this out Piper’s lack of a Scottish accent, the Hot Rod was actually
from Canada, a fact he revealed in his 2002 Autobiography. As if this wasn’t shocking
news on it’s own, Piper also revealed he was a
real-life cousin to the Harts, and therefore could’ve been
a member of the Hart Foundation alongside Bret, Owen,
and Jim Neidhart. Whilst the relationship
was occasionally hinted at (noticeably during the build to
Piper and Bret’s match at
WrestleMania 8), it’s probably for the best that
Piper didn’t join his family. At the time, Bret was one of
the cleanest babyfaces around, and there’s no way Piper
would’ve been half as legendary, if he hadn’t become the
dastardly heels fans grew to hate and love. 1.The Undertaker took a dump,
in the King’s Crown Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler is a
true legend of wrestling, holding countless titles cross
dozens of promotions. A true icon of the Memphis
wrestling scene, Lawler entered the WWE in
the early 90s, with plenty of self-confidence, that many saw as arrogance. Ever the renegades, The Kliq aimed to set the King
straight with a series of pranks, but were quickly out-done
by The Undertaker. According to the late Bobby
‘The Brain’ Heenan, the Deadman aimed to show
Lawler he meant business,
and did so, by taking a dump on the
King’s crown. This apparently worked, as
Lawler did tone down his arrogance a lot in the coming years, and has since become one of
WWE’s longest tenuring stars, whilst the Phenom proved that he
was truly the master of mind games. Well guys that’s our list, can you think of any
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100 thoughts on “14 Shocking Revelations From WWE Wrestlers’ Autobiographies

  1. Flair is absolutely overrated. He ripped his gimmick from the original Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, he only did 3-4 real moves the figure-four again stolen from Buddy, his promos were spent ranting and raving high on cocaine and/or drunk, and he bladed like a teenage cutter. Bret Hart’s toenail clippings have more actual talent than Flair.

  2. I like flair but his promos got stail by mid 80s same thing over and over. It was his promos that got him over because people like the same thing over and over his in ring also got tired same moves over and over but people like that crap do he gets over

  3. Well let me see Kurt was married with children but it's okay that he cheated because Dawn Marie was hot and they were on the road and he was addicted to alcohol and drugs. So honestly some people think that's ok. I don't get it. It's wrong on so many levels for so many reasons. Imagine being home raising the kids while your spouse is on the road working.and getting high and cheating. How is that ok?

  4. wow not only did I not know that Hot Rod was Canadian, but that he was a cousin to Brett and Owen Hart, love these vids!!!

  5. I believe that story about Scott Hall. I've met him and his son at an independent show once. He was one of the biggest pricks I've ever met!

  6. I don't blame either Flair or Hart for what they say about each other, but the truth is both of them have issues. However, you need to always remember that many former wrestlers are unreliable narrators of their own lives.

    Also, the hypocrisy of WWE being so "progressive" yet allow hazing….. LOL

  7. Bischoff shoot has a Black Belt in Taekwondo and was an Amateur Wrestler back in his day. Flair was the one who would’ve has his ass kicked.

  8. I once saw a over a dozen Pro wrestlers waiting for a plane at the airport gate next to mine. Jimmy The Mouth Hart, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Honkytonk Man, and many others, but the one in the group I'll never forget was Andre the Giant. I was a very active and fit teenager at the time, and was already over 6'2" and 235 pounds, but when I got up to Andre, he just dwarfed me. He actually was sitting on two stools at the same time. The disappointing part was that I asked him for an autograph for my younger brother and sister, who were too nervous to go ask him. One of the other wrestlers cut me off, and said "Andre doesn't do autographs, he doesn't know how to write". I felt so bad letting my little siblings down.

  9. I bet at least one person in WWE knows that Vincent Kennedy McMahon is a closet homosexual, but they won't come clean with this knowledge as Vince would have them killed if they ever talked about it in public. Ain't that right, Roman Reigns?

  10. Mick foley doesn't really have any accomplishments. It was booked and written in for him to win the WWF title the few times he did, that was just him getting a push. People watched his matches to see what the hell would happen to him. He's a human car-wreck and they wanted to see him get hurt.

