10 WAYS MINIMALISM CHANGED MY LIFE : benefits of living simply

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Minimalism is not just a trend to follow,
it’s something that can be truly life-changing for some people. In this
video I’m going to share ten ways in which minimalism has changed my life. Hello hello, welcome back to the Whole
Happy Life. My name is Ria, for today’s video we’re gonna talk about the
benefits of minimalism that I’ve personally experienced. Before we dive in I wanted
to say one thing – when it comes to minimalism I think we can all practice
it very differently so we’re all going to have different benefits and we’re
going to have different ways in which it changes our life. This is just a video to
talk about my personal experience – I’m not saying that you’re going to
experience all of these benefits but I do hope that you experience some of them. Number one – I save more money. I think that was the first thing that attracted
me to minimalism was the money-saving aspect. By buying
less and by being more conscious about my spending I could save a lot of money,
and I have saved thousands of dollars over the last few years if you’re
interested in learning a bit more about the things I don’t buy anymore and how
minimalism helped me save money, I do have two videos on it which I will link
in the description box below. Number two – my home feels more like a sanctuary now. So I’ve always had a neat and tidy home but clutter no matter how neat and tidy
it is used to make me anxious. I used to have a lot of stuff, it was everywhere,
and although it looked okay, it bothered me on some level I didn’t feel relaxed in
my home. Now I have fewer items my decor is very simple and I can say truly that
my home feels like a nice relaxing sanctuary. Whenever I step in the house
and I’m just like ah it feels good, and it’s so nice to be able to relax in your own
home. I’m more efficient in the kitchen and this is because of two things so 1 –
my kitchen has less clutter. There are fewer gadgets, they’re fewer appliances
so I can find things easily, and that makes it much easier to cook. The other
thing – I’ve actually started to simplify the way I cook. I think just by being more of a
minimalist it’s trickled down into different parts of my life and I’ve
become more of a minimalist when it comes to cooking styles. I used to have
very complicated cooking styles before – nothing wrong with that if that’s your
thing, but I realized that I don’t actually enjoy doing that everyday. I
think when it’s a special occasion and I really feel like doing something fancy,
I’ll do it, but not on a daily basis so I’ve really simplified the way I cook and
that has saved me quite a bit of time. I finally know my clothing style. So when
I was not a minimalist I was buying clothes that looked good on me but they
were not necessarily me. Do you know sometimes when you wear something and it looks great, but it just doesn’t feel right there’s something off about it. I
think that’s when you’re wearing clothes that aren’t really you and I didn’t know
what my clothing style was because I was just buying everything. By becoming more
of a minimalist I’m actually buying things that suit me, that serve a purpose,
and that I’m going to wear long term. If you’re interested in minimalism and
buying clothes, I actually have a video on this which I’ll link in the
description box below. I’m starting to enjoy the simpler things in life. When I
was more of a maximalist, I think I derived a lot of pleasure from buying
things. I would go to the mall buy a new dress or a new shirt or whatever it may
be and it gave me momentary happiness and I thought that was happiness. But
I’ve since realized that that’s not really happiness, it’s not long-term
happiness, it’s something short-term, so I’ve started to enjoy simpler things in life, and it could be things like going for a walk out in nature, spending time
with my cats, reading a book, spending time with friends – it could be anything.
It’s really simple and I do truly enjoy it as much as I used to enjoy shopping.
So I have changed my perspective quite a bit. After embracing minimalism
I also become more of a digital minimalist – it’s about email, it’s about
social media, it’s about the time that I spend on my phone, and I used to spend quite a
bit of time on my phone every morning, reading the news, reading emails and I’ve
since minimized that in some ways. So I have started to
reduce the amount of time I spend on devices. It’s not that I don’t spend time
on devices, I do, but I started to really think about the value and purpose
of the time that I spend on my phone. When it comes to social media I’ve
really thought long and hard about the value and purpose of social media in my
life. Now I do recognize I have a YouTube channel so it does make sense for me to
be on social media, but I personally did not enjoy it, and it took time away from
creating content. I would honestly rather create content than be on social media
promoting it all the time. That’s just my take, and I felt that social media was messing with my head a little bit too. I actually
talk more about this in my video about social media detox. If you’re interested
you can find it in the link description below. Minimalism has changed my
perspective on keeping up with the Joneses and doing things just because
everyone else is doing it. So if English is not your native language I just
wanted to explain what keeping up with the Joneses means. It’s basically a
phrase that means buying expensive things or doing things that your friends
and neighbors are doing just so you could keep up with them. So as an example, let’s say your neighbors buy a nice fancy car, and then you start to feel
like you need to buy a fancy car just to keep up with them. That is what keeping up with the Joneses is, and I think the way I was raised it
was very much part of life keeping up with everybody else and
maintaining that social status by buying new things, and I have since realized
that it’s not something that I want to do. I don’t want to buy things just
because other people are buying it. I don’t want to go on certain vacations
just because other people are doing it. I want to be very conscious about what I
do, and everything that I do needs to provide value and purpose for me. I’m
becoming more environmentally conscious underline the word “becoming”. I’m not
quite there yet, but I am becoming more conscious about where I spend my money
and how it impacts the environment. So I’ve talked about this quite a bit – my
use of plastic – I have reduced that. I don’t buy plastic water bottles anymore. I take
a water bottle with me wherever I go, and I’m just more conscious about the type of
packaging that I purchase. The other thing I wanted to say was I recognized
after becoming more minimalistic in my approach to life that air travel was
something that was contributing quite a bit to my environmental impact. So I have
a calculator that I’m going to put in the description box below – it’s by the
World Wildlife Fund, and it tells you your environmental impact based on the things
that you do, and it was eye-opening to see that my travel to other countries
was playing a big role in my environment impact. Now I’m not saying that I’m
going to completely eliminate long distance travel forever, and I’m not
going to do it. I am, but in a much more conscious way, and I’m going
to do it in a way where it’s not every year and think twice about it. Maintaining a clean and tidy home is so much easier. So for me maintaining a
clean and tidy home was very very important. I tend to get very anxious
when things are not in their place, and when I was not as minimalistic as I am
now, things were all over the place, There’s a lot of stuff and dusting took
time and vacuuming took time, as I had to move a lot of stuff. Now I have less
furniture, I have less decor, it’s so much easier to dust and it’s so much easier
to clean, so that definitely is a bonus. You can live life more intentionally. So
because of adopting minimalism, I actually have more time to do the things
that really matter, and because I have more time I can spend time on the things
that I truly value. Things like reading. Last year I had hardly any time to read
and this year I’ve already read 21 books. So things like reading. Things like
spending time with loved ones. Things like exercise. All those things that truly
matter to me, I can spend time on them I can spend more time on the YouTube
channel, things like that. So because of all this added time I’m able to live
life the way I want and I’m able to live more intentionally. If you’re interested
in learning more about living intentionally there are two great
YouTube channels, Muchelle B and Lavendaire. I will put them in the description
box below. I hope you enjoyed this video If you did you know what to do. Give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already, and
hit the bell so you get the notifications. Before you leave let me
know in the comment box below How has minimalism changed your life?
Anyway I will see you in the next video!

