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Jab, jab. Do not wait. At once. Yes. What is next? No, I don’t want this. This is too predictable. Here is an uppercut. With the hand only. Just fall down. Keep elbows narrower. If your feet are positioned too narrow you won’t be able to do this. Yes. Boom-boom, just go down. Why did not you throw the uppercut? Just like this, look. I will show. Look. Boom-boom. And I do not rise up here. Step back. Ok. The body turns to get you. Understand? Everybody expect that you… You throw jab-jab, slip under the arm. Sonechka, you did this again. Let’s go. Ok Your opponent just has lost you and expects the hook or overhand. And prepares to defend accordingly. And you throw the uppercut. Aha! Did you got it? Do not extend yourself, just the fist. Little faster. Boom-boom-boom. Go. Just punch, do not hesitate. Throw the fist. Start with the shoulder movement and push up a bit later. You right shoulder is located posteriorly You rotate the right shoulder and it comes to the frontal line. And then you add a push with your feet. If you start the body rotatio you will loose the moment of inertia. And you will have to pull back the left hand. While your left hand is extended your opponent will not be able to punch back. Do you understand? And here is the exchange of shoulders. While your hand is still extended you start to fall and then punch from the bended position. It is a double jab not two separate jabs. Boom-boom And bend down. And here is the hand exchange. The shoulders exchange, the fists exchange. While your fist is on his face he cannot punch back. Go further with the uppercut. Shoulders. Rotate the right shoulder even more. Yes! Right there. Here you go. Yes. Do you understand? What is next. And the left hook. While did you went back? Boom-boom. Yes. Let’s go. And the left hook too. Where is your tucked postion? Go! Where is the second… Why did you pull back the hand? Huh? Are you afraid to punch your coach? That’s is good. Walk! That’s it guys! Take off the shoes and go to the tatami. Stretch. Straight right one more time. Same move from the distance. Do not rotate your foot. Neither your left foot should rotate. Your feet works only twice during this combo. One-one. Your were here and then you punch. Your find yourself at the middle distance after the jabs. You are under his arm. The opponent tries to go back but he will be late to defend himself with hiw hands. If you do it with the right hand, it is a counter one-two. He is also late with his punch, you do not need to make an extrastep. Your left hand is extended. And here is an important thing. While your left hand is extended he cannot counter with his right. He can counter with his left of course. Of course it will be easier to slip from the right hand because it is long. Here with a left punch it is more difficult because it is shorter. But again your left hand prevents him from punching. And you do not pull back your left hand but you are exchanging your shoulders at the same time your are performing the slip. And your chin is protected by the rotated shoulder One-two Fall. See – my foot stepped out automatically. With this combo I do not want the liver shot, I want the uppercut again. Stay on this foot. Look again. Just a moment. Small forward step. Bom-boom. And here is a logical continuation. Now counter quickly. Where is your tucked position? Why your elbows are spread? Yes. Was it comfortable? Was it invisible? – Yes, it was invisible. You try it. Why did not you punch? Ah, I have countered with the right instead of the left. I am smart. But you have slipped the punch anyway under my arm. Yes, yes, Look. Here is you. Yes, yes, Fall with your shoulders. Come on. Well done. Was it comfortable. Try not to rotate your feet. When your shoulders fall, your right heel should go up. But do not rotate it. You shoulders fall and the foot will follow. Aha. You pull back your right fist before the punch. Forward and down. Fall. Oh! Was it comfortable? – Yes. Faster. I will counter with the left. No, no. You hurry. Punch, rotate your right shoulder. Yes. Ok. Do not rotate your foot. Stay on the front leg, punch with the hand only. It will make it faster. Very well, but the right hand goes back. Boom-boom. Tucked position. Yes! You did it. Well done. Now it is more interesting. What? The idea… the idea is simple and inevitable. Yes. It is like a provoking attack. You irritate the opponent. You can… Sonya! Come here. Quick. In the fight you can hide the combo. You get the opponent accustomed to the jab. Throw the jab. He responds with his jab. He is expecting the jab. And you throw the combo. Thank you. You hide the beginning of the combination. You throw the jab first. You look at his reaction. And it is very important that you never pull back your hand. You exchange the fists and the shoulders thus preventing your opponent to counterpunch you between your punches. Shoulder rotation and fist exchange. Your fists travel diagonally in the frontal stance and in fighting stance as well. Your fists cover you during your punches. The tucked position, the shoulder rotation can be used for multiple punches. Of course you can punch like this. Boom-boom. These were punches as well. But these were single punches. They were powerful but they were telegraphed. And we are talking about quick, fast punches that are used to prepare one power punch. You will have a dynamic combo, you do not stop. One-two-THREE! Third punch is a power punch. One-two-THREE! Power punch. You accelerate yourself. It is interesting. Besides, when you slip to your left, the opponents expects… what? He expects the punch to the liver. And you throw an uppercut. You slip to your right he expects the hook and you give him an uppercut to the chin. It is an interesting variant. Try it, use it.

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