  11. WWE sucks now tho idk wtf Vince is doing but throwing your show to children is not the way to do it, WWE has to even go as far as using CGI to fill empty seats so the show looks packed on TV, i went to a show a few years ago and there was only a few hundred people in the arena that could hold 40k but when i rewatched it on TV every seat was filled. WWE needs to go back to the period of 1997-2004 when it was at its best.

  12. You got Piper wrong. He was NOT an actual cousin, of the Harts!!!!! Do your research. Bret has said this NUMEROUS times, in interviews. Are you serious?? You just lost ALL credibility. Piper approached Bret and said he THOUGHT they may be cousins due to a common last name in both's lineage. IT turned out they didn't even spell it the same! Man!! Are you serious??? Get your shit straight. Until then…I'm done with Slat Rock

  13. Undertaker the master of mind games no the master of being nasty ass fuck who shit on someone product

  14. Big Show had a valid point.

    Khali should have done a Flying Moonsault instead of a chop.

  15. Bullshit on Brett Hart drawing as WWWF chsmpion. Further proof of fake news being everywhere. I was alive and remember the exodus away from the product until the nWo sparked interest in wrestling again and McMahon-Austin plus DX copied that.

  16. As a born and raised Calgarian, Ive had the pleasure of meeting Bret on numerous occasions and he is the most honest human being youll ever meet. You ask him a question and he will give you an honest answer. Plus when it comes to pro wrestling, theres maybe two other guys that could hang with Bret. He was that damn good. Also in this city, Bret's word is pretty much gospel.

  17. Meet to Wolfpack back at Checkers restaurants in Tavares, florida .We never asked 4 autographs. We wolfpack signed & had a great time with them.

  18. Piper was not actually a cousin of the Harts. He was from Saskatoon with the last name Toombs which was indeed a name related to the Hart family, however when facts were checked it was realised the names were actually spelt differently so thus there was no genuine relation. This has been confirmed by Bret Hart himself publicly btw for anybody wondering how i know lol

  19. I actually have always liked William Regal. He's a very underrated wrestler. He's talented in the ring and also funny on the mic. His battles with The Texas Rattlesnake were always entertaining.

  20. Now we know why Karen left Angle for Jarrett. At least they've been civil to each other for the kids. You have to respect that. And Kurt wouldn't be the first wrestler to cheat. Definitely not the last either.

  21. I've been waiting for the Chris Benoit autobiography but I think he's going to need a Ghostwriter to finish it…..

  22. Well I could imagine mick Foley look at what cactus jack did to rick in their matches hahahahaha !! , jake the snake 🐍 said the same thing about Andre the giant that he drank a bar clean of their beer and passed out in the middle of the floor and no one could move him and Vince fined him 10 dollars

  23. Not true with Scott hall I went to an event and saw him. Asked for a picture and he told me to hold on a second he had a meeting. He went in and had us wait outside. About 2 minutes later he came out and did the NWO symbol behind me for a picture. We than talked for a minute and he said he really needed to get back to his meeting. He’s still one of my hero’s.

  24. scott hall signed all my shit for me back in 07. well it was actually my oldest daughters, but we sit n bullshitted with him for a good half hour……….. i would assume it was when he was still on the drink n drugs that he was being a prick like that.

  25. I really question anyone telling Bad things about Flair being great.
    Looks like you never really trained even one day in pro-wrestling, and not knowing whow had it is to be able to have a match with anybody and putting them over no matter what, remaining classy and unique, like flair did.
    There are certain things you must know and not just being a fan before going on this subject.
    Therefore, you better go with what you like more, and refrain from statements like that.

  26. I've always wanted to meet the Big Show. We are the same age and would like to ask him questions about events that happened during our life. Like about seeing certain movies, when certain bands became huge and stuff like that. I would leave the wrestling questions out of the conversation.

  27. I don't get why you don't say WWF it existed and fuck those animals loving hippies. It even say's WWF all over everything your showing.

  28. While Flair is a wrestling legend I don’t think he’d actually win a real fight with Bischoff. Seeing as people forget or don’t know Bischoff was a Martial Artist before wcw, a professional kick boxer and black belt.

  29. I agree that Flair is a bit overrated. I mean he had no arial ability at all and the only time he left his 2 feet was to be gorilla press slammed and the upside down move he did in the turnbuckles. As for not being a big draw i think it's too hard to say who the fans come to see when there's say 10 matches on a card. How can you say they were just there to see whoever was in the main event. Look at Steamboat-Savage for example being a way better match than Hogan-Andre at Mania 3.