100 thoughts on “10 WAYS MINIMALISM CHANGED MY LIFE : benefits of living simply

  1. I would love to say I'm a minimalist, but I'm not. I recognized some time ago that 'things' were beginning to take over my life, but my family is just now seeing how bad it had gotten. It really took some time (a couple of years) to get my husband to see that the 'things' we'd collected were holding us back. For instance, my husband is an artist and he really needs a studio space in our home. The perfect space for this is the garage. However, the garage was full of 'things' that had nowhere else to live; things no one even used any more. So, in spring I saw my husband of 37 years throw away or give away things I thought I'd never see him part with. It was such a rewarding time!! We're not done, as the summer stopped our progress, but the bottom line is he now sees that the 'things' he thought he couldn't live without, are depriving him of the quality space he needs to do the work that brings true joy to his life! We're getting there, but it will take a while longer. Thank you so much for the videos. They are very helpful, indeed!

  2. Whenever I need to take a break from social media, I'll deactivate the account(s) and remove the app from my phone as well. It allows me to concentrate on other matters. I love the way you describe your reasoning behind what you do. On a side note: What beautiful cats you have!

  3. How minimalism has changed me:1. Mental clarity – I was able to focus on what’s important by removing all the visual distractions 2.) efficiency-retrieve what I need quickly 3.) treating my room as my sanctuary-as Francine Joy said in her book “your space is living space and not storage space.” 4.) gratitude towards simple pleasures-I used to take everything for granted when I was well and working; I was simply too busy to notice anything as I used to work in the legal sector since adopting minimalism and my stroke, I was able to slow down and take pleasures in small things( watching your channel, seeing Pryda and Caiyo be cute naturally) 5.) very easy to clean and tidy 6.) going the bare minimum with makeup-I used to cake on makeup and really cared about my appearance . Nowadays, I just put on sunscreen and lip balm. Minimalism has made me more confident in my appearance and just go natural with the bare minimum. I gave away or donated all my old makeup and threw away expired ones. I no longer feel ‘weighed down ‘ by my stuff

  4. Thank you Ria for this very good video, i am a minimalist on my own way too, it helps me, like you said in every thing in life, clear home clear mind, my first priority when i became a minimalist was to stop consuming ! this society is so much about it..Once i told myself stop that, it s not life and all came naturally, have a nice weekend Ria ♥

  5. Hi Ria, I am on my way to minimalism…agree with your points. Saving money and cleaning time is the most important value add of minimalism.

