🤯3-3! PSG vs MAN UTD🤯 Ole’s at the Wheel chant! (Champions League Parody Song Highlights 1-3)

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It’s the final minute… If Rashford scores, United will complete the most unlikely comeback since PSG bottled it last time! GOAL! Ole’s at the weel! Tell me how good does it feel? We knocked out George Michael! …knobhead! VAR! Marcus Rashford he’s Manc born and bred! The greatest of English football… We’ve won it all! Do Do Do Do Do Do it! Kehrer… epic fail! Buffon… Epic fail! Kimpembe… epic fail! I knew you wouldn’t fail! Ole’s at the wheel… Tell me how good does it feel? He’s binned Sanchez… Played Pogba… Even Fred! What’s that supposed to mean? Marcus Rashford… I’m Manc born and bred… The best sub in English football… The job is yours… Do it! My precious!

100 thoughts on “🤯3-3! PSG vs MAN UTD🤯 Ole’s at the Wheel chant! (Champions League Parody Song Highlights 1-3)

  1. I said to my friends "do you know what's a joke PSG winning the champions League" they said that they will win it

    Look what happened now

  2. Really hope we can get back to that winning spirit because yesterday was terrible! I also posted my own match review of Everton VS Manchester United with some reactions and highlights. Check it out 🙌🏾

  3. Ollles at the be a good time to come by and see you soon and have a great day and I will be there at the same time as the 18 of the 18 of the 18 of may have been the 18 in centra or kiltale love you too baby girl and I love you too baby so shut off the water is coming to get me or something like that but I'm sure you can find it in your heart to do it is Sean and if you need me to take the kids out of school at that place is a good thing to do is to be there at least a week or so to get me to go to the store to buy it

  4. After watching 442oons put the people whose fault it was why Utd didn’t make top 4 at the back of the bus

  5. None their best players on and they still won congratulation PSG for losing against a team who has under 23 players! 😂 😂 😂

  6. Mourinho have better tacticks beacause he won 3-2 man city 2-1 liverpool with came back and 1-0 young boys3 mourinho sents united to last 16 but ole plays 4 matches and 3 loses 1 draw

  7. The best footballers is jamie Johnson Dillon Simmonds Jack Marshall zoe morre wozza Alba Osbourne Freddie seo Eric attie Liam Simmonds ruby Osbourne

  8. 2017 Barca v psg first leg 4-0 win psg second leg 6-1
    2018 lets not have another comeback on us : psg
    When you think it’s cant get any worse first leg 2-0
    It gets worse 3-1 lololl😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

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