  30. To say a wrestler is a dick for not signing autographs is dumb. You know how many ppl go up to them… usually at the absolute worst time. All day everyday, airports, while trying to eat, prob even in the restroom. Get over it they are humans too.

  31. I totally agree with Flair Brett Shart is complete and utter butt sauce…. He seems to actually think the business is real its completely ridiculous

  32. I don’t know that I have ever heard Bret Hart say anything nice or complimentary of another wrestler. I’ve never heard Ric Flair compliment another wrestler that wasn’t in his era. Jay Lethal doesn’t count because that was only due to Jay imitating him. Someone help me out on that. Seriously I want to know if they have.

  33. Lol it’s possible Ramon was a very committed heel? It’s also possible he had a bag of coke up his nose and was on his second bottle of vodka for that day.

  34. Flair is full of himself.

    Bret didn’t draw? Who the hell is Flair to judge someone’s ability to draw? Flair was always on the losing team when it came to ratings. He worked primarily for nwa/wcw and could never reach Hogan, Austin and Rocks level in WWE.

    Hell Rock and Austin accomplished more from 1998-2002 than Flair did his entire career. Foleys championship wins drew more ratings than Flair ever did.

    Fuck Ric Flair’s remarks! He was always THE MAN on the sinking ship.

  35. Man I love the Wrestlers that are actually nice to their fans! When my husband was little, his mom worked with one of The Hitmans nieces, I was never told which one, and his mom got Bret Hart's autograph on a picture of him, adressing my husband by his name on the autograph. Then, Braun Strowman goes to my dads work when he's in Florida. My dad got pictures and an autograph for me, again, adressing me by my name. And they had a whole conversation about me..my dad told me every detail 😊 I've had a lot of Wrestlers, who actually care about their fans, recognize me on social media, such as Nia Jax and RVD. When I was little, and even now, I was in love with RVD. My first live event that I've went to, I was about 3-4 years old. My dad asked me what I wanted on a sign. My sisters, older than me, did John Cena, while I wanted "RVD The Whole F'in Show", which RVD saw me in the crowd and pointed at my sign smiling. I reminded him of it on Twitter and he actually remembered. I was star strucked!

  36. Yea regal is respected by everyone except paiges brother who has called.him out for talking trash about they're family and has challenged him to a fight.

  37. Wow!! I thought we would never find out who took a dump in Lawler’s crown! The first time I heard about it was in the Legends of Wrestling 2 video game, in which Jimmy Hart talked about it in an interview. Not only did he say no one knew who did it, but Undertaker was nowhere on his list of suspects, which included Davey Boy Smith and Curt Hennig. I’ve never even heard of Undertaker ribbing anyone at all, so it shocks me that he was the culprit.

  38. What are these "British standards"? The upper classes, maybe.

    Friday/Saturday night in pretty much any town in the UK, you'll mostly see people fucked up and kicking off everywhere.

  39. As a Brit, I can assure you we piss anywhere when hammered. So Regal was certainly on message. Also, he's not from Blackpool, he just started out there.

  40. Did he really say Harts mid 90's run was one of the most dominant times in WWE history?! Does this guy know shit about wrestling or its history? He failed and the ratings tanked after Hogan left and up until Stone Cold and the rock in late 97 it was a shit time. Wow

  41. I mean, ignoring all of the stuff that was merely booked for Mick to do, like winning a championship, is Flair really that far off base. Nobody was watching a Foley match for his excellent technical wrestling skills. I mean his submission maneuver was jamming his fingers under a dudes tongue.

  42. First off, I love Brett's work but he's also a self righteous asshole. And Bichoff is an asshole too, but also an accomplished black belt, I highly doubt he was ever in any real danger from flair.

  43. Leave it to flair to brag up his 16x reign as a champ thinking he the best in a sport that is not an actual real fighting! I would love to see how flair would do in a mma or boxing sport just to see if he's as good as he thinks his character was. I had a chance to do it when they would come to ionia armory. But, being hooked on women. I didn't realize that was how you started at the bottom. Talk about kicking yourself in the ass! I was a very popular person growing up. Lots of friends. To think if i had known what i had passed up! Major regrets!

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