  6. I just became on your channel and I already love it. I would like to live à minimalistic life but my husband is stucked with his "souvenirs" and old money and train collections and nobody may touch them😬. What can I do ? Send you a very very hot hello from Belgium.

  7. I really want a cat, but have not ever had indoor cats before, or any cat at all for that matter in years. I worry about them distroying my furniture, having hair everywhere, and dealing with litter box odors… any suggestions, anyone?

  8. your channel is very inspiring and I love watching your videos, I also appreciate the fact that you seem very relaxed and chilled and that you don't enforce your ideas but instead make sure to get the point across that it might not help everyone… it is like a gentle approach that makes room for many ideas without any black and white thinking

  9. Minimalism has changed me and my husband in sooo many ways! The more I live it, the better I understand what an intentional living means. I am pretty sure there is much more yet to come. It looks like curtains being opened every single day with new perspectives and possibilities (and by that I mean new habits, decisions and consciousness on simple things). Our new challenge over the past months has been about food. We are becoming vegetarians and now our plates are more colorful and healthy. There are some highs and lows in terms of balancing the daily menu (learning curve hahaha). Well, minimalism is divine, a real gift from God to my life!

  10. Ive been wondering for the past year if I am a minimalist and this video just gave me my answer! Every reason you had I was thinking I do that.. oh I do that too! I agree with everything you said. I love this lifestyle because overall I feel more alive, more present. I get to enjoy life in a more intimate way. This was a great video so glad I found your channel and subscribed! 😀 Oh and LOVE your cat!! I have 2, theyre brother and sister the loves of my life 🙂

  11. I am in the first few weeks of finding your channel. I am loving the changes in my ideas and thoughts. I am concentrating on paying off debt. I have simplified my dietary and cooking methods. I have been purging drawers and closets to gift, donate or trash. I am not all into it yet. But these small adjustments have made me feel good. This is something I want to continue.

  12. I was never a minimalist, I was simply a woman with limited means who found that spending less on crap I don’t need made my goals happen faster. Minimalism changed my life by giving me a new age label that sounds much fancier than miserly.

  13. I always learn something from your videos but one thing I didn’t expect is to upgrade my English vocabulary- thanks from a non-native speaker for that tip on keeping up with the Jones,haha! And the kitty clips are perfectly ingrained in the video, appreciate both the animals and your editing skills!

  14. I have been thinking about becoming a minimalist not know where to start but after watching your videos it's becoming clear thank you

  15. Your cats are awesome. I am currently still on my journey towards minimalism but as far a I can tell, a minimal lifestyle makes everything so much easier. My environment is cleaner and looks so inviting. Furthermore I also pay more attention to the nature and try to reduce plastic waste and I have already started to celebrate several moments of the day like having a cup of tea, reading a book etc.

  16. Could you please share your favorite recipes or how you plan your weekly meals, starting with the grocery shopping? Thaks for yout content 🙂

  17. Watching your videos makes me want to get shit done (sorry). my house was turning into a tip for children's stuff toys junk stuff sent for school family just buying them things they don't need I've asked our families please stop if you want to do something for them take them out for the day with a packed lunch my kids love the out doors so while their gone with my sister's for the day I've been able to do a few bits they bring my older son to the cinema

  18. Becoming (not arrived yet) minimalist helps me be Present in my life in a mindful way. I ask myself more questions and think more things out.

  19. Thank you for this video as well. I have noticed some of these same benefits as I have changed my ways. thank you for your inspiration.

  20. Ria: I'm new to minimalism. I've just started practicing it for about a month. Decluttering has helped me. I 'll practice some of the other ideas that you and the other minimalism experts suggest, thank you Ria.

  21. Hiii Ria I just came through one of your videos and was totally impressed that I sarted watching all your videos very good content
    World needs more people like you 💕💕

  22. Hi. It is nice to meet you while I have been thinking to arrange living room and home office together with a minimalist idea. Personally myself for last 1 year, I have been giving all the things that I do not need. It is a freedom.

