Емили Макинзи, проект “Природен капитал”, WWF Англия и WWF САЩ

By Stevie Adams / in , , /

so the first lesson would be that there are tools available to do this now based on credible science and real data so you don’t need to be held back you can get started right now anywhere in the world we’ve worked in places including in in central Africa where there’s very limited data and you can still get some of this information on how nature benefits people and the second lesson I would say is the importance of not just thinking of a tool and producing scientific information but really interacting with decision makers and stakeholders we did an analysis of 40 places that around the world they have taken this approach and we looked at what had led to success in forming decisions and making more sustainable outcomes and the most important thing was the legitimacy of the information so legitimacy meaning that that information is trusted and that means really extensive stakeholder engagement using local data and working really closely with decision-makers

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