  23. I m glad I found your channel..You talk so much sense in this world where everything is materialistic and everything is measured that way..Love love love for you..And yeah, so happy to know that your roots are from India😃😊😊

  24. All the benefits sound great Ria, I definitely need to simplify and de-clutter my home and my life! 🙂 Minimalism will be my new hobby come October! 😁
    P.S. Have you heard of Bea Johnson – her book 'Zero Waste Home' would be another great read for you 😉

  25. its refreshing to see a nice woman with her own mind talking about a useful subject instead of getting on youtube flashing her t&a mindlessley like so many bimbos do today. ive been a minimilist way before the curve and now have a large savings account and pay for everything in cash- no loans- no irritating extended bills.

  26. I've never understood the whole idea of "keeping up with the Jones's". I like for my things to look nice, be in good repair, but don't care if it's the latest thing. I did buy a new car in 2003, but I still have it! I have taken care of it. It still looks good, runs good, so why get rid of it? House is a modest size. We have one child. Why do we need a big house? Lots of family and friends press us to buy more. Society has become so wasteful and materialistic. I was taught to take care of things to make them last. I would consider myself a moderate minimalist (not by choice, lol. Husband and daughter like their "stuff"). I do the best I can to be as close to minimalism as I can though. Makes me calmer, and easier to clean!

  27. This is one video on minimalism I was happy to watch from start to end. Full of useful tips to help me be an evermore minimalist. Thanks Ria

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  29. Hi Ria, following your videos and great tips explained in a simple easy to keep up manner. Requesting to do a video on minimalism with kids/toddlers/babies.. it wold be helpful for all new moms/moms to be, and also in the Long run keep up with changing times inflation and staying sane with the rising costs especially living in expensive countries like Singapore. Thank you for your consideration

  30. Hi! 🙂 Can you share with us your camera's model? I want to buy it to make youtube videos. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  31. I am moving towards minimalism. I feel material possessions weight us down more than enrich us. I do agree that we need to forget about keeping up with our neighbors and focus on ourselves. If we go on a long hike we must take only the essentials. A long hike is a metaphor for our life.

  32. I’ve experienced everything you mentioned as well. I am so much happier with less stuff, no clutter. I have more clarity, I’m relaxed and I feel more gratitude.

  33. I love your videos Ria! Do you ever feel that explaining these choices to friends and family is sometimes exhausting? What has your experience been?

  34. I just found you…and want to thank you for your honesty and insight. 🙏
    Having moved 2 years ago, and still down sizing , I have become conscious of my years of materialism
    In this process, deeper inner work and self analysis has unfolded.
    I’m starting to experience both a healing process and mindfulness integrating into my lifestyle….purifying.

  35. I didn't know the word minimalism before but I was trying to save $30,000 a year and it's worked, the last 4 years I was saving $30,000 each year but I was spending money for my basic needs only, so I am minimalist I guess.

  36. OMG Yes. Clothing – my style are jeans and sweat shirts with matching hair scrungies . I'm most comfy in those clothes!. Also I'm not on any kind of social media except for You tube once in a while. I'd much rather talk to people face to face than post stuff. No thank you.

  37. I’ve started to think about what I make hourly and apply that to buying things that aren’t needed . Like : “ I like this $90 skincare set, how many hours would I work to buy this “ and then I think if it’s a want or a need . Puts it into perspective for me

  38. Hi Ria, I want to Thankyou for these types of videos. I am struggling with my mental health and my finances, so these videos are truly god sent. Cheers!

  39. I enjoyed your video, found you in my list of videos I may like to watch, BUT, You Talk SO fast! I understand you might be wanting to post shorter videos than others out there, but it was Really hard to keep up with you.Sorry, can you think about that? Maybe do 10 or 11 min instead of 8 or 9? Beautiful style you have, but part of minimalism is……..calm

  40. Hi, I really love your videos. I have a request for you here. Please make a video on how to get your partner/spouse/family on board for minimalist and clutter free lifestyle, especially when they are by nature unorganised or messy.

  41. I've never had social media accounts. Friends and colleagues gawk at me as if I'm an alien. I didn't have the interest or time to dedicate to endless "chatter". In response to "how do you keep up with everyone's lives", I say that anyone close to me will call and meet for lunch. I'm a new subscriber and love your channel! :o)

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  45. Ria, you are a gem.

    i love your even-handed approach to topics. i appreciate how you craft your contributions in a way that disclaims “no size fits all.” so opening, so freeing, so much wiggle room to make minimalism work for each of us. thank you for your thoughtful & reflective contributions.💙

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    If you need any help with the purchase, feel free to email me! My email address is on the product page